Enterprise Grade Data Security at No Extra Cost

BlogVault stores encrypted copies of the entire backups across multiple data-centers. All of this is part of the solution and you do not need to pay for any extra cloud storage.

Offsite Backups which are Completely Independent of your WordPress site

BlogVault backups are stored completely independent of your WordPress site or your webhost. Your site can go down completely, there can be a natural disaster taking down the data center, or your webhost can be compromised. Your backups will be safe and readily available.

Enterprise Grade Encryption to Secure Your Backups

The backups are encrypted with enterprise grade security using best practices. We ensure your backups are as secure as your website.

Integrated Cloud Storage at No Additional Cost

Backup data is saved on our own cloud storage. All BlogVault backups include complete storage, even if your site has gigabytes of data. Forget the complexity of configuring and maintaining your own cloud storage completely.

Zero Space Usage on the WordPress Site

Our backups use a zero-footprint strategy. BlogVault doesn’t add anything to your WordPress site: no zip files, no temporary files, nothing in the database.

Multi-level Data Redundancy Spanning Multiple Cloud Providers

BlogVault stores multiple copies of backups on different cloud providers. With this level of redundancy, there is no single point of failure. Your backups are always available whenever you need them.

GDPR Ready

We store all the backups securely in EU based data-centers in accordance with GDPR. Learn more about our GDPR readiness here – https://blogvault.net/gdpr

Our agency has trusted BlogVault for nearly 10 years

As with any agency, we have tested other solutions during that time so as to make sure we’re always offering the best for our clients. Every time we’ve come back to Blogvault. Not only can we always trust their backups, we also trust their experience as it has helped us in a few unique situations.

Rex Boyd, Intersect Marketing Group

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