The Most Reliable WordPress Migrations


Easy one-click migrations to any web host or URL; with live-tracking and email notifications. BlogVault is a worry-free way to move your WordPress site.


Why/When Would You Need to Migrate Your WordPress Site?

Migrate to a new URL or domain

Migrate to a different web host

Move your WordPress from staging to live domain

What Is So Complicated About WordPress Migrations?

Every WordPress site is a complex ecosystem. Many things can and do go wrong during migrations. It is important to not only ensure that you migrate your entire site but also to migrate it correctly so that there is no downtime.

Migrating Sites is Hard

Migrations fail frequently for many reasons.   Full-site may not migrate. links or media on site may not work properly.

Migrating Large Sites is Harder

Migrating large sites can add to the usual issues.   Servers can time-out and as a result other tools may not be able to complete the migration.

Sites May Break After Migration

In WordPress sites, changes are stored in both files & tables.   Many steps have to be performed correctly otherwise your site may not work after migration.

What Makes BlogVault the Most Trusted Way to Migrate WordPress Sites

BlogVault Gets WordPress Migrations Better Than Anyone Else

One-click WordPress Migration


Regardless of size or type of site you can migrate it all with a single-click. You even have the option of migrating only files or only tables; again with one-click.

Migrating Large WordPress Sites Is Easy

BlogVault’s intelligent approach to migrations allows it to complete migrations of even large sites without any issues. This is true for sites on all web hosts.

Rewrite URLs

URLs in all pages and posts are automatically rewritten by BlogVault during migrations. When moving your site to a new URL it is not enough to change only the website URL. Every, page, post and in links in those pages also have to be changed.

Zero Downtime Migration

BlogVault lets you enter the IP address of your new server so you can migrate a site even when the URL doesn’t point to the destination.

Track the Progress

Migrating Your WordPress is no longer a day-long date.   BlogVault offers a live-tracking window. You also get email notifications when the migration begins and completes. So you can get back to doing what you do best. BlogVault is on the job!

Compatible with all web hosts

BlogVault is independent of web hosts. You can migrate WordPress sites from and to any web host using BlogVault!