WordPress Multisite Backups

BlogVault has special support for WordPress Multisites. Backup, restore and migrate multisite installs of any type, subdomain or sub-directory, just as easily as a regular site.

Backup Sub-domain or Sub-directory Based Multisite Networks

We support all types of WordPress multisite installs. Successfully backup sub-domain as well as sub-directory based websites. We backup the entire network of sites so no data is lost.

Backup Large Network With 1000s of Sub-sites

Large WordPress multisites with 1000s of subsites have very large databases. These installs have 1000s of tables and can easily overload the database. We have special support for multisites which let you backup such sites easily.

Backup and Restore 100 GB+ Sites

Multisites can be huge with over 100 GB of data. These can be very difficult to backup using traditional methods. BlogVault can backup large sites effortlessly.

Restore Selective Subsites for Multisites

BlogVault has special support for WordPress Multisites. With BlogVault you can restore the entire WordPress install or only specific subsites.

Migrate Complete Network of Sites

Move large WordPress multisites to new domains or webhosts seamlessly with BlogVault. You don’t need any additional plugins, as there is an integrated search and replace function to make sure everything works as intended. 

How Does WordPress Multisite Backup Work?

Install Plugin At Network Level

Install the BlogVault Plugin at network level of your WordPress install.

Entire WordPress Install is Backed Up

The entire WordPress install is backed up automatically to the cloud.

Restore Complete Install or Subsite

We give you complete control over the backups of your WordPress Multisite.

Our agency has trusted BlogVault for nearly 10 years

As with any agency, we have tested other solutions during that time so as to make sure we’re always offering the best for our clients. Every time we’ve come back to Blogvault. Not only can we always trust their backups, we also trust their experience as it has helped us in a few unique situations.

Rex Boyd, Intersect Marketing Group

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