COVID-19 Digital Survival Kit: 100+ PREMIUM Tools & Content For FREE

Free tools for remote workers covid coronavirus

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization made an announcement in which they characterized the COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus) as a pandemic. Following the announcement, countries were placed on lockdown and people were forced to practice social distancing. This is done to curb the virus spread.

Due to social distancing, people are forced to work from home and embrace a remote working lifestyle. While some of us are lucky to have the option to work remotely, others don’t. Infact, many people are bound to lose their jobs because companies are going to find it harder to make profit in such times. In the coming quarter, businesses are going to experience a slow down.

While there is much to worry about, there is a lot to be hopeful for.

They say, where there is darkness, there is light! 

As a response to COVID-19, many companies are offering some of their premium services for free but for a limited period. Some of the tools were a massive help for us at BlogVault as we struggled to switch to remote. And so we thought others many also benefit from using such tools.

Therefore, we are listing down all those who we found are offering premium services for free for a limited period of time. Hopefully, that’ll assist your team to make a switch to remote without incurring additional cost.

Onwards and upwards!

Note: As we are learning about more free tools and resources, we are adding them to this article. Moreover, if you are aware of any other tools and resources or if you are offering any tools and resources for free, we’d love to add them to this list. You can inform us by filling up this form.

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In this time of distress, we are doing our bit in lending a helping hand to schools, non-profit organizations, and direct-response teams. We are offering all 3 of our products for free for 3 months or longer.

1. MalCare

MalCare is the fastest malware detection and removal plugin loved by thousands of developers and agencies. With an industry-first automatic One-Click malware removal, your website is clean before Google blacklists it or your webhost takes it down. MalCare has been developed from the ground up after analyzing over 240,000 websites over the last 2.5+ years.

MalCare is offering the software for free for 3 months. If you are a school, a non-profit organization, or a direct-response team then you can use the software for free.  You can sign up for MalCare from here.

2. BlogVault

BlogVault is the most reliable WordPress backup, staging & migration solution trusted by over 300,000+ websites. It can backup or migrate a 300 GB site without overloading your server ever. It has the fastest website recovery tool (< 5 mins).

BlogVault is offering the software for free for 3 months or longer. If you are a school, a non-profit organization, or a direct-response team then you can use the software for free.  You can sign up for BlogVault from here.

3. WP Remote

WP Remote is a pioneer website management tool. It was acquired by BlogVault in 2019. WP Remote comes integrated with a complete website management module that ensures better security to your website from a single dashboard.

It offers a premium White-Label solution that lets agencies provide better security to their clients without risking their business and much more. You can sign up for WP Remote from here.

Communication Tools

1. Google

Google is offering advanced features on its video-conferencing tool, Hangouts Meet and the distance learning tool, Google Classroom to all their G Suite users. Primarily designed for remote-working employees, teachers, and students, using these tools you can have 250 participants in a single call and live streaming to 100,000 viewers.

You can get a free trial of the G-Suite here.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft is offering a free six-months trial of their collaboration software, Microsoft Teams to allow remote workers to schedule video calls and conferences. users.

The Microsoft Team tool is being offered as part of the Office 365 E1 trial pack.

3. Zoom

Zoom is offering free accounts of their video conferencing tool for both schools and businesses in virus-affected areas, including the U.S., China, and Italy. The company has eliminated time limits for video chats with their free accounts. Students who only have access to a smartphone can now easily join a video call.

Students (or educators) have to fill up an online form with the school’s official email address and domain address.

4. Breezy HR

In the current circumstance, office-based (or on-site) recruitment has become a challenge for most hiring companies. Breezy HR has made tools like live video interviewing and video-based assessments free of charge for all businesses for a minimum of 60 days.

Sign up on their website or app page for a free account.

5. Brosix

Brosix has announced team communication support for remote workers and users in affected areas. This includes the offer for free private team networks for three months.

Employees, who are currently working from home, can sign up here for a free Brosix team network.

6. LogMeIn

LogMeIn has announced that their Emergency Remote Work Kits is available for 3 months for free. This kit includes free use of the GoToMeeting tool for three months along with other LogMeIn products for video conferencing, virtual events, and IT support for remote devices. The emergency kit is available for health care workers, educational firms, and non-profit organizations.

To avail of this free kit, contact the company here.

7. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex has decided to support remote workers by offering Cisco Webex for free for 2 months. Some of the features that you can use include unlimited usage and support for up to 100 participants. (This offer is currently available for businesses who are not using the Webex tool.)

For information on how to avail of this offer, visit this page.

8. Accelo

Accelo provides cloud-based tools and solutions that enable customers to grow their professional services. They are offer Service Operations (or ServOps) platform that’ll enable better collaboration among remote workers.

You can avail the service from here.

9. Aircall

The tool offers a cloud-based phone system to its global customers which are said to be very easy to set up. Aircall is offering “App Marketplace” through which you can integrate the Aircall tool with over 50 other existing tools, including AI & Transcription, CRM, eCommerce, and HR & Recruiting.

Learn more details about the Aircall App Marketplace on this page.

10. Skype

Wish to communicate with your remote-working colleagues or share across files safely? Skype is the preferred tool globally, and it’s completely free to use. This tool facilitates voice-based calls or even video chats across multiple devices, including desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

You can download the Skype tool for either desktop or your mobile phone from this download page.

11. Slack

Slack is an online messaging tool for any enterprise that enables both group and direct messaging between team members. This free tool is suited for small teams looking for a messaging tool for an unlimited time. Some of its tool features include one-to-one video and voice calls, storage and access of around 10,000 recent messages, and integration with other popular apps like Google Drive and Office 365.

This messaging tool is supported on Windows, Linux, Apple iOS and Android, and also on Apple Watch. You can download Slack on your Windows system from this page.

12. Workplace From Facebook

Owned by Facebook, Workplace is a free instant messaging tool that can facilitate work collaborations among colleagues. The free-to-download tool is packed with features like group video calls (for up to 20 users), ample file storage, workplace chat, and live video streaming.

You can download the free version of the Workplace from the Facebook app from this link.

13. Dialpad

Based in the U.S, Dialpad is a cloud-powered communication platform for business enterprises and corporates. Some of their offered services include unlimited connections, video conferencing, call receiving on any device, and conferencing facilities.

For remote workers, the company is offering free use of their Dialpad Talk Pro and UberConference Business tools for two months. Sign-up for this limited period offer on their website page.

14. 8×8

8×8 is another communication platform powered by cloud technologies. The company offers a range of communication products, including Voice-over-IP products, video products, and mobile devices. As announced on March 11th, the company is offering free video meetings to all users to stay connected. This facility is available without any registration or downloads.

Sign up for the free video meetings on this page.

15. Intermedia

Founded in 1995, Intermedia is a one-stop solution provider for unified communications on cloud platforms. The company provides quality video conferencing and webinar tools for remote workers. The company is offering free usage of its AnyMeeting video conferencing tool and Webinar Pro tool up till December 31st.

Get started on these remote tools from this page.

16. CallHippo

CallHippo is a VoIP-based communication provider that provides businesses to purchase an intelligent phone system across over 50 countries. Easy to install, the CallHippo virtual phone system has multiple features, including call recordings and analytics, conference calls, team collaboration, and setting up a virtual call center.

The company is offering its Bronze plan free to use up to May 2020. This free Bronze plan includes call recording, personalized welcome message, a multilingual IVR system, and SMS & Voicemail features. The company has also increased the number of users on its Basic plan from 2 to 50 for March 2020.

Sign up for the plan of your choice on the company’s pricing page.

17. Starleaf

Based in the U.K, Starleaf offers voice- and video-based conferencing tools for mobile and desktop users, along with conference rooms. Some of the tool features include video conferencing, video calling, messaging, and call recording. The company has made its online video meetings and messaging tools free for all new and existing users across the globe.

You can download the free tool here after entering your business email address.

18. Discord

Discord is a free Android-based communication app that is used by local communities, friends, and online gamers. With its Go Live feature, this app allows users to stream and share screens on any device privately. The company is offering free use of screen sharing on Go Live for 50 users (up from 10 users previously).

Here are some detailed instructions on how to share a screen using Go Live with 50 users.

19. Panopto

Panopto is an online video learning platform that allows its customers to record and share videos easily. Panopto offers a range of video-based solutions, including video cloud and streaming services and video recordings such as meeting recordings and online video editing.

To assist businesses and educators impacted by the coronavirus, the company is offering free use of its Panopto Cloud to capture and stream unlimited videos. This is valid for three months. Additionally, for school administrators and instructors, Panopto is offering free recording and sharing of Zoom video meetings with their students.

Sign up for the Panopto business or education plans on their website.

20. Vectera

Vectera is an online communication hub that facilitates online meetings with business clients. Some of the best features provided by Vectera include interactive video meetings, intelligent scheduling, whiteboarding, co-browsing, and document annotations.

The company is providing free access to all its software plans for everyone till June 1. This includes the full package with all the extra features. Sign up for the free Vectera plans on this page.

Free Student Programs

1. Scholastic

Scholastic has launched the “Learn At Home” program to facilitate students who are unable to attend school due to the outbreak. This program is designed for students from pre-kindergarten until the sixth grade (or higher). This free program provides around 3 hours of daily learning, including writing projects, virtual field trips, and geographical challenges.

You can sign up for this program on this page.

Free Book on Remote Work

1. Basecamp

To promote remote work, Basecamp is offering a full refund to anyone who is purchasing their book on remote work – called ‘REMOTE: Office Not Required.’ For a full refund, you need to tweet a picture of yourself holding the book and a receipt that it was purchased after on 3/10/20 or later.

To apply for a refund check out Jason Fried’s Twitter account.

Marketing and Sales

1. Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business is an online resource for business owners looking to grow their business on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The platform provides a range of industry solutions, including eCommerce, automotive, and financial services.

To assist small businesses, this company has introduced a $100 million worth grants program that offers cash grants and ad credits. This is available for 30,000 small businesses operating in different countries and has between 2-50 employees.

Learn more details of the Small Business Grants program on this website page.

2. Digital Marketer

DM lab is a membership community of over 10,000 marketers and founders, plus all the checklists, templates, and training you need to get marketing done. They are offering complete access to DM Lab for free to help those impacted by COVID-19.

You can access DM Lab access from here.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an online email marketing company and platform for small businesses looking to gain valuable insights from their audience data and marketing channels. Mailchimp provides a range of marketing tools, including marketing CRM, email campaigns, social media marketing, and behavioral targeting.

The company is offering its support to government agencies, healthcare providers, and nonprofit organizations who are sending valuable coronavirus information to their local communities. Up to the end of June, the company is giving it’s Standard Mailchimp accounts free for use.

Drop an email requesting for this free account to

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an online social media management company that is integrated with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. This platform offers automated ad solutions to improve business returns from paid and organic ads. It can also manage the social media presence of its customers using its mobile apps.

To help small businesses and non-profit organizations, Hootsuite is offering free access to its professional social media management tool till July 1st. Additionally, the company is providing free access to its library of social media training courses. You can get connected to the Hootsuite professional plans on this page.

5. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a social media marketing tool with functionalities, including post publishing, analytical insights, and seamless collaboration. Using SocialPilot, customers can grow their business using social media scheduling, bulk scheduling, and content curation.

To help out small businesses, the company is offering its Small team plan for a monthly cost of just $1 for the next two months. This includes 50 social media accounts, five team members, social inbox, and 5 Facebook Ad accounts.

You can purchase this Small team plan for $1 on this page.

6. Aflo is an online consulting service for the best marketing plans and strategies for its customers. Through its partnership with marketing experts or former entrepreneurs, this consulting company offers the best of marketing advice and strategy for business success.

To support small businesses, Aflo has waived off its commission on all customer calls made to its marketing experts. You can schedule a call with your preferred expert on this page.

7. GetResponse

GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing platform that enables any business to grow their audience, promote their products or services, and increase traffic to their website. Some of the marketing tools provided by this platform include email marketing, automated workflows, landing pages, and marketing webinars.

The company is offering discounts on all its paid plans. This comprises a 10% discount on monthly subscription, 20% discount on a yearly subscription, and 30% discount on a 2-year subscription. New users have to enter the “InThisTogether” code when purchasing these plans. Choose the plan of your choice from the company’s pricing page.

8. SocialBu

SocialBu is an online social media management tool that can manage and automate the social media presence of any business. SocialBu works with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Among its capabilities, this tool can schedule and publish content across multiple platforms, respond to all messages and posts, and automate your social media tasks.

For new customers, the company is offering a 50% discount on its tool for six months.  Contact the customer support either through live chat or email from the website.

9. Sleeknote

Sleeknote is an online tool that lets businesses engage with their online visitors through on-site messages or notes. This useful tool benefits businesses by capturing email addresses of visitors and increasing product sales.

The company is offering its clients a free notification pop-up about the coronavirus that they can show to their online customers. Fill out the online form on the website page with your pop-up headline and message.

10. MailOptin

Want to grow your business through email subscription? MailOptin is an effective WordPress plugin that can help in converting online visitors into subscribers through email signup forms. A few of the plugin features include an email-based campaign builder tool, new post notifications, and a form builder tool.

For businesses affected by the coronavirus outbreak, the company is giving 25% off on all its standard and professional services for a limited period. Visit the pricing page of the website here.


Want to grow your business through an online newsletter campaign? Mailster is a newsletter plugin that is used by over 20,000 users. Using this tool, you can create engaging campaigns in a few minutes using drag-and-drop elements. The platform is offering all its products at a flat discount of 50%.

For more details, visit their website.

12. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is an effective sales and marketing tool that can accelerate the sale process from proposals to deal closing. For sales professionals, PandaDoc offers a range of solutions in proposals, quotes contracts, eSignatures, and payments. For new customers, PandaDoc is offering a free eSign plan that comprises unlimited number of eSignatures, document uploads, and users.

Create a free account with PandaDoc on this page.

13. Autoklose

Autoklose is an online sales engagement platform for B2B business enterprises. Designed for sales and marketing professionals, the platform enables you to target the right prospects, engage with them through tailored emails, and grow your business by monitoring sales campaigns.

To assist sales professionals who have lost their job since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the company is offering free use of its platform till July 1st. Check your eligibility for this program by filling this online form.

14. Adzooma

As the premier partner of Google, Adzooma is an online advertising platform that enables its customers to improve their advertising campaigns. This platform can help any business to connect their Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads in just a few clicks, along with automating their manual tasks.

The company is offering the entire Adzooma advertising platform for free use until June 1st. This includes the use of automated PPC ads, one-click optimizations, and advertising reports.

Get started on the Adzooma platform from this page.

15. SilFer Bots

SilFer Bots is a chatbot creation platform that lets businesses create their own Facebook chatbots. Facebook messenger bots for business enterprises enable them to save time and money with automated customer service and to generate quality leads.

For businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic, this company is offering free access to its PRO plan features for the next six months. This includes no limits on the number of subscribers, unlimited broadcasting, sponsored messages, and integration with 20 other apps.

Click the “Get Pro for Free” banner on this website page.

16. Chatsilo

Chatsilo is a mini Facebook Messenger tool for customer relationship management (or CRM). Easy to use, this tool creates messenger funnels and helps you to keep track of messenger conversations. Some of its unique features include custom tags and notes, messaging templates, support for Facebook Marketplace, and reminder system.

The company is offering each of its paid plans at a 50% discount. Subscribers can receive the discount on entering the “COVID50” coupon code after purchase.

Choose the right Chatsilo plan for your business on this page.

17. Socialbakers

Socialbakers is an AI technology-powered social media marketing platform that offers services including social media management, content strategy, and AI-based online research and planning to its global clients. With its social media marketing platform, this technology company provides audience analysis, influencer marketing, and much more.

For NGOs looking for effective social media marketing, the company is offering six months of free access to its marketing platform.

Contact Socialbakers by sending an email to

18. My Web Audit

My Web Audit is a complete website assessment platform that enables businesses to increase their website leads. This online platform offers website audit templates, including an eCommerce and landing page that allows its customers to boost online conversions, get actionable insights, and identify website issues.

For the assistance of digital agencies trying to cope with the coronavirus outbreak, the company is providing four free email templates that can be used to send client reminders on unpaid invoices. Additionally, the company is offering free “client opportunity” and “client retention” email templates for support agencies.

Moreover, the company is currently offering a free 7-day trial version along with a 50% discount on all its Pro and Agency plans for the next three months. You can access these email templates on these online PDF documents:

Sign up for the discounted plans on this pricing page.

19. Content Snare

Content Snare is a tool for digital marketers and agencies to get website and marketing content from their customers in the right format and time, without the use of email. This tool can help in reducing content delays, thus improving profitability and faster project completion.

The company is providing a free post by Georgia Mountford on how to implement a content-first approach towards website designing.

Read the free post from Content Snare and also register for its free tool.

20. WiserNotify

WiserNotify is a website notification tool that can build customer satisfaction on their first visit to any website. Using this tool, businesses can create dynamic and interactive notifications about sold products, active users, and more that can build instant credibility.

The company is currently offering a lifetime deal on its plan, starting from just $40.

Sign up for this deal on their website page.

21. Weberlo

Weberlo is an online web analytics tool that lets its customers track its website links and conversions and measure profitability. A few business benefits of this analytics tool include measuring funnel productivity, managing online ad spending, and use of a centralized dashboard for all analytics.

The company is providing a free UTM link builder tool to build and track links from a single dashboard.

You can start using the free link builder tool from this page.

22. SpyFu

SpyFu is an ad and keyword tracking tool that can be deployed on both paid and organic searches. The company provides a range of tools in domains such as SEO and PPC research, keyword research, and more.

The company is offering its Basic Premium plan free for access for two months. This plan includes features like unlimited search results and data exports, along with 5000 weekly rankings of tracked keywords.

Get in touch with the company’s support team through live chat or email (

23. AltAgency

AltAgency is a leading consulting and training firm for digital agencies looking to grow and scale their online business. The company has worked with several entrepreneurs, including Jay Baer, John Lee Dumas, and Betty Rocker.

For digital agency owners, freelancers, and service providers, the company has released a 25-minute video on how to adapt and grow your agency without working more hours or hiring additional staff.

You can watch this free video by clicking this link.

24. Agency Highway

Agency Highway offers the best of digital marketing tools and resources to help digital agencies grow their business with lesser work. The platform also publishes podcasts with digital marketing experts.

To help agencies cope with the current coronavirus outbreak, the company has published a 50-minute chat with the digital agency owner, Nick Gulic, who talks about the benefits of downsizing an agency.

Download or listen to the free podcast from this link.

25. That! Company

That! Company offers the best services in the area of white-label Internet marketing. Some of the services provided by the company include White label SEO (Search engine optimization), PPC (Pay per click), Social Media Marketing, and Reputation Management.

The company is offering free tips for marketing or advertising companies on how to respond to the current outbreak, along with steps this company is taking to serve their customers.

You can read about these free tips and advice on this published article.

26. Mike Killen

As the author at WPElevation, Mike Killen runs the online site that coaches online businesses on how to find and sell to more customers. Since 2015, Mike has completed funnel training to more than 500 funnel builders.

For businesses looking to stop customer cancellation, Mike has shared an online video on how to stop, cancel, or pause their action plans. Additionally, he has shared an email template titled “Customer Care Plan Cancellation Response.”

You can watch his free video from this URL and his email template on this page.

27. Dev Basu

Dev Basu is a noted author, coach, and speaker in the field of digital marketing. As an agency owner, Dev works with many digital agencies looking to grow their online business.

For the benefit of digital agencies impacted by the current virus outbreak, Dev is offering five video-based strategies that can safeguard online businesses in 2020.

Listen to Dev Basu on his strategies of crisis proofing digital agencies on this Facebook page.

28. Brent Weaver

Brent Weaver is the CEO and founder of UGURUS, a business coaching and mentoring company for digital agencies. Brent has worked with website designers and developers, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs looking to elevate their online businesses.

For the benefit of digital agency owners, Brent has published an online workshop titled “Selling Virtually: How to Find & Sell High-Value Clients Even While Working Remote During COVID-19.” Additionally, ten agency owners can book a call with his team members for free advice on how to make their business profitable.

Learn more details on Brent’s video page.

29. Mod Girl

Founded by Mandy McEwen, Mod Girl has been in the business of providing innovative marketing solutions to leading brands for ten years. As a trusted consultant and partner, the company works in collaboration with its clients to design and develop innovative solutions in digital marketing.

For the benefit of remote working digital agencies, Mandy has released a free version of her “Foot-in-the-Door” proposal template and an exclusive clip of her mastermind session titled, “The ‘Keep It Simple Pricing Strategy.”

Watch Mandy’s free mastermind session and register as a remote agency on this page.

30. Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk is a successful digital agency owner who also shares the best of digital strategies from other agency owners through his “Digital Marketing Agency Owner” podcast. With over 12 years of working experience in his digital agency, Jason enables digital agencies to develop a right and robust framework for growing their business.

Jason is currently offering a free online Q&A session with other agency owners on how digital agencies can cope with the current outbreak. Additionally, Jason is offering three short videos (under 20 minutes) for free to marketing agencies to close more sales leads and grow their agency. You can join this Q&A session from this published post.

For the short videos, provide your email address on this link.

File and Web Hosting

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting company and they are offering free subscriptions for their Dropbox Business tool to NGOs and non-profit organizations that are fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sign up for the COVID-19 Donation Program by registering here.

2. GoDaddy

Based in the U.S, GoDaddy is a premier web hosting and domain registration company with over 18.5 million customers around the globe. GoDaddy offers a range of website-related services like site hosting, domain registration, email registration, and more.

To support smaller businesses trying to cope with the current crisis, the company is offering free tools for marketing, social media designing, and collaboration. This includes a three-month free use of their email marketing tool and a one-month free subscription of their social media designing tools.

You can sign-up for your preferred tool from this page.

3. SiteGround

SiteGround is another web hosting platform with over 2 million domains. The company specializes in providing quality hosting that is fast, secure, and 24/7 customer support. The company is providing free hosting for 12 months to any individual or business who has done their bit to help others affected by the current virus outbreak.

Share your good deed on their Twitter account by March 31st.

4. Sentree

Sentree is a website hosting platform that offers managed hosting of WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla sites. Some of the best features offered by this hosting platform include enhanced site security through HTTPS protocol, automated daily backups, web application firewalls, and malware scanning. For small businesses impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, the company is offering nine months of free hosting untill the end of 2020.

Fill up the online form on the Sentree website.

5. PressTitan

PressTitan is a premium WordPress platform that offers managed hosting and maintenance services to WordPress users. The platform enables its customers to grow with a variety of website-related services, including regular maintenance, backups, content development, and marketing. The company is currently offering a 50% discount on its premium WordPress maintenance package.

Sign-up for this particular service on this page with the discount code, “Positivity.”

6. Pagely

Pagely is a managed WordPress hosting company that has been operating for the last ten years. The company’s clientele includes business enterprises, higher education providers, and media brands. The company has open positions for executives who can operate through 100% remote working.

For a list of their open positions, visit their careers page.

7. WPOwl

Based in the U.K, WPOwl is a managed hosting platform for WordPress sites with a 100% record of site uptime, easier site publishing, and cloud-powered servers. This platform is offering the first month of hosting for customers for just £1.

Customers need to enter the code “COVID19” when purchasing the plan. Sign-up on their website.

Team Management

1. Atlassian Software

Atlassian Software offers a range of Agile tools that can be used by Agile development teams. Some of its popular tools include Jira (for tracking projects and issues) and Confluence (for document collaboration).

For small businesses (up to 10 people) with remote workers, the company is offering free usage of four collaboration tools, including Jira Software, Jira service desk, Confluence, and Jira Core.

Get started on these free tools from this link.

2. provides a team management platform that connects remote employees to work processes and tools. They are offering free access to their platform for any non-profit organization currently fighting the Coronavirus outbreak. The company is also providing free support to help quickly configure the tool.

You need to fill up and submit this online form.

3. Asana

Asana is a free SaaS tool that lets you manage your work more efficiently. Some of its main features include customizable dashboards, assignment of subtasks, customizable calendar, and activity feeds.

If you are an Android user, you can download and install the free Asana for Android app from the Google Play Store.

4. World Time Buddy

World Time Buddy (or WTB) is a world clock that also shows time zones (across the world) and can schedule online meetings.

To use the tool, visit the WTB website, or add the tool as a Chrome extension.

5. Coassemble

Coassemble is an online training tool that is designed for remote teams. With its cloud-based platform, Coassemble can be used to share knowledge and information with any team member any time and on any device.  For remote working teams, the company is offering its core plan at a yearly cost of just $49.

You can purchase this core training plan on the company website.

6. Bundy

Bundy is an online tool designed to enable remote working for any business. This workforce management tool can be used to set up your team to work remotely in a few minutes. It includes features such as employee onboarding, employee work hours tracking, and work schedule. To assist remote workers, the company has provided a 50% discount on all its subscription plans for an indefinite period.

Sign up for the Bundy plan on this page.

7. iFlow

iFlow is a mobile app that is designed for businesses to track their employee’s working hours from any device. This app enables your employees to record their working hours and automatically track their location. Other features include approval (or denial) of paid leave requests and overtime hour calculation. The company is now offering its iFlow app for free for company employees working from home. This free app is available for at least three months.

Create a new account on this page and then send an email with the subject line, “Together.”

8. Kantree

Kantree has been designed as a flexible work management platform that enables remote teams to work together effectively. As a collaboration platform, Kantree can enable work in various functions, including Human resources, marketing, project management, and external agencies. To support companies moving towards remote work, the company is offering a 2-month extension offer of its free trial version. New customers need to register for this offer before April 30th.

Fill up the Covid-19 Solidarity form on their website.

9. Calendly

Calendly is a simple and user-friendly business tool that is used to save time, improve service quality, and even grow sales. This online appointment tool works with Google and Office 365 products, along with other apps like GoToMeeting and Salesforce. To enable remote workers to stay connected, the company is offering tool integrations with Zoom and GoToMeeting tools free of charge till June end.

You can activate this offer by signing up for a free account on

10. Air

Air is a multifunctional app that functions as a workspace management tool for your entire team. With Air, you can collaborate and manage end-to-end projects and organize your images and videos with the use of whiteboards.  To help out remote workers, Air is offering its app for free use for 30 days. Air app users simply need to enter the “WFH” coupon code to activate the app.

Sign up for the free Air app.

Business Management

1. Freshworks

Formerly known as Freshdesk, Freshworks is a technology company that specializes in help desk and customer support tools for businesses. Some of its popular products include Freshdesk (for customer support), Freshchat (for customer messaging), and Freshsales (for Sales CRM).

For small businesses (less than 50 employees) impacted by the coronavirus, the company is offering free and unrestricted access to its Freshchat and Freshcaller tools for the next six months.

Create your Freshworks account on this page.

2. PayMo

PayMo is an online work management platform that enables project delivery by offering task management, time tracking, project management, and other tasks. To facilitate students and university professors whose daily work and study have been affected by the spread of the Coronavirus, the company is offering them free access to their platform for one year.

Sign up for this free service by entering your official school email address.

3. Scoro

Operating as a SaaS company, Scoro Software offers a suite of business management tools for both professionals and creative agencies. Some of the software tools developed by the company include functions like project management, team management, professional services, and sales & billing.

To facilitate remote workers, the company is offering a 14-day free trial period of their platform, along with an 8-step guide on how to leverage the most from this free trial.

Read this step-by-step guide by Liis Milk by clicking this link.

4. Wrike

Wrike is a SaaS-based tool that enables online project management through features like organized file management, easy time tracking, resources management, task management, and much more.

Available for a team of 5 users, you can sign-up for the free version of the Wrike tool here.

5. Podio

Podio enables web-based project management and is being used by realtors and real estate brokers as a useful CRM tool. Some of the in-built features of this tool include automated workflows, scheduling of meetings, data visualization, task management, and much more.

Available for a group of five employees, you can sign up for the free version of this tool on this page.

6. Basecamp Personal

The Basecamp tool is positioned as a project management and communication tool for work-from-home employees. Basecamp Personal is a completely 100% free plan suited for freelancers, students, and family members. This free tool can be used for three projects, up to 20 users, and includes 1GB of free storage space.

You can sign-up for the Basecamp Personal tool from this page.

7. Filecamp

Filecamp is a cloud-powered solution provider of Digital Asset Management (or DAM) software tools. These tools enable its clients to manage and share their digital assets, such as brand images, videos, and guidelines. The company has a range of paid plans designed for unlimited users.

To enable remote workers, Filecamp is offering its free trial version for six months. This free trial plan includes 10GB of free storage.

Sign up for a free trial version on this website page.

8. Igloo Software

Based in Canada, Igloo is a SaaS-enabled technology company that provides a range of Intranet applications and digital workplace solutions. This software company enables a digital workplace with communication and collaboration tools like blogs, calendars, file sharing, and online forums.

To enable effective communication and collaboration among remote workers, the company is offering free user access to its Business Continuity Bundle. This includes a single communication and incident planning zone along with resources on how to get started.

Submit your details in the online form for the Free Business Continuity Bundle.

9. ServiceNow

Based in California, ServiceNow is a cloud computing company that specializes in management software like IT services management, IT operations management, and IT business management. Founded in the year 2003, ServiceNow also develops applications for IT, employee, and customer workflows.

To assist in response to the coronavirus crisis, the company is offering a range of apps and resources along with a free ServiceNow demo instance to all organizations. This offer is applicable till the end of September.

New customers need to register themselves on this online form.


U.S-based offers expert technical support for small businesses and homes through virtual calls, phone, chat messaging, and technical guides. Available 24/7, customers can get quality tech support on any issue or device or operating system.

For remote workers and students, the company is offering unlimited tech support for all connected devices for 30 days.

You can get started on this online page with your name and email.

11. DH2i

Founded in the year 2010, DH2i enables secure IT infrastructure with zero downtime. The company has a range of network infrastructure products, including DxOdyssey (for network microtunneling), DxEnterprise (for multi-platform availability), and DxEnterprise for AGs (for eliminating availability groups clustering issues).

The company is offering free use of its DxOdyssey software for any user impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. The offer is valid till August 31st.

Download and install the DxOdyssey tool from the Downloads page.


Powered by blockchain technology, SWAZM is a cross-cloud infrastructure management company that enables easy use of the cloud platform for customers. Some of the infrastructure management features provided by the SWAZM platform include cross-cloud infrastructure, easy deployment, load balancing, and one-click deployment.

To enable startup companies, SWAZM is offering $200 as monthly infrastructure credits for the next three months.

Apply for free credits on this launchpad page.

13. LiveAgent

LiveAgent enables its customers to provide exceptional customer support using automated tools. Some of the servicing channels offered by this company include help desks, call center services, live chats, and social media tracking.

The company is doing its bit by offering a free account of its help desk software.

This free LiveAgent plan includes unlimited agents, emails, live chats, and contact forms You can create your free account on the LiveAgent website.

14. HelpNinja

HelpNinja offers a simple help desk system for small businesses with affordable pricing. With a single login, HelpNinja records and stores all your customer conversations, email addresses, and even answers customer queries with saved replies.

The company is offering its Pro plan for free use. This plan includes an unlimited number of users, two mailboxes, saved replies, and other collaboration tools.

Sign up for the HelpNinja free Pro plan account on this page.

15. Loom

Used by over 1.8 million users, Loom is an effective tool to spread your business message through video sharing and screen and voice captures. Some of its compelling tool features include fast recording, instant sharing, easy editing, and controlled viewing.

Valid till July 1st, the company has removed all recording limits on its free plans (previously 25), reduced the price of the Loom Pro plans by 50%, and have extended the use of its free trials from 14 to 30 days. Additionally, Loom Pro is now free for any student or teacher at K-12 or university.

Sign up for the Loom account on this page.

16. OverDRIVE

OverDRIVE is a solution provider that caters to businesses that are using the G Suite product. Through well-designed workspaces and websites, OverDRIVE can transform your Google Drive and G Suite content automatically into web pages. This website building tool provides a range of features, including the template designer, mobile-friendly apps, website recorder, and a page builder.

The company is helping out non-profitable organizations and educators to set up a dedicated site for providing coronavirus-related information to local communities and individuals. OverDRIVE is building a free website for such organizations.

Fill up this online form to request for a free site.

17. Workable

Workable is an online hiring platform that provides the best of in-house recruiters for businesses to find qualified candidates. This platform provides an HR toolkit consisting of HR templates, tutorials, and common HR-related terms. To enable remote hiring, the company is providing free access to its screening tool, Video Interviews, for three months.

You can request access to this tool on this page.

18. Expensify

Expensify is an expense management app that allows users to track and manage their expenses and other financial transactions. Expensify can also be connected to other apps like Uber and HotelTonight. Some of the app features include unlimited receipt scanning using pictures, importing credit cards, and managing employee reimbursements.

To reimburse families using the SNAP card, the company is reimbursing $50 for every essential purchase made using their SNAP card. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to claim this reimbursement.

19. is a provider of cloud solutions that simplify and automate back-office financial processes for small to medium-sized businesses. Some of its cloud-based solutions include accounts payable, accounts receivable, and international payments.  The company is offering a free subscription of its paid plans for three months (starting from March 30th).

Sign up on the site for this free offer.

20. Yext Answers

Yext Answers is a cloud-based platform that provides verified answers to customer questions about different brands. Yext Answers provides operational efficiency to businesses by reducing time and manual effort and also enhances the overall customer experience.

The company is providing a 90-day free trial of its platform to all users. This free trial includes a kickoff call with a Yext administrator along with instructions on how to add and integrate answers on any website.

You can get started on the free trial by filling up this online form.

21. Bitrix24

Launched in the year 2012, Bitrix24 is a complete business collaboration platform that provides a range of communication and management tools. Available on both on-premise and cloud platforms, Bitrix24 offers a variety of business tools for client management and communications, tasks and projects, internal communications, and CRM.

The company is now extending its free Bitrix24 plans to unlimited users, which was previously restricted to 12 users.

To subscribe to their free plan, register on this website page.

22. Termaggedon

Termaggedon is an automated privacy policy generator for U.S-based businesses looking to avoid any private policy-related violations or lawsuits. Through private privacy attorneys, this company writes policies for business websites that are automatically updated whenever there is any change in the US laws.

For the security of web agencies, the company is offering a free set of privacy policies that can protect the agency and also improve their client retention.

Get your free set of policies from the website page.

23. U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

SBA enables small businesses in the US with services like free business counseling, guaranteed business loans, along with home and business disaster loans. This agency helps business owners in the planning, launching, managing, and growth phases of their business.

Small businesses impacted by the coronavirus crisis can now apply to the Economic Injury

Disaster Loan program that provides an advance loan of up to $10,000.

Small business owners must mail their signed forms and documents to the U.S. Small Business Administration office address (as mentioned on this website page).

24. Greg Hickman

Owner and founder of AltAgency, Greg Hickman has a YouTube channel where he offers the best of strategies, tips, and tools that can scale and automate any online business. For the benefit of digital agencies, Greg has released a set of 40 free videos that talk about how to productize and grow an online business.

Check out these free videos on Greg’s YouTube channel.

25. Troy Dean

As the co-founder of WPElevation, Troy Dean has enabled digital agencies to build a successful business through online webinars, coaching, and consulting to WordPress consultants.

To help out digital agencies and freelancers impacted by the current virus outbreak, Troy is conducting a “COVID-19 Crisis Management” workshop that covers topics like leading your clients through this phase and how to ensure that businesses survive this crisis.

Check out the online “Crisis management” workshop on this website page.

26. GoWP

GoWP is a complete WordPress white label maintenance and content management company that caters to digital and marketing agencies. Their maintenance-related services include plugin updates, security monitoring, and WordPress backups.

To assist agencies, the company, in partnership with Project HOPE, has provided a free “Crisis Email Outreach” template that can help businesses communicate with their clients.

Access the email outreach template from GoWP from this published post.

Workplace Collaboration

1. Smartsheet

Used by over 83,000 brands, Smartsheet offers a Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) platform that can be used for activities like task assignment, project tracking, document sharing, and calendars. The platform serves as an effective web-based collaboration tool for remote workers and organizations. Smartsheet is offering free templates that can help organizations build their Coronavirus preparedness dashboard.

You can access the Coronavirus preparedness templates here.

2. Airtable

Airtable offers cloud-based collaboration using spreadsheets as a tool. They are offering their Airtable Pro plan for free to any humanitarian organization working on providing relief in Coronavirus-affected areas. The plan can be used for free for the next three months.

You need to fill this online form with your details.

3. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a free collaboration tool used for quality teamwork and even for private use. Used by 2 billion connected devices, the tool is a good fit for conducting online meetings, web conferencing, and much more. This free-to-download tool is supported on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Apple iOS.

You can download TeamViewer for Windows tool on this page.

4. Glip

RingCentral Glip is an online collaboration tool that allows team messaging along with other facilities like file sharing, task managing, and screen sharing. Other features provided by this free tool include video meetings and integration with Google Drive and Jira.

You can start with the free version of this tool that offers unlimited chat and storage facilities along with 500 minutes of video conferencing and screen sharing. Sign-up for the free plan here.

5. Confluence

Confluence enables teams to collaborate and efficiently share knowledge. The tool can be used for various work-related functions like capturing project requirements, assigning user-specific tasks, and using a team calendar.

Depending on your collaboration requirements, you can opt for the right free plan from this page. Each of these free plans includes support for ten users (or 3 agents), 2GB of free storage, and free community support.

6. Zoho Remotely

To enable collaboration among remote workers, Zoho Remotely offers a complete suite of cloud-powered applications that can enable better communication, work tracking, and remote assistance. A few of the Zoho Remotely web and mobile apps include Cliq, ShowTime, WorkDrive, and Sheet.

To assist remote workers, the company is offering the full suite of apps free for all users. This is valid up to July 1st. You can get started on Zoho Remotely by registering with your email address.

7. Threads

Threads is a technology company that builds collaboration tools for helping teams discuss and make decisions at work. The company offers the Pro plan that supports 100 members along with 100GB of storage space. The Team plan offers unlimited members along with effective admin controls.

The company is offering both these plans for free to remote workers up to July 1st. You can access this offer on their pricing plans page.

8. Flock

Flock is an online collaboration tool that can be used to discuss projects, share innovative ideas, and improve team productivity. Some of the collaboration-related features include direct and group chats, video calls, file sharing, and collaborating with guests.

The company is offering its Flock Pro tool for free to any organization fighting the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This free offer is available untill August 31st. Contact the company’s customer support or drop an email with the subject, “Get me flocking for free” to

9. Drag

Drag is a Gmail-based workplace collaboration platform designed for improving teamwork and productivity. Its collaboration features include a shared inbox, Kanban layouts, and internal team chats.

The company is offering its Pro plans for free to small teams (under five members) working remotely. The free plan is available till 30th June. Apply for this free plan with your company website and work email address.

10. Nifty

As an efficient collaboration platform, Nifty enables project management and remote communications, thus facilitating team clarity on project deliverables, timelines, and workloads. Nifty enables multiple functions, including setting goals and timelines, collaborating on tasks, and establishing a central knowledge hub.

The company is offering a 50% discount on all its paid plans for the next four months. Users simply need to enter the “REMOTES0” coupon code when purchasing any plan.  Get started on the Nifty paid plans from their pricing page.

11. Trello for Educators

As a visual collaboration tool, Trello is used by educators to plan their coursework, collaborate with other faculty members, and organize classrooms. Educators working on K-12 (or higher education) have free access to the Trello Business Class tool for an entire year. You need to fill up this online form to get the tool for free.

12. Box

Founded in 2005, Box is a collaboration platform designed to simplify information access and collaboration. The company offers a range of products in cloud-based content management, complete data protection, collaboration, and workflow management.

The company is offering a 90-day free trial of its Box Business plan that includes unlimited storage, advanced user & security reporting, and a 5GB limit on file uploads.

Sign up for the free trial version with your company information.

13. Quip

As a collaborative tool, Quip improves work productivity by enabling teams or groups to work and share documents and spreadsheets. Chat messaging is another feature that allows remote teams to work together.

For both new and existing customers, the company is offering free use of its collaborative tool with an unlimited number of users and free storage. This offer is valid till September 2020. Sign up for Quip on their website.

14. Creately

Want to communicate your ideas visually using drawings? Through the use of visual aids like charts, diagrams, and flowcharts, Creately allows remote teams to collaborate more effectively and quickly.  To facilitate remote teams,

Creately is giving a 50% discount on all its team plans. Users simply need to enter the “WFH-TEAMS” coupon code when purchasing these plans. Sign up for this discounted offer on this page now.

15. Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note is a complete and flexible information repository for effective teamwork. This cross-platform mobile app can help you organize your business using individual workspaces. Some of its other capabilities include note-taking, videos and screenshots, editing tools, and note sharing.

To enable businesses to try and cope with remote work, this app company is offering free use of its Nimbus business tool for the next few months. Get a Nimbus Note for your business by filling this online form.

16. Stackby

Stackby is another effective collaboration platform that allows users to create their spreadsheets and databases and integrate them for better workflow. Some of the features of this online platform include creating your workflow and data management tools, real-time collaboration, and integration with other business APIs.

The company is offering free use of its Economy plan for the next three months. Ideal for startups, the Economy plan includes 7000 rows per stack, 10 API integrations, and 6GB of attachment space. This collaboration tool company has an additional special plan for NGOs and non-profit organizations fighting the spread of Coronavirus.

Contact the company’s sales team from this website page.

17. Vidyard

Based in Ontario in Canada, Vidyard is a video technology provider used for creating, hosting, and sharing business videos. The tool offers many innovative features like video creation, live streaming, video personalization, and video hosting.

For both new and existing clients, Vidyard is now offering its product, “Vidyard for Internal Communications,” for free to help remote workers stay connected through video content and messaging.

The offer is valid till June 30th. For more information, visit this website page.

18. Jamm

Jamm is a technology provider that enables remote workers to stay connected from wherever they are working. The company specializes in providing voice and video collaboration tools for remote-working teams. The company is now offering free access to its collaboration tools for four months.

Get started on this free access to their tools.

19. Yac

Yac is a voice messaging tool for remote teams that are built on asynchronous communication. This collaboration tool is packed with features, including asynchronous screen sharing, AI-powered audio transcription, and unlimited team sizes.

To assist business enterprises and educators, the company has extended the period of this free trial version to three months and also made it forever free for both educators and students.

You can download the Yac tool from their pricing page.

Web Application Integration Tool

1. Zapier

The tool allows users to integrate web applications like Gmail, Slack, and Mailchimp without knowing how to code. Zapier is offering free access to its automation and communication tools to groups who are actively engaged in fighting the spread of the Coronavirus. This includes hospitals, public health officials, and any non-government humanitarian organization.

You can get access to the starter kit of Zapier by filling this online form.

Productivity Tool

1. Toggl

Toggl is the best time-tracking app that lets you track your daily activities and improve your productivity. Some of its best features include a one-click timer, time tracking reminders, and integrations with over 100 other apps.

Sign up for this free tool on this page.

2. Noisli

Noisli provides a mix of different background sounds that can improve your focus and overall productivity. This tool packs in features such as curated playlists, text editor, and a timer function.

Sign up for a free version of this tool (supporting one user) that includes 16 background sounds, one curated playlist, and 1.5 hours of daily streaming.

3. Focus Booster

Focus Booster is primarily a productivity tool for any business looking to improve employee productivity and manage freelancers and consultants. A few of these tool features include the use of the effective Pomodoro technique, instant timesheets, easy reporting, and dashboard visibility.

For a free tool version, opt for the Starter monthly plan that includes 20 Pomodoro sessions, a Pomodoro timer, time tracking, and productivity reporting. Sign-up for the starter plan here.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a popular tool that has been designed for preparing personal (or professional) notes and managing daily tasks. With the Windows version of this tool, you can create and update notes and clips from your desktop computer. Among its key features, you can sync these notes from various devices on a single cloud-based account.

Windows users, along with Android and Apple users, can download this free tool from this page.

5. 1Password

Do you often forget your login password? 1Password can help you by remembering all your passwords. With 1Password, you can now sign into any site with one click. To facilitate remote work and make it safer, 1Password is removing its 30-day trial period on the 1Password Business plan and is offering this plan for free for the next six months.

Sign up for the 1Password Business plan.

6. The Events Calendar

Developed by Modern Tribe, the Events Calendar is a WordPress plugin that is used to create and manage events calendars. The tool is packed with features such as a built-in Promoter email marketing tool, along with importing bulk events, setting recurring events, and monitoring ticket sales. As announced on 16th March, the company is offering its Promoter tool free for use untill June 1st.

You can sign-up for the free Promoter tool from this website page.

→ Learning and Skill Development

1. Udemy

Udemy is a leading online marketplace for learning and instruction with over 100,000 online video-based courses. This learning platform delivers a range of training courses in leading categories like website design and development, marketing, IT and software, and personal development.

The company has compiled a selected list of courses from its marketplace and is offering these courses for free.

Browse and select your free Udemy courses from this website page.

2. Coursera

Coursera is another online training company that provides quality learning in subjects like business, computer science, programming languages, and data science. With over 3900 online courses, this platform offers over 20 university degrees and MasterTrack certificates along with over 13 professional certificates.

The company is currently offering a range of free online courses along with other resources like community discussions and expert interviews. This free offer is available until May 31.

For a list of free online courses that you can enroll in, visit this Coursera page.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is the largest online network of professionals, with over 660 million registered users in around 200 countries. LinkedIn Learning is an online development platform for professionals looking for business, technology, or creative learning courses that can help them in their careers.

To assist remote workers, the company is currently offering 16 learning content on how to improve productivity when working from a remote location. This program has over 13 hours of content created by experts.

You can get started on your free videos on remote working from this page.

4. Codecademy

Codecademy is an online training company that specializes in teaching programming skills to students or young learners. Some of the programming-related courses offered by this platform include web development (HTML/CSS, JavaScript), computer science (Python programming), and data science (Python, SQL).

For the benefit of high school and college students, the company is offering over 10,000 scholarships for its Codecademy Pro plan for the remaining academic year.

Students can get started on the 90-day scholarship program by joining the Codecademy Pro program.

5. Moz Academy

Want to brush up or improve your SEO skills? Online training company Moz Academy is offering its SEO-related courses free up to May 31. This includes premium courses in SEO training and is aimed at digital marketers, local businesses, and SEO marketing agencies. Some of the free courses include SEO Essentials Certificate, SEO fundamentals, Client Onboarding, and preparing for an SEO client pitch.

Sign up on, select the available course, and then use the “wegotthis” code at the checkout point to avail the course for free.

6. Yoast Academy

Want to learn how to create well-structured and designed content using the WordPress Block Editor tool? Online trainer, Yoast, is offered a 100% free course in block editor that lets you learn right from the basics to the future scope of this popular feature.

With practical hands-on training, the Block Editor course features learning tools, including screencasts, videos, reading materials, and practical assignments. Sign-up with your email address on this My Yoast page.

7. DigitalMarketer

DigitalMarketer is an online resource and community platform for digital marketing professionals and company founders. Designed for success in digital marketing, the platform has over 10,000 members and provides access to a vast library of marketing tools and training resources.

To assist startups and other companies, DigitalMarketer (or DM Lab) is providing free and instant access to its marketing platform at least till the end of March. This includes 36 marketing playbooks, 11 masterclasses, and free access to their growing community of over 10,000 marketers.

You can join the DM Lab for free from this website page.

8. Ahrefs Academy

Ahrefs Academy is an online resource of video-based tutorials that enable users to learn more about using the Ahrefs tool and digital marketing concepts. Some of the video tutorials offered by Ahrefs academy include learning about customer acquisition strategies, growing blogs, and converting blog traffic into email subscribers. The company is offering free access to its premium course on “Blogging for Business.”

Access the free video tutorials on this Ahrefs Academy page.

9. SEMrush

Designed for digital marketing professionals, SEMrush provides a complete suite of online marketing tools for modern businesses. Through its solutions, this company can help in driving more conversions and sales, attract more web traffic, and improve your online marketing strategies.

Through its SEMrush Academy resource, the company is currently offering free online courses and certification exams in digital marketing.

Get started on the SEMrush Academy online courses from this website page.

10. LinkResearchTools

LinkResearchTools (or simply, LRT) provides SEO tools for effective link analysis and building that can improve organic rankings of businesses in search engines. Some of the services provided by LRT include SEO automation, link detox, and monitoring, and link building.

The company is offering its highly reputable and industry-recognized LRT Associate training course for just €445. This SEO certificate includes comprehensive video-based learning from Christoph Camper, along with lifetime access to the community of LRT associates.

You can enroll for the LRT associate training on this page.

11. Spocket Academy

Spocket Academy is an online training provider in the eCommerce domain. This online learning platform provides a range of courses that can grow a drop-shipping business, launch online stores, drive eCommerce traffic, and generate online sales.

This training provider is offering free SEO courses that can improve your SEO ranking.

You can learn more course details and enroll for your free course on this page.

12. CXL Institute

CXL institute offers the best digital marketing programs that are conducted by the top 1% of marketing practitioners. This training institute provides a variety of mini degrees in customer optimization, customer acquisition, and digital analytics.

For marketers impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, the company is offering a free minidegree training course in Growth Marketing. Enrolled candidates can have free access to this nanodegree for 12 weeks.

You can enroll for this free course from this page.

13. Oberlo 101

Oberlo 101 is an online training provider that specializes in courses for online business building. With over 8 hours of actionable videos, this training platform covers the best of online businesses, including drop-shipping business models, launching online Facebook ads, and how to set any online business for success.

The training company is offering a free course on how to start an online business. You simply need to use the “Learn from home” coupon code when enrolling for the course.

Register on this Oberlo sign-up page with your email address.

14. SPI Media

Short for “Smart Passive Income,” SPI Media is an online learning platform for entrepreneurs looking to start a successful online business. This online platform provides the best of free guides to help entrepreneurs succeed in their online business. Some of the topics that can be learned include affiliate marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, and business development.

The company is offering free resources that include free podcasts, advice, and courses for entrepreneurs looking to cope with the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

You can access these free resources from this website page.

15. Conversion Sciences

Conversion Science is an online training platform designed for digital marketers and business owners. The platform focuses on the use of behavioral data for the design of optimized websites and to drive online campaigns.

For the benefit of digital marketers, the company is offering a self-directed online course in behavioral science for free. At the end of this course, participants will learn how to optimize websites like website experts. The course comprises 12 videos, six sessions, and a 76-page workbook.

Sign up for this free training course on the company’s website.

16. Traffic Research

Traffic Research is an online training provider that offers a complete range of beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses in SEO training. The Traffic Research Bunker training program is a compilation of 15 training courses that are designed towards helping entrepreneurs with new affiliates, eCommerce, and service businesses.

The company is offering the Bunker training program for free up to April 15.

You can sign up for this free training course on this website page.

17. Craig Campbell

Based in Glasgow in the U.K, Craig Campbell has been conducting SEO training courses for the last 18 years. Some of his courses include basic and advanced SEO, link building, Google AdWords, and social media. His advanced SEO courses are priced at £800 per student.

Craig is now offering this advanced SEO course for free for anyone signing up in the next seven days.

You can sign up for this free course using this link.

18. Igor Benic

Interested in learning about how to develop the best of WordPress plugins and themes? Igor Benic is an experienced WordPress plugin developer and online tutor.  This online instructor is offering an online course on “Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Customizer” absolutely free (for a limited period) to online students.

Some of the topics that you will learn in this course include JavaScript & AJAX, developing custom plugins/themes, basic GIT versioning, and extending plugins. You can enroll for this free course on this page.

19. Angela Bowman

Angela Bowman is a professional WordPress trainer and podcaster. She is offering free use of one of the three memberships of the LearnDash LMS plugin for one year. This also includes free use of bulk licenses for one year. Send a direct message to Angela on her twitter handle (@askwpgirl).

→ Website Development & Maintenance

1. WP Agency Summit

WP Agency Summit is a virtual summit for WordPress entrepreneurs and agencies looking to grow their WordPress business to the next level. With over 30 speakers and WordPress experts, event participants can benefit from free access to recorded video sessions, learn about generating recurring revenues from their business, and deliver client projects on time.

The company is offering a free replay of the 2019 WP Agency Summit that includes insights from WP agency owners and marketing experts. This online event is scheduled between April 10 to 20th.

You can register for this free summit on this page.

2. DesignClass

DesignClass is an online resource for learning about website designing through hands-on video classes, designer toolkits, and downloadable design guides and resources. This platform is ideal for digital marketers, website developers, and business owners looking to master website designing.

The company is currently offering a discount of 30% on its course for a limited time.

Enroll for the discounted DesignClass course on this page.

3. W3 Total Cache

Offered by Elegant Marketplace, W3 Total Cache is a popular caching plugin designed to simplify caching and improve the overall speed of WordPress sites. Some of its major benefits include improvement in server performance, reduced download times, and support for content delivery networks (CDN).

The company is offering the W3 Total Cache User Pro licenses at a 50% discount to all users. This translates to an annual saving of $750 on the purchase of ten Pro licenses. Fill up this checkout page with the code “elegant50” to avail of the discount.

4. GiveWP

GiveWP is an online donation and fundraising plugin that can be installed on any WordPress site. This cloud-based platform provides a range of fundraising tools that can enable you to improve your fundraising efforts and manage your donors and contributors.

For non-profit organizations and fundraisers that are active in tackling the coronavirus outbreak, the company is offering a 40% discount on its fundraising tools. Access the GiveWP pricing page for the list of discounted plans.


Operating for ten years now, Solvative offers a range of innovative digital solutions in the area of web development, mobile app development, and user experience design. Besides these services, the company specializes in quality assurance testing and project management.

The company is donating some of its site design and development services to businesses impacted by the current outbreak, using the hashtag #DoingOurPart. This includes adding online ordering services for small-time restaurants. You need to contact the company directly through a “Contact Us” form or their phone number.

6. Mendel Kurland

Do you need any help managing your WordPress or WooCommerce site? Mendel Kurland is a WordPress/ WooCommerce expert who has conducted WordCamps around the globe. Mendel is now offering virtual help for free in the area of WordPress or WooCommerce management. Each of his free sessions are for a duration of 30 minutes.

Book your preferred date on this “Virtual Happiness Bar” page.

7. is an online platform that offers a variety of WooCommerce plugins for eCommerce store owners. Their plugins are compatible with WordPress version 5.4 (or higher) and WooCommerce version 4.0 (or higher). The company is offering a 30% discount on all its WooCommerce plugins.

For more details, visit their website page.

8. Chris Lema

As a WordPress and WooCommerce, Chris Lema is the founder of Cabo Press. He has also written and published two eBooks on how to manage remote and virtual teams.

For those managing remote workers, Chris Lema is offering a 95% discount on his eBooks titled, “Remote Teams” and “Winning Teams.” Both books are available for a price of just $1.99. Fill out this online checkout form to purchase these eBooks.

9. Projectopia

Projectopia is a complete project management plugin for WordPress sites that empowers business enterprises to manage and communicate with clients and employees. Some of its best features include excellent workflow control, role-based permission for team members, and support for multiple data formats.

The company has dropped the price of its core plugin to just $9. This is valid till March 31st. Click this link to see more details and purchase the plugin.

10. SliceWP

Aimed at improved affiliate marketing, SliceWP is a popular WordPress plugin that enables marketers to create a customized affiliate marketing campaign in minutes. The tool offers multiple benefits, including increasing online sales, improve incoming traffic, and detailed marketing reports.

You can avail of a one-year free license of its premium products by using the “TOGETHER” coupon code in the next two months. Visit the SliceWP pricing page for more details.

11. WPMobile.App

WPMobile.App is a five-star-rated smartphone app that enables you to design and build mobile apps easily. Some of the app features include 20 customizable widgets, unlimited push notifications, and accurate traffic analysis.

Customers can avail of a 70% discount on this app by entering the “STAYSAFE” code.  Visit this website page for more information.

12. Elegant Modules

Elegant Modules integrates a diverse range of WordPress page builders, including Divi, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, and Elementor, along with various membership platforms, including WooCommerce.

The company is offering a no-limit discount of 60% on its products. Users have to enter the “HELPING2020” code when signing up with the company. Sign-up on their website with your email address.

13. WP Trads

Based in France, WP Trads offers WordPress theme translations and extensions. This includes an extension for the LearnDash learning management system (or LMS).

The company is offering a free translation of LearnDash for schools that have been closed following the coronavirus outbreak. This extension is free for a year on a single website. You can buy this LearnDash translation on this page.

14. Jeseph Meyers

As the communication lead at Minka Magic, Jeseph Meyers is an expert at web development and digital marketing.  For small businesses, Jeseph is currently offering free project work in technologies like WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, PHP, CSS, or HTML. This offer is applicable till the end of April.

You can send a private message to Jeseph on his Twitter handle (@jesephm) or mail him at

15. Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a website building plugin or tool that simplifies the process of WordPress website creation. Easy to use, this plugin tool is packed with features including a drag-and-drop editor, a visual composer hub, professional templates, and responsive design.

To enable fast website building, the company is offering free activation of its Visual Composer Hub feature that is a marketplace for downloading content elements, templates, and images.

Install the Visual Composer free plugin on your WordPress site and then activate the Visual Composer Hub.

16. WP Feedback

WP Feedback is among the largest communities of WordPress agency owners and professionals that have built multi-million dollar businesses and mastered the WordPress tool. The company organizes a virtual summit where attendees have free access to all video sessions, learn how to scale a WordPress business, and learn the best strategies for generating recurring revenues.

The company is offering a free online event that will be organized between April 27- May 1.

Additionally, the company is offering its premium WP Feedback Pro monthly plans at a 90% discount for the next two months. The Pro plan is an integrated WordPress plugin along with a cloud-hosted centralized dashboard.

You can register for this free virtual summit with your email address on this page. For the discounted offer on the WP Feedback Pro plan, subscribe to its monthly plan on the website and enter “SAVE90” as the coupon code during checkout.

17. Barn2

Based in the U.K, Barn2 is an independent WordPress plugin development company that specializes in WooCommerce plugins. Downloaded by over 5,000 WordPress sites, this plugin company develops WooCommerce plugins that can be used by any online eCommerce store.

The company is currently offering a free copy of its WooCommerce Product Table plugin and extended plugin licenses to online sellers or any online business distributing food and medical supplies. The extended licenses can be applied to multiple websites with a single license key.

Fill up this online form to get in touch with the business.

18. WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is a complete project management tool for WordPress sites designed for work management and project delivery. Some of its best tool features include limitless tasks and projects, time tracking, use of Gantt charts, and task management using Kanban.

To enable companies to adapt to remote working, this company is offering the premium business plan of WP Project Manager tool-free for three months. This offer is applicable until June 2020.

You can get your free business plan from this website page.

→ Website & Business Security

1. Okta

With its single sign-on feature, Okta provides safe and secure access management for global companies. Its cloud-powered tools provide the customer with secure user authentication and build identity controls into modern applications.

To facilitate remote workers, the company is leveraging its Okta Identity Cloud platform to provide both single sign-on and multi-factor authentication at no cost. Named as Okta for Emergency Remote Work, this service is available free of cost for six months from the contract signing date.

Submit your organization details in this online form.

2. Cloudflare

Among the most extensive networks, Cloudflare is an international website security company that specializes in content delivery networks, mitigation against DDoS attacks, and overall Internet security. The company owns over 26 million Internet properties globally and provides functionalities like SSL and content distribution.

To enable small businesses impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, the company is offering free seats of its Cloudflare for Teams tool right up to September 1st. Additionally, it is providing an optional 30-minute onboarding session for small businesses with a technical expert. Fill up this online form on their website.

3. ThousandEyes

Based in California, ThousandEyes is a network intelligence company that specializes in the monitoring of network infrastructure, Internet performance, and troubleshooting of network applications. The ThousandEyes platform delivers exceptional digital experiences of business customers, employees, and your WAN platform.

To enable companies to manage their end-user experience, the company is offering free access to its End User Monitoring tool for 90 days. Submit your company details on the 90-Day Remote User Experience Offer page.

4. Ping Identity

Used by around 50 of the Fortune 100 companies, Ping Identity provides an intelligent identity platform for secure and intelligent cloud access for customers, employees, and business partners. Some of the security features of this platform include single sign-on (SSO) facility, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and intelligent API security.

For remote workers depending on cloud applications, the company is providing free and fast SSO and MFA for unlimited applications. This offer is valid for six months. New customers need to submit their details on this online form.

5. Rublon

Through its cloud-powered cybersecurity solutions, Rublon enables its customers to protect their valuable data and operations from hackers. The company uses security-related features like two-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication.

The company has announced it’s offering of a free trial version of the Rublon security tool for six months for affected businesses. This includes the protection of unlimited technologies and users. A 30-minute onboarding session is also included in the offer, which is valid till July 1st.

Sign up for the standard 30-day free trial version and then send an email requesting for the 6-month trial to Rublon Support.

6. Bitdefender

Operating over 18 years now, Bitdefender is a leading provider of cybersecurity products for homes and businesses around the world. This security company offers total solutions that are compatible with Windows PCs, Mac PCs, and mobile phones. Some of the company’s products include the Bitdefender BOX and the Bitdefender Small Office Security.

To help healthcare providers fighting coronavirus, the company is offering up to 12 months of free enterprise-level security.

Healthcare businesses can sign up for this free offer on this page.

7. CTARe

Based in Singapore, CTARe is a cybersecurity solutions company that caters towards providing online security for small businesses and SMEs. The company has a range of products, including Managed IT solutions, Business broadband, Chatbot development, and Website security.

The company is providing free subscriptions and 24-hour support for remote computers (Windows and Mac PCs) for the next two months.

You can get started with a monthly or annual subscription plan from this website page.

→ Design and Editing

1. Adobe Cloud Apps

Promoted by Adobe Systems, Creative Cloud is an application suite designed for functions like graphic designing, video editing, and web development. Some of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications are also available on Apple and Android phones.

To support schools facing closures, Adobe is enabling distance learning for K-12 educators and students with free access to the Creative Cloud applications till May 31st. The company is also offering 90-day free access to its Adobe Connect web conferencing tool for businesses and schools.

Educators and students can request free access to Creative Cloud by submitting the online form on this page.

2. Affinity

Affinity is an online resource platform for illustrators, photographers, and other creative artists looking for high-quality apps. The company designs apps like Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher that are supported on Windows, macOS, and Apple iPad.

The company is now offering a 90-day free trial of its Affinity suite of products on macOS and Windows. Additionally, it is giving a 50% discount for its paid plans.

You can avail of the 90-day free trial version from this page.

3. TechSmith

TechSmith is a technology company that is into the development of screen-shooting and video editing tools for both Windows and Mac computers. Some of its popular tools include SnagIt, screen capture and recorder tool, and Camtasia, a screencasting software.

To assist business and educational institutions, the company is offering a free version of its SnagIt and Video Review tools up to the end of June.

Fill out the online form on this page to gain access to these free tools.

4. Krisp

Krisp offers the best background noise cancellation technology that is powered by deep neural technologies like artificial intelligence. The company provides technology that can identify 20,000 types of noises and has over 2,500 hours of audio.

For remote workers and work-from-home employees, the company has the following offerings that are valid for six months:

  • A free tier product with 120 minutes of free noise cancellation each week.
  • Free access to Krisp tools for all students & educators, along with hospital and government workers.
  • 30% discount on the Krisp Pro and Teams plan.

Visit the Krisp website or get in touch with their customer support team.

→ Data – Analytics and Visualization

1. Tableau

Tableau is a business intelligence platform that performs data analytics for better business decision making. This company offers the best solutions in data management, embedded analytics, and server management.

To support data-driven decisions on the spread of coronavirus, the company has designed a COVID-19 data resource hub that provides the latest visualized data about the virus. This includes social distancing scoreboards, a coronavirus tracker, and more visualizations. This data hub is freely available for public use.

Explore more free visualizations on this website page.

2. Carto

Carto is a leading online location intelligence platform that can transform location data into useful insights for businesses. This platform is helpful for companies looking for efficient delivery routes, targeted geo-marketing campaigns, and strategic store placements.

With the use of spatial analysis to determine the spread of the coronavirus around the globe, the company is offering free data visualization and spatial analysis to both public and private organizations.

Visit the company’s grants page and apply for the free access.

3. Audiencefy

Audiencefy is an eCommerce analytics mobile app that can help in the growth of Shopify sales and increase their eCommerce revenue. The app provides eCommerce-related features, including customer segmentation, easy integration with other tools, and predictive & robust analytics for online stores.

The company is offering free access to its app for six months. Sign up on Audiencefly to access its free tool.

→ Entertainment

1. Sling TV

Owned by Dish Network, Sling TV is a U.S-based Internet television company that offers streaming services to American subscribers.  As announced on March 19th, the company is rolling out free streaming of selected content to young adults and children stuck at home in the U.S. This includes older shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Black Sails and kid’s shows such as Teen Titans Go! and Adventure Time.

Visit the Sling TV website for more information.

2. Zencastr

Zencastr is a popular podcasting tool that provides studio-quality recording. Some of the other benefits of this tool include high-quality podcasting, separate track link for each participating guest, lossless audio quality, and automatic post-production.

The company is offering an unlimited number of guests and recording time on its free Hobbyist plan. Other plan features include high-quality MP3 recording and pay according to postproductions. This offer is valid until July 1.

Get started on their Hobbyist free plan from their website page

→ Miscellaneous Tools

1. SnackNation

Launched in 2014, SnackNation is a healthy snack and coffee provider for office and remote workers. The brand has partnered with over 5,000 health and nutrition brands that provide a range of healthy bars, chips, granola mix, and sweets. To keep remote workers healthy, SnackNation is offering its Snack Box (containing 15 snacks) and its Snacks + Coffee Box (12 snacks and a 12-oz coffee box) at a reduced price.

Get started here to receive your snack box.

2. Urbansitter

Urbansitter is an online babysitting service that connects parents with a local network of babysitters who have been recommended by other parents. Using this service, parents can search for babysitters in their local neighborhood, along with their background check and any special needs. To support remote working parents, the company is offering two months of free parent membership.

Complete this online membership form.

3. BrightLocal

BrightLocal is an online marketing platform that allows any online business to manage their SEO, business listings, and online brand reputations. The platform offers a range of marketing tools, including SEO tools (for SEO audits), Reputation Manager (for responding to customer reviews), and Citation Builder (for online visibility).

To aid local businesses impacted by the current pandemic, BrightLocal has performed an online poll of its 325 users on how to adjust to the current lockdown.

You can read about the coronavirus impact on local businesses along with valuable tips on this published article.

4. Liminal Coaching

Based in the UK, Liminal Coaching provides guided relaxation techniques for better business and organizational transformation. The company focuses on leadership development and organizational transformation that can decrease stress and release tension.

The company is offering a free recording of its “Drift To Peace” relaxation method.

You can access this free recording in MP3 format on this Google Drive link.

5. WP Elevation

WP Elevation is an online resource for digital marketers and agencies looking to grow their business and generate recurring revenues. Be it a startup or a scaling business, WP Elevation provides training courses, coaching, and community support for online businesses.

Through this published post by Maddie Keogh, the company is offering free tips for online agencies to manage stress and stay productive during the current crisis.

Read this article from this link.

6. Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson is an online speaker who gives motivational talks on how to run successful digital agencies using the WordPress tool. Through his Agency Trailblazer community, he enables digital agencies to grow their online business.

To help out digital agencies survive the current coronavirus crisis; Lee Jackson is offering a free podcast titled, “Surviving a recession” that has his valuable learnings from the 2008 global financial crisis. Lee has also released a podcast titled “The future of web design” for the benefit of digital agencies. You can access these free podcasts on the following pages –

→ Articles on Remote Work

a. Articles For Employer

  1. State Of Remote Work
  2. The Benefits Of Working From Home
  3. Work From Anywhere: Does It Actually Work?
  4. How To Transition To Remote Work In A Hurry
  5. Useful Tips For Effective Remote Team Working
  6. These Are The Top Four Benefits Of Working At Home
  7. 4 Reasons Why A Remote Workforce Is Better For Business
  8. 7 Benefits Of Working From Home For Employers
  9. Is It Time To Let Employees Work From Anywhere?
  10. 7 Reasons Employers Like Work-From-Home Arrangements
  11. 11 Essential Tips For Managing Remote Employees
  12. Best Practices: The Top 13 Ways To Manage Remote Employees
  13. Can Working From Home Increase Employee Productivity?
  14. How Companies Benefit When Employees Work Remotely
  15. How To Create An Effective Work-From-Home Policy
  16. The Positive Benefits Of Working Remotely For Employees
  17. The Virtual Work Space: What Are The Benefits And Risks?
  18. National #WFHweek: Your Future At Work Could Be From Home
  19. How To Enable Remote Work At Your Company Topics: Remote Work
  20. How To Explain The Benefits Of Working Remotely To Your Employer
  21. How Working From Home Benefits The Employee And The Employer
  22. Close Your Office. Now. How Operate Your StartUp Under Lock-Down
  23. If Employees Want To Work From Home, Why Not Let Them? | Gene Marks
  24. 6 Tips For Managing Remote Employees: How To Maintain Productivity And Engagement
  25. Slack On Slack: Adapting The Way We Work When Offices Need To Close – Several People Are Typing
  26. Coronavirus: 20 WordPress Community Leaders Share Their Struggles, Measures, and Missions in the Time of the Pandemic

b. Articles For Employee

  1. 4 Productivity Tips For Remote Workers | Career Advice
  2. 5 Tips For Staying Productive And Mentally Healthy While You’re Working From Home
  3. 7 Effective Remote Work Tips And Best Practices
  4. 7 Tips For Remote Workers To Make You More Productive And Less Stressed
  5. 8 Tips To Set Up Your Home Office For Serious Productivity
  6. 9 Productivity Tips For Effective Remote Working
  7. 9 Reasons Why You Should Work From Home
  8. 9 Working From Home Best Practices To Boost Productivity
  9. 10 Hacks To Improve Your Home Office Productivity
  10. 10 Tips To Help You Be More Efficient Working From Home
  11. 10 Ways To Stay Ultra-Productive When You Work From Home
  12. 10+ Best Remote Working Tips For Instant Productivity Boost
  13. 11 Best Practices For Working Remotely
  14. 11 Work From Home Tips If You’re Remote
  15. 13 Best Practices For Working From Home
  16. 14 Work-At-Home Tips To Increase Productivity & Avoid Distractions
  17. 15 Working From Home Productivity Statistics To Know In 2020
  18. 16 Home Office Setup Ideas
  19. 32 Working From Home Tips That Actually Work (Updated)
  20. A New Study Reveals Why Working From Home Makes Employees More Productive
  21. Be Prepared To Work From Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak
  22. Experts Weigh-In: Tips & Best Practices To Working Remote
  23. Five Tips For Becoming A Successful Remote Worker, According To 450 Remote Professionals [New Data]
  24. Get Organized: 20 Tips For Working From Home
  25. Getting More Done When You Work From Home
  26. Here’s How To Stay Productive — And Connected — When You Work From Home
  27. Working Remotely: The Pros And Cons Of Working From Home
  28. How To Design The Ideal Home Office
  29. How To Keep Productive And Motivated While Working From Home
  30. How To Make Working From Home As Great As It Sounds (And Actually Get The Work Done)
  31. How To Set Up A Workable Home Office
  32. How To Work From Home Even If You Don’t Have Coronavirus
  33. How To Work From Home And Stay Ultra-Productive
  34. How To Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind (What A Fulltime Job, 3 Kids, 1 Dog And A Hamster Have Taught Me)
  35. How To Work From Home: 20 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully
  36. Remote Work: Tips & Tools For Working Remotely And Still Being The Best
  37. I Tested 5 Of The Best Remote Working Tips To Find Out If You Can Really Trust Them
  38. If You Work From Home, Use These 12 Crucial Tips Every Day
  39. Is Working From Home The Future Of Productivity?
  40. Productivity, Retention And Cost Savings: Why Working From Home Benefits Employees And Employers
  41. Staying Focused When You’re Working From Home: Deal With Distractions To Get Everything Done
  42. Staying Productive While Working Remotely With Microsoft Teams
  43. The Benefits Of Remote Work—For Both Employees And Managers
  44. The Essential Guide To Setting Up A Home Office
  45. The Future Of Remote Work
  46. The Greatest Battle: Working From Home Vs Working From An Office (Which Option Is Right For You)
  47. How to Stay Focused at Work With 12 “Deep Work” Methods

That’s it for now. We’ll expand the list as we learn about more companies giving away tools in response to Coronavirus.

Final Thoughts

Everyone struggles with sudden, unprecedented change. It’s great to see companies trying to do their bit in facilitating connectivity. You too can do your part taking the following steps –

  • Bookmark this article so that you can return to it when you need.
  • Share it with your team members, and other business owners.
  • Grab a cup of coffee and start working.

If you know of more companies that are offering free tools and resources to combat COVID-19, reach out to us.

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