For every website owner, regardless if you’re running a blog, an e-commerce or an online service business, the traffic is vital. In this article, we’ll talk about increasing your audience, leveraging your website languages.

Having a website written in English is the best way to maximize your reach since it’s the most spoken language on the Internet. But many people don’t speak English at all or would be less confident to buy in a language they’re not comfortable with.

Having a multilingual website might be the best way to reach and attract these people, your future readers, and customers.


What issues will you face starting a multilingual WordPress website?

When going global with your website, you’ll need to think about 3 key points.


What languages to be added and how?

Some of you might already know what languages they would like to add but it’s not always the case. Before going global, it’s important to identify and select the languages that fit with your website.

There are two quick ways to make your own picture:

1) Your existing audience: Use Google Analytics (or any other traffic tracking tool) to analyze your visitors profile, specifically the country they’re coming from and their browser language

2) Your projected audience: Based on your website business and your development strategy, you might want to target a specific kind of visitors. For example, if you’re German (with a website in German) in the wine business, you might want to reach big markets such as France, China, and the US. Naturally, you will add French, Chinese and English languages

Once you’ve narrowed down languages matching your needs, how will you perform the translations?

Several resources can be used, the ideal would be a smart combination of all: machine and human translations. If you do not have in-house speakers, do not hesitate to use professional agencies for your most visited pages.


How to make sure you can be easily found in your translated languages?

If you put resources to get translations for your targeted languages the last thing you want is being invisible by Google and other search engines.

It’s pretty clear that if French potential customers search for your German wine online and found nothing but your competitors or some French marketplaces, you would be pretty mad.

According to Google, there are key rules to follow if you want to be properly indexed in your translated versions.

1) Get unique URLs for your translated pages: Google only recommends to use either different domains ( and for German and French), sub-domains ( and or sub-directories ( and

2) Help Google knowing you have a different version of your website. You can either use “hreflang” tags or a sitemap

3) Last one, a bit more technical, you absolutely need to have translations on server-side, it means that you should not use tools only translating dynamically (JavaScript tools)


How to keep an optimized visitors experience on your translated versions?

Your translation shouldn’t affect the quality of your website, from a pure visitor experience perspective. You spent time optimizing it (acquisition funnels, engagement pop-up, etc.) it should be the same for your translated versions.

Visitors need to immediately identify the language switcher, making it easy to select their language. For an even better result (think about your bounce rate), you can use an auto redirection option. It should automatically redirect visitors based on their preferred languages.

Provide an A to Z experience, from the very first page to the ultimate “thank you” or “order confirmation” email. The language should remain the same at each and every step of the experience.

Needless to add that all your internal URL and re-directing (from one page of your website to another) should also keep the language selected by the visitor.

Based on all the above aspects, we can now review the different options to do that on WordPress.


What solutions are available on WordPress to make a multilingual website?

There are two main approaches to go global on WordPress:

(i) Make separated and independent websites for each language;
(ii) Make a multilingual website (one website in multiple languages)


Separated and independent websites for each language

It means you would need as many websites as languages you want to add. So for example, if you have a German website and you see an opportunity to further expand in France, you would need to set-up and maintain one German website and one French website.

The good thing is that your two websites will match SEO and Visitors experience optimization. The bad news is that it generally requires some work on your side, you will have twice more tasks to do:
• Start over the second website from scratch
• Re-implement your optimization for SEO and visitor experience
• Maintain and update each website
• Consolidate your inventory if you’re in the e-commerce

And you can easily see that it will start to take you a lot of time if you’re adding more than 1 language. Doing so for 3 or more languages could quickly become a nightmare.

But it’s still a great solution if you’re running websites that are not selling the same products or displaying content in completely different ways.

In other cases, you would prefer the second approach: multilingual websites.


Multilingual websites

To create a multilingual website you would need to use a WordPress plugin.

With more than 50k+ plugin in the official WordPress directory, making a good choice can be a bit tricky. To get the solution that suits you the best, you need to make sure it will allow you to handle the issues described in the first part:

1) Translations: it should be easy enough to not lose yourself in coding, and then providing tools to leverage machine and human translations in one place
2) SEO: it’s a mandatory point, it has to follow Google’s best practices
3) Built-in features to keep the visitor experience optimized

Additionally, you should also make sure it’s compatible with the existing solutions you’re using for your website (plugin, theme, service, etc.).

One great plugin to make your WordPress website multilingual is Weglot Translate.

Create in 2016, Weglot is a freemium plugin already powering 20,000+ websites in different languages.

Key features include:

• Simple set-up: no coding required
• SEO optimized: following Google’s best practices
• Translations management: one place to easily handle translations
• Human and automatic translations
• Compatible with any plugin and theme

There are of courses many other plugins available out there, and you might want to do your research and testing before selecting the best one for you. But Weglot is a good one to start your due diligence, especially when you know they are the most 5-star rated translation plugin.

Anti-Spam Pro plugin is an extended version of the free Anti-Spam WordPress plugin. The plugin blocks spam in comments. It blocks spam silently without any captcha or math questions. It is easy to use and it starts working immediately after activation and does not require any setup.

Anti-Spam Pro blocks almost 100% of automatic spam by tricking the bots to fill in the input fields which real users would never fill.

Anti-Spam Pro can also block manual spam. with inbuilt settings to customize what words are to be treated as spam, and the limit for the comment etc.

Both versions are rate high about 4.8/5 for Anti-Spam and 5.0/5 for Anti-Spam Pro.

You can try free Anti-Spam WordPress plugin and see how it works for you before trying extended Anti-Spam Pro plugin.

So you’ve wrapped up your WordPress website overhaul design. You’re all set to deploy your modified website. But are you really going to repeat the whole process, already done on your Staging site, for your live site? What if you miss an update added to the production site during development, by mistake?

What you need is some way to compare your development site to the production site, merge the two databases, and resolve all differences in content or updates in one go.

Responsible developers always note down all the changes they make in a piece of paper. And you should too! But you might be performing the deployment at some absurd time, and feverishly checklisting the data on your development site to your live site. The pressure is on when you are rushing to get your modified site online. You can’t afford to make any costly mistakes.

At BlogVault, we want to help you have Stress-Free Staging and Merging experience.

Push Changes Live Immediately

Staging and Merging your site is now Effortless and Automatic with BlogVault One-Click Merge feature.

Compare Changes

You can compare the differences between your staging site and live site,
To ensure that you have performed all the required modifications.

Selective Merging

Migrate only the changes you approve on your staging site to your live site by selecting the specific files only.

Quick Merge even for Large Websites

Merging operations happen on the BlogVault servers, ensuring that your site servers are not overloaded and your site does not slow down at all.

Next Steps >>>

  • Check out how to use the Merging feature in BlogVault from here.
  • Try Merging from the BlogVault Dashboard Now.
  • You can always get in touch with us from here or also email us at

When you run your business online, it is like your own online real estate. You wouldn’t want anyone trespassing or damaging your property, so why leave your site open to malware?


Top 5 wordpress security plugins


Why should I secure my site?

The damage caused by a hack on your site can be truly horrifying. You can suffer data loss. Google will blacklist your site or your web host may suspend your site for security reasons, and hence, your site’s SEO also gets affected
Knowing this, it is important to keep site security as a top priority when you start your online business on WordPress

Doesn’t WordPress keep my site safe?

While there is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular CMS and blogging platform right now, you’re never truly safe from people with malware. WordPress cannot protect you from targeted hacker attacks, and there can be many vulnerabilities found daily. When it comes to your site being secure from hacker or bot attacks, it always pays to go a step further.

WordPress Security Plugins

The step you need to take is to install a security plugin on your site.
There are many security plugins for WordPress. We have researched about them and can confidently say that below are the Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins. If you are serious about your online business running on WordPress, you should use these plugins to keep it secure.




Top 5 wordpress security plugins - MalCare


MalCare’s Advanced Deep Scan Technology has been developed after analyzing over 240,000 sites. It uses 100+ Intelligent Signals to accurately detect even the most complex malware on your site. MalCare cleans out malware on your site with surgical precision, using the powerful one-click malware removal service.

From the House of BlogVault Backup and Security plugin, MalCare is already making waves as the most efficient plugin to secure WordPress sites.



→ Automatic and On-Demand Malware Deep Scanning

→ Complex Malware Detection

→ Tracks every change in your files

→ No Overload on your Servers

→ No False Positives

→ One-Click Automatic Malware Removal

→ Limits login attempts

→ Suspicious Login Alerts

→ Site Hardening

→ Integrated Backup

→ Auditing and Reporting



→ MalCare is an All-in-One Security Solution. It includes all security features like Scanning, Cleaning, Protection, and Prevention in one place.

→ MalCare scans daily automatically, but On-Demand scan of your website is also possible, with just One-Click on MalCare dashboard.

→ With the ridiculously easy MalCare One-Click Automatic Clean feature, you don’t have to share your site credentials with anyone and your site will be clean in no time at all.

→ MalCare implements the best security practices for Hardening your site, such as blocking PHP execution in untrusted folders, disabling the file editor, changing security keys and blocking rogue theme/plugin installation.

→ MalCare sends you alerts before search engines like Google blacklist your site, or web hosts block your site for suspicious malicious activity.

→ MalCare’s remote scanning ensures that your site resources are never affected and will never slow down your site.

→ MalCare sends a malware alert to you, only when there is an actual malware on your website, thus avoiding any unnecessary panic

→ MalCare tracks all the changes in your files and can easily rollback the hacked file to a clean version without affecting your site.

→ MalCare helps you keep a backup of your site with BlogVault’s advanced Incremental Backup technology.



  • It is a new product so it is still under development, to get even better.




Top 5 wordpress security plugins - Wordfence


WordFence has a number of security features, some of which of are free while others are paid. It is an open source security software which is very popular amongst WordPress users. Their Live Traffic view claims to give you real-time updates on your site traffic and even hack attempts.


→ WordFence Firewall blocks complex and brute force attacks

→ Security Scan alerts you quickly in the event of a security issue

→ Real Time Monitoring using Threat Defense Feed

→ Security alerts

→ Incident recovery tools

→ WordPress Firewall

→ IP Blocking Features

→ Multisite Security

→ File repair

→ Caching features



WordFence performs a high sensitivity scan of your sites files and provides a detailed list of files which Wordfence thinks might be compromised

The Integrated Wordfence Falcon Engine is a server side caching tool which loads your site faster and gives a better score on Google’s Page Speed Insights tests.

WordFence firewall blocks attacks, malware and any backdoor vulnerabilities you may have on your site.

→ MalCare implements the best security practices for Hardening your site, such as blocking PHP execution in untrusted folders, disabling the file editor, changing security keys and blocking rogue theme/plugin installation.

Wordfence also alerts you via email to updates you need to make to your site security and plugins.

You can view the live traffic on your site.

Wordfence is constantly updated.

WordFence includes support for other major plugins and themes.



→ Paid plan members get support first compared to the free version users. They might even take a week to get back to you.

→ If your site is being hit heavily with attack bots, you could get emailed a lot. While this can be called “awareness of the situation” it might lead to uncontrolled panic.

→ The plugin offers site scans your entire website for malware each time. This will take up a lot of your server resources and can slow your site down. This could affect your site’s performance if you are on a shared hosting environment.

The user interface of the plugin is overwhelming. The options page can be confusing for first time users.

Real-time monitoring, mobile phone sign in, scheduled scan, password audit, advanced spam filter, and country blocking are available only for premium subscribers.





Top 5 wordpress security plugins - Sucuri


Sucuri Inc. is a reputed security service company that offers website security software and services to business of all sizes, all around the world. Sucuri’s products and services are not just for WordPress, but even for Joomla, Drupal, PHP, .NET and HTML too.


Activity Auditing

File Integrity Monitoring

Remote Malware Scanning

Blacklist Monitoring

Effective Security Hardening

Post-Hack Security Actions

Security Notifications

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Cloud-based Backup Service

Real-time DDoS mitigation

Continuous Security Monitoring / Offers continuous malware scanning.



→ Sucuri’s firewall blocks all the attacks before it even touches our server.

→ Stops hacks and DDoS attacks immediately.

With Sucuri’s WAF, IPS, Monitoring and Alerting System, your website will be less vulnerable to attacks

With a response team at your call, you can get your website cleaned up and running under several hours.

If you decide to use the Sucuri CDN service, you can expect increased customer satisfaction rates, more page views, increase conversion rate and decreased bounce rate.

Sucuri team researches and reports potential security issues to WordPress core team as well as other plugins.



Firewall and scheduled scans are available only in the premium version.

On average security experts charge $250 / hour for consulting. This can get quite expensive.





iThemes Security

Top 5 wordpress security plugins - iThemes Security


iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) claims to provide 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. It can lock down WordPress, fix common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials.


→ iThemes Brute Force Attack Protection Network

→ Two-factor Authentication

→ Monitor core file changes

→ Threat Detection

→ Logging user actions

→ Data Obfuscation

→ Database Recovery

→ Multisite Compatibility

→ Detects hidden 404 errors on the site

→ Backup database on schedule

→ Security Tutorials



→ iThemes Security lets you ban the IP addresses of known attackers from your site.

→ It monitors your files to check for any unauthorized changes.

→ It prevents brute force attacks by banning users and bots with repeated failed login attempts

→ You can rename content directory, database table prefix and login URL to prevent hacking attempts

→ iThemes Security forces you to use latest versions of the themes and plugins.

→ It can track user activity like when they login, edit content and logout from the site.

→ It can detects vulnerabilities and fixes them in seconds

→ iThemes Security enforces strong passwords to all user accounts

→ You can turn off login for a particular period called the vacation mode.

→ It sets a maximum password age for all user accounts or force them to change it immediately during emergency situations.

→ iThemes Security provides Two-factor authentication, Google ReCaptcha and prevents unauthorized changes in the file system



→ Ticketed Support is available only for Premium users.

→ Basic features like Scheduled malware scan, two-factor authentication, password expiration, user logging and Google reCAPTCHA are available for premium subscribers only.





Top 5 wordpress security plugins - Sitelock


Founded in 2008, the SiteLock cloud-based suite of products offers automated vulnerability detection and malware removal, DDoS protection, website acceleration, website risk assessments, and PCI compliance.


Daily malware scans

Automatic malware removal

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Remove you from a blacklist

DDoS attack protection

Website acceleration

PCI compliant



SiteLock offers broad security offering to protect all aspects of your site.

→ SiteLock Infinity scans your website repeatedly to detect and remove malware.

You can ensure the security of your site by scanning pages in draft mode.

Depending on your negotiation skills, it can be a low cost option.

SiteLock’s TrueCode Static Application Security Testing (SAST) finds common vulnerabilities by analyzing your site with “white-box” testing.

SiteLock’s TrueShield Web Application Firewall protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests.



Costs can vary wildly between each customer.




Top 5 wordpress security plugins - Secupress


SecuPress protects your WordPress site with a dedicated security scanner. It provides a security grade and report for your website so that you know what needs to be fixed. The Plugin UI is simple and easy to use. It is a French product with instructions and support in French (and English of course)


Malware Scanner can be Scheduled and Automatic

Database and File Backups

→ Vulnerable theme and plugin detection

→ Anti Spam

Built-in backups

→ Security key protection



SecuPress sends alert emails every 15 minutes in case of critical external action.

On SecuPress, the options available for various security services are presented clearly.

It can move the authentication page to the admin (login form) to another address, which can save you from the Brute Force attacks.

It enforces Strong Passwords, Passwords Lifetime, Double Authentication, Profile page protection, WordPress Updates, and IP Whitelisting.

It handles additional security features (Disables .zip Uploads, Themes, Plugins, XML-RPC, REST API, Hotlinking)



Casual WordPress users will find SecuPress for one site more expensive than multisite.

Multisites are possible only with premium versions.

Direct external requests to plugin and theme files are reported to bypass their firewall.



Next Steps >>

Your site will never be entirely safe since there are always new malwares and threats coming up, each day. The best you can do for your site safety and security is to install the right Security Solution to take care of your site for you.

Make sure you pick a security plugin that you trust and will perform Complete and Reliable Malware Scanning, Cleaning, Protection and Prevention.

Apart from installing a WordPress security plugin, you can also switch to a reliable web host, keep regular backups of your website, and last but not least – Keep Strong and Unique Passwords

You asked, and we listened.

Six months ago, we started working on something that a lot of you have been asking for!
Today, we are excited to officially release the much-awaited Staging feature on BlogVault. Were you hesitating to try out that interesting looking new update or plugin? Scared of crashing your website?

BlogVault Staging to the rescue!

With the new Staging feature you can create a duplicate site - a stage, if you will. Here you can make and test any changes in plugins, themes or code, without worrying about breaking your site.

Re-design your website

Have you ever wanted to try out new themes or plugins?
Were you curious about the latest WordPress core code?
Were you worried it would affect your live site?
This feature is for you!

One-click WordPress Staging

Tend to make last minute changes on your live site?
We’ve all been there. Don’t miss out on the chance to stage your site and make quick fixes with just one-click!

Works for All Sites Regardless of Web Host

It doesn’t matter if your web host is unknown; whether you are a developer, site owner or WordPress enthusiast, BlogVault will help you experiment with your site easily.

Test changes in Staging before going live!

More than 70% broken links on the internet are found after going live.Fix those pesky bugs, performance issues, and other critical issues before you push any code into your production environment.

No addons, no additional charges, no hidden cost.

Inclusive of BlogVault backup and restore solution,Staging is here for your convenience! When you register with us, you get a lifetime access to all services and features.

Secure Unlimited Storage Space

Is your site WooCommerce enabled or a heavy photography site? That’s okay! Just as with BlogVault Backup and Migrations,your data is safely stored on BlogVault servers.

The best part of Staging is, any modifications made here, do not affect your original website. You can directly transfer the performed changes onto your live site based on your preferences.


Next Steps >>>

  • Check out how to use the Staging feature in BlogVault  from here.
  • Try Advanced Search from the Dashboard Now.
  • You can always get in touch with us from here or also email us at

Today, WordPress powers uncountable number of blogs and websites. It has become one of the most powerful platforms in the recent years. The WordPress now has become the most trustworthy platform for creating websites and blogs. You will find plenty of unbeatable features, bang on themes, useful plugins and out of the box creativity. On one hand where  all these reasons has made it the world’s number one CMS platform but on the other hand it has become the most sensitive and the targeted platform too. It has become the major focus of the brutal hackers and a spot for cyber crime activities.


It is very important to backup your WordPress based site on a daily basis. Backup means not only backing up your WordPress content, but backing up your whole WordPress based website.  


Assume one morning when you log in to your WordPress based website and you are welcomed by an error page. If you haven’t backed up your data, you are in big trouble. Have you ever imagined what would happen if someday your website gets hacked and you are left with nothing in your hand? But if you are taking regular backups then you don’t feel stressed out or tensed. You know your data is safe and you can get back whenever you need.


Three major reasons for data loss-


  1. The hackers always keep an eye. They steal the information and crashes your site, steals all your data and wipe off every single thing. Viruses are an automated programmed hackers. They do the same amount of damage and wrecks your site in a way that the only option left with you is to rebuild it.


  1. It is always said that keeping your website upgraded is essential but it sometimes lets you to be in the clutch of something that is dread and dysfunctioned. Keeping the latest backup of your site gives you peace of mind.


  1. Human errors are inevitable. A simple distraction can make you delete the files or something which was important. Users sometimes by mistake delete the files and this step cannot be taken back. In this situation having a backup will save you.


How can you backup your WordPress based website and Why Online Backups important?


It is always said to not totally depend on performing manual backups. Because we all are aware of human tendency of forgetting things. What if one day it skips out of your mind that you have to perform the backup of your site and the same day your site get crashed. You should not take the risk. You can totally depend on the various backup plugins available. These plugins automatically backup all your site on a regular basis and gives you peace of mind. Not only they backup but they also provide you additional features like daily scans, malware removal tools etc.


Also, we are aware of the today’s scenario. WordPress, today faces number of threats and has become the number one target of the evil hackers. An online backup solution acts as your websites insurance. They provides you the guarantee that your site is safe and sound. Also, with online backups you will be able to bounce back easily if in case you come across through some unexpected calamity.


Blogvault – All You Need to Know!

Online Backup for WordPress
Online Backup for WordPress


BlogVault is an WordPress plugin which help you to create secure online backups of your wordpress based site and also provide you some amazing features like single click staging, zero downtime migration, regular automated backups, test restore, off site backups, multisite support, incremental backup and much more that makes it one of a kind plugin.


There are many things that make your site defenseless and taking online backups is one of the things. It is always to right to take a prior decision rather than being late and feeling sorry if something wrong happens. Act Smart and play Safe. Let’s take a glance at what BlogVault offers to all kinds of site owners-


  • Easy one click setup and installation
  • Automatic regular backups
  • Offsite backups- stored on BlogVault secure servers or Dropbox
  • Test restore
  • Backup history- an archive of your regular backups
  • Zero Downtime Migration
  • With no extra charge add your team members and make collaboration pain free and productive
  • BlogVault offers you the convenience of multisite backup
  • Single-click Staging
  • Auto clean malware
  • Hardened Security Measures
  • Top notch backup services at affordable rates


Wrapping Words

The main reason and the advantage of  taking online WordPress backups is to enjoy healthy blogging. Being tension free you can easily perform every single function and can also try new things on your blog. You are free from worries about getting your data deleted and you can never get it back. You can easily get your data even if something goes wrong. Backups are a guarantee that let you sleep at night in peace.


There are two kinds of WordPress users- Those who have lost their data once and those who will be going to lose their data. If you own a website, then definitely at some point of time you will meet this situation. The most general causes are web host failures, evil hackers, brute force attacks, inevitable human errors, software issues etc. You should always backup your WordPress. If you are not backing up you might be facing a big problem one day. It took so much of your precious time and day and night efforts to build your WordPress site. So, it’s  your sole responsibility to keep your WordPress site out of danger. Rather than facing such risks, you can protect your data in a right manner.


All you need is to have a full backup of your WordPress site. Full backup refers to backing up your whole WordPress site including its themes, plugins, settings, whole data content and your site’s database. Also, you need a backup to restore from. So creating backups on a regular basis is very essential. Without a backup copy, you cannot restore anything or can make any changes to the database structure.


But here the question arises of how these backups and restore can be done? It can be done manually as well as through various excellent backup plugins available in the market. Talking about excellent plugins, one such amazing plugin is Blogvault. It’s your complete all in one solution for your WordPress. How? Why? Surely these things would be running in your mind. Let’s dig deeper in detail and find out the answers to your questions.



An Automatic WordPress plugin which when installed will help you to create regular backups of your complete WordPress site and also provides you with some brilliant features like Auto Restore, Zero Downtime Migration, Incremental Backups, One click Staging and many more.


One Dashboard, One Click, Your Data Is Safe With Blogvault !


Key Features


Blogvault’s Test restore

Blogvault has this unique feature called the test restore which easily lets you confirm an older version before you are going live with that particular version. This feature is easy to implement and saves time and effort both. Here you select a backup version, you restore it temporarily with Blogvault test servers and you see how its looks before making it into main servers.


Blogvault History

Another great feature of Blogvault is the history feature. You can have access to 30 of your last site backups in the history section according to-

Ø  Date and time of the backup

Ø  Notification of new posts

Ø  WordPress website updates

Ø  Site details such as plugins, themes etc.

Ø  Note that you left for specific backup versions



With a single click, you can efficiently move your entire WordPress website from its real domain to another, with zero downtime. Blogvault also helps you to change your domains by rewriting the old references to the older saved URLs which are saved in the database,  This averts broken links and advances the end user experience after corresponding big change.


Backup Forthwith

In case you are going to make any important major changes in your website, you can make use of this amazing feature to force commence the backup, rather than to sit and wait for the programmed backup.


Download Backup

A copy of your website backup can easily be downloaded whenever required.


Backup and Restore Service
Backup and Restore Service

More About Blogvault


Incremental Backup

Blogvault, firstly performs  the full backup of your site and after that string of incremental backups will take place. Incremental backup is the backup of all the changes which you have made since the last backup was performed

Multisite Backup

Blogvault also provide you the service of multisite backup, unlike some services and plugins which offer just a single site backup.

Technical Support

Blogvault offers you 24*7*365 team support. If you face any issues regarding the features of this amazing plugin, the team experts are always ready to take you out from the trouble.  The staff provide you support via phone, chat or email. The support team is friendly and there for you every time when you face any issues.


Blogvault provides you the best and the most tightened security of your WordPress site. Several copies of your data backup are kept on the servers of Blogvault itself. All of your WordPress site backups are encrypted and saved and are 100% safe. Also you have the option of dropbox, FTP, cloud.


Blogvault offers various different plans -Basic, basic plus, basic pro and basic unlimited. It provide offers different schemes to different sections – Personal, Business, Developer, Agency. According to your suitability, you can select the plan and enjoy the service.


Blogvault offers top-notch services for WordPress sites at economical rates. The highly experienced technical support team is out there to help you whenever you face some issues while you use Blogvault.  In other words, Blogvault is one stop for all the services for WordPress.

Imagine If one fine day Your blog just vanished?

Such a terrifying thought, Right?

You put all your hard work, day and night efforts on building some amazing contents for your blog and one day it just gets disappeared. And you are left with nothing in your hands. All you can do is to just sit back and watch everything happen like an owl.

You can act smart and can avoid this situation by taking backups of your whole site.

Don’t be a fool. Always have a backup of your whole site and Be safe.

Backups give you peace of mind. And thankfully for backing up your website you don’t need an expert guru or a developer. With the best WordPress Backup Solution You yourself can perform backups easily like a pro.  

To help you to get started on the correct note with WordPress backups, I am going to introduce you one such fine Backup plugin which is one stop for all your WordPress requirements.

But before we dig deep into it,  you must know what features make an ideal WordPress Backup Plugin?

  1. The plugin  should be capable of taking complete site Backup
  2. The plugin should offer incremental backup
  3. The plugin should provide Easy Restoration
  4. The plugin must offer Hardened security features
  5. The plugin must have Intuitive Dashboard with single click operations

A combo of all features sounds a perfect deal. Isn’t it?

A good backup plugin is worth your investment. WordPress backup plugins keep your data safe and keeps your site out of risk.

One of the best and the excellent WordPress plugin which helps you to create regular backups of your WordPress site and also provide you with some amazing features like Site migration with zero downtime, single click Staging, Test Restore, Auto clean malware, Regular scanning, and much more is –  “BLOGVAULT”

Best WordPress Backup Solution
Best WordPress Backup Solution


Easy and simple set up. All you need to do is to simply subscribe to Blogvault and sign in with your credentials. That’s it! Blogvault will automatically on its own starts syncing your WordPress site.

Blogvault Main Features:

  1. Spontaneous Dashboard- The powerful dashboard offers easy one click operations.
  2. Single click Backup

You can perform listed functions in this section-

  • You can look up to your 30 backups
  • Dropbox is a great help. You can keep your backups safely in drop box
  • You can use backup copy of your site for testing
  • Real Time Backups
  • In case of any site crash or any unexpected event it automatically saves your work
  • Migration of your site with zero downtime
  1. Easy administration- You just have to go to the Homepage and you can see the update history and also can get information about scheduled updates.
  1. Backups and restoration- These two features form the pillars of your site security strategy. This rich feature is unmatched by any other backup plugin available in the market today. Blogvault keeps the data secure with its backup system and keeps a copy in its servers also. Whenever you need to restore you can do it by following some simple steps. This feature keeps you tension free about your data safety. All you need to have the details of your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) license and you can get it from the cpanel of your web hosting provider. It also sends you an alert if you insert the incorrect password rather than damaging or harming your site.
  1. Zero downtime Migration- With zero downtime, moving your WordPress website from one to another web host is possible and in a very easy way.  
  1. Test Restore – In case you want to authenticate the content before it goes live. This feature lets you to validate a temporary restored backup version before going live with it.
  1. History- With this feature, you can browse through the list of your old backups. The data in this section is very useful for future use. You can look to your backups according to
  • Time and Date
  • Site Updates
  • Themes, plugins
  • Tiny notes that you pinned with your document
  1. Hardened Site Security- Blogvault provides the highest security measures to keep your data and site safe.It offers you to perform the security functions such as blocking the PHP execution from the untrusted sources, restrict the number of declined logins, locking up of the database.

Wrapping Words

Blogvault is a very straightforward and simple plugin with so many dynamic features. It has so many tools like to optimize, check, repair which most of the other plugins does not have.

  1. There are many plugins available on the market but what makes Blogvault stand among the rest is its simplicity. It is very sound and simple to use.  
  2. You can execute automatic backups and it will save the file on the Cloud (Dropbox, amazon s3 etc.), email, FTP or on your laptop.
  3. Backup everything with Blogvault– You can backup everything including themes, plugins, uploads or whatever you want it to do.
  4. It permits you to perform full as well as partial backups according to your need.

Blogvault has an impressive set of features and added security measures to keep your WordPress secure.

Keep your data safe with Blogvault and sleep better at night!


Using WordPress can be a very tedious task if it comes to traditional digital marketing. But it is the way of performing it on the most brilliant professional level. Though the responsibilities that are performed in WordPress isn’t ordinary but also the results that come in the form of huge likes and views, also feel extraordinary.  

There are many things that you need to take care of when creating sites in WordPress. The site making, addition of plugins and themes and the site’s security, all the terms are important. Especially the third one, the security of the site is literally important. As you can see what a high level graph of the cyber crimes is there.

So what is the instant remedy for this thing? I can bet you are thinking about this question right now. Well, for this you can opt for the best WordPress security plugins. And here I will tell you about one such plugin, about BlogVault.

By learning the features of this tool, you can automatically realize that why I had chosen to write about this plugin.  Now let’s take a look at the features of this plugin through the upcoming points –

Well, jumping straight to the feature won’t be fine, so first let’s know that what is BlogVault tool. So it is one of the leading data security and backup plugin for WordPress.

  • Data Backup

The best part of the tool is the feature of data backup itself. The tool provides secure backups that assure you to have a 100% protection. Your data isn’t going to be touched by any outsource malware with BlogVault protection. This tool stores the backup in multiple locations, so your data will be completely safe and secure of any kind of threats.

BlogVault’s backup approach is Incremental, that means the backup of your whole data is taken once, and then the changed data backup is taken at regular time intervals. So the storage space is required lesser, and your work is also done as well.

After data backup comes the data security, it is the steps for the protection of data against all kinds of malware and threats including the hacking and malfunction of the site. BlogVault holds great features for malware check, like the automatic scanning for malware, automatic restoration like terms. They really help you to make your wordpress data safe. In addition to it, you can perform regular data checkups and malware detection processes.

BlogVault comes with ‘One click malware’ removal feature, which will eliminate all the malware that may be causing your site to be malfunctioning. You will away from the problems regarding data hacking, incompatible plugins and themes, human errors and hosting issues, server crashes,storage issues and all the other accidents causing problem in your site.

  •  Data Management –          

So BlogVault features ace data management options. Whatever the updates you want to perform in your site, regarding the plugins, themes, or even content, you can do it with the use of this tool. Also it allows you to manage the user roles as well. You can easily take the help of this tool to perform all kinds of manipulation, data edition and addition as well.

The most illuminating feature you will get by using it is, the Staging and migration are one of the most important processes that needs to be there for a complete site management. There are so many issues regarding the hostage of the site, that most of the times the web host are unable to complete the full migration process.

Also the testing of the site before making it LIVE is necessary. As you maybe not sure whether your plugins and themes will work correctly or not. So staging will help you to manipulate all the data and edit it as per your requirements.

Plus Note –           

Here I am adding a plus note to throw light on some of the best benefits you are going to have by the use of BlogVault –

WordPress Security Plugin
WordPress Security Plugin
  • Time Savvy

The very first benefit you will get is the saving of the time. By using this tool, you just need to click on the button you want to, and your work will be completed soon. The best part is that you need not to consume lots of time by searching about the things here and there. Everything you can do with the help of certain buttons in an easy manner.

  • Backup Options –

The tool provides many different backup options for your site to be protected completely. You can even check the storage of your site with one click site restoration option provided by the tool.

  • Data Accessibility

It’s very simple to access your data anywhere from the dashboard, as the data will be present in an independent form, so you can access it anytime from the dashboard itself. You won’t have to search for it everywhere, you just can call for it, and the data will be secured.

  • Data lock

All the data can be kept in the secure encrypted form, so that no one besides you could see your data stuff. In this way you’ll be making your data safe from the hands of the hackers. It’s one of the best ways to protect your data.

So in this way BlogVault can give you these different options of a completed data maintenance, manipulation and security. Basically BlogVault provides Incremental backup, On demand backup and the backup validation like options for your backup to be done in a faster and easy mode.

So now it’s all up to you to decide whether BlogVault will help you to get the best solution regarding the sorting out of the site and its data. You may also look for the other competitive plugins if you wish.

That’s all from my side in this Blog, I hope you have liked it, thanks for reading this. Also do share it with your friends as well.

The importance of social media in the modern world cannot be underemphasized and you know that but, why do I keep emphasizing that it’s important? Well, because knowing social media and understanding the impact that social media can have on your website, are two different things. Social media is a major tool that can aid in the success of your website tremendously if used properly.

I’ve been with WordPress website for some years, and the moment I started social streaming, revenues from my site has increased tremendously. But this is not difficult as it may sound since all you need is to install a plugin and activate it. With this plugin, you’ll be able to display all your social media accounts activities on your WordPress site. In this article, I’m going to introduce you the powerful WordPress Social Board plugin and take you through key steps to install it successfully.

The flexibility that comes with this plugin is incredible. You can display your social media stream in six different formats including wall, timeline, carousel, rotating feed, sticky feed and ajax tabbed feed. It can support more than 13 social networks and comes with more than 30 different feed options. Imagine a platform that allows your visitors to share your posts on the Google, Facebook, or Twitter from your website? A plugin that enables visitors to re-tweet, comment or favourites the tweeter posts? Well, that’s what this plugin does to your website. This is How you go about it:

To start with, you must download the plugin on your Personal Computer (PC). This is very easy since all you need is to browse to the plugin page. After the downloading is done, it will appear as a zip file which when opened, you’ll find another zip file WordPress-social-board-*.zip inside the package that is the original file for the plugin.

Install the downloaded plugin on the WordPress website

Here are the 4 major steps on how to go about it:

1. Go to your admin panel. Click on Plugins then click Add New button.

2. Then click on the Upload Plugin button.

3. Click on Activate Plugin after link to complete the installation of the plugin.

With the plugin successfully installed, the next step is to create your Social Board. Here I’ll explain how to create a Facebook wall as the example:

i. Browse to the WordPress admin dashboard.

ii. Go to the Social Board >> Add New Board and fill out the provided form that comes.


iii. Go to the Social Board and then click the Manage Board link.

iv. Copy the short-code that is marked with a red circle in the following screenshot.

v. Browse to WordPress admin dashboard >> Pages >> Add New Page

vi. Paste the copied shortcode into the created page or put it in a post instead and you’re done.


7. Your social wall is ready now for use. All that remains is going to click on the View Page button to see the created page, and you’re finished.