Quickly & Reliably Restore from WordPress Backups

With a 100% success rate, we have the best solution to help you get your site back to normal. A crashed site needs quick resolution and BlogVault enables you to recover your site with ease.

Incredibly Reliable Restores Which Work Every Time

A backup is only as good as its restores. We have successfully restored over 100,000 sites. We have restored sites as large as 100 GB and more. We have restored sites on over 5000+ webhosts.

One-Click Restores for a Seamless Experience

Restoring a site during a crash can be nerve wracking. With BlogVault, you can restore your site with the click of a button. Save hours of manual work and stress when restoring your site.

Test the Backup Before You Restore

You can select any backup and restore it on our servers first. Test and analyze the backup first, and only then go ahead with the actual restore.

Lightning Fast Recovery with our Differential Restores

Minimize downtime and recover crashed sites quickly with Differential Restores. Manual restores are time consuming and fail often. BlogVault Differential Restores check the existing data and only copy changes to the site. This is the superpower to restore really large sites within minutes.

Emergency Connector to Restore a Completely Crashed Site

Restore your site even if it has completely crashed with BlogVault. Our Emergency Connector enables you to recover your site with the click of a button, even if you can’t access it.

Easily Rollback Plugin Updates

Plugin updates are the top cause for broken websites. You can rollback only the updated plugin with BlogVault, without affecting the rest of the site.

Selective Restore for Complex Sites

Restore only specific parts of your site. You can select files, tables, certain plugins or themes to restore, keeping everything else perfectly intact.

Find the Exact Backup to Restore

View the complete history of changes happening to your site between backups. By seeing our detailed history you can find the exact backup you need to restore. This is a great tool when you need to figure out what caused your site to break.

Upto 365 Days of Backups

We securely store upto 365 days of backups, so you can restore from snapshots as far as 1 year back.

Special Restores for WooCommerce

Our Real-Time backups save every order as it is placed. WooCommerce stores are dynamic, and cannot afford to lose even a single order. Configure your backups to include the latest information from your live store seamlessly. 

Restore Selective Subsites for Multisites

BlogVault has special support for WordPress Multisites. With BlogVault you can restore the entire WordPress install or only specific subsites.

Our agency has trusted BlogVault for nearly 10 years

As with any agency, we have tested other solutions during that time so as to make sure we’re always offering the best for our clients. Every time we’ve come back to Blogvault. Not only can we always trust their backups, we also trust their experience as it has helped us in a few unique situations.

Rex Boyd, Intersect Marketing Group

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