WordPress Security Action
WordPress Security Action

Working with WordPress makes a sense of good professionalism, but at the same time it also has lots of responsibilities to take care of. If not, there can be problems regarding site and data management. So, now you know what I am trying to say right!

In addition to it, WordPress security is an in-trend term now. It is associated with the overall protection of the WordPress site you are creating, and thus the safety of the data inherited in it. So there arises the use of something that could make your data completely safe, but safe from what? Here are some of the options –

  • Data hacking – The most prominent danger for your website, hacking of data is related to the deletion, change, locking or any unauthorized manipulation done in your site’s data, either in the content or in the programming, thereby making it unworthy for you to use and thus getting the information illegally.
  • Incompatible plugins/themes – WordPress is all about the themes and plugins. The best way you will be able to use it, is the best way you can create your site. But any problem in the plugins can cause problem in your site as well. Like there can be site downtime, site crash or any other thing like that. Also your site’s functionality will be disturbed as well. So the use of highly compatible plugins is as must.
  • Human errors/Hosting issues – These are the most commonly occurring problems in any wordpress website. The hosting issues can occur anytime in a website. Especially when you are migrating your site or performing staging-like operations in it. There could sufficient source from which you can performing these complex like actions with it.
  • Server crashes/Storage issues – Whatever the reason is, the server crashes are always painful. So you must opt for better choices like backup dat or site clone for avoiding this. Similarly there can be storage issues, especially while creating big sites, as they have lots of data in it.  So either your WordPress must have lots of data space, or you should have a seperate proper arrangement for it.  
  • Accidents/Natural disasters – Here I am not talking about the natural accidents, but the once related to the site maintenance. Also there can be problems like battery shortage, sudden battery down, light off, or any other type. There must be prevention from any such type of problems.

What can be a helpful Answer to this?

A really helpful answer is the use of Data Backup plugins. Thay can provide all the solutions for the problems I have described above. Actually it can be a powerful solution for providing a complete wordpress security for your site. You are thus advised to use the best plugins for wordpress.

In addition to site security of WordPress,the plugin tool should be able to perform these actions preferably –

Improve your WordPress security
Improve your WordPress security

For eliminating any problem, first you gotta know the problem. The plugin must have daily automatic scanning feature. Automatic scanning will let you to regularly check for the site’s functions whether they are working properly or not. And also it checks for any problem that might occur in the site and damage it anyway.

The daily scanning can have many forms, like the quick scan, custom scan and the full scan types are common. Full scan usually is more helpful than the custom scan and the quick scan types, as it checks for all the areas of the site and its functions. So you can opt for this scan on regular basis.

Though this is to note that the scan time duration totally depends on the amount of data present in the site. So larger will the site, more will the scanning time duration.

  • Malware Removal

So with the daily scanning you can easily find out any kind of malware that may be existing in your site. And once you will catch it, the following step will be the elimination of them. Search for the plugins that could provide you the best options for eliminating malware from your site. The best ones will be those with one-click malware removal technique.

There can be options like ‘Auto cleaning’, that could itself perform the actions to remove the malicious codes, virus or trojans that can harm your website and do damages like data loss, and dat lock etc.

Your plugin must also be able to give you alerts regarding the hacked files or notifications for it. BackupBuddy, BlogVault, Updraftplus are some of the best plugins that can provide you the malware removal options.

  • Awesome Site Security

When you work in WordPress, you site is everything that need to protect. So the plugin need to have proper site security options for you. As they allow to harden the security walls for any hacker to get your confidential information details. The plugin must be able to detect the most complex hacks as well, and thus have awesome site security.

The plugins can clean your site of malware, clean the hacked files and notify you about the whole process as well. You must also be able to scan the site wherever you want, and the plugins must also have other important site security features as well.

Along with the site security, the navigation ability of the site must be good as well. The dashboard should be completely functional, also the backup features must be vibrant. So that you can save your data and use it anytime. The best part of this is, that you can access your data anytime from the plugins directly. Your site will be completely secure and safe.

So here I described about the easiest way to perform a complete WordPress security action for your website. Now it’s your choice to know the best plugins that could provide you all these features and help your site to give a worthy protection, the one that your creation deserves.

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Why Malware Detection is Important?
Why Malware Detection is Important?

Digital marketing seems to look easy and simple from its surface, but is as complex in depth. There are so many things an associate has to deal with, in order to make things work good. Using wordpress is very common in terms of Blogging, site creation and adding content stuff in it.

Though anyone can use this platform for their content/site creation stuff, just have to be very quick on all of the problems that may occur during your site creation. The most threatening problem is, of the different malware that can attack and harm your system. So it’s your duty to protect your site from any kind of problem. But how will you do it?

Malware aren’t the one which can’t be prevented from entering your website. With proper detection and monitoring you can keep your site safe from any kind of hacking like problems. Here I will tell you about the best ways you can protect your WordPress site –


Site Scanning –

Performing site scanning for your website at regular intervals can be very effective in terms you want a full website protection for your WordPress. You know it that how much time and hard work it takes to create a website, and just one malware problem and you can have many problems regarding it.

Site scanning is a term associated with website’s security. It is the process in which a particular site is checked for any kind of problem occurrence in it. The process is done to know whether the site contains any malfunction or not. Scan site for malware detection is an old, yet very useful method for the detection of any problem.

You will easily check for the site’s functionality by performing site scanning process.

Let’s take you to know in depth about this function, to let you know more.

Today’s technology has become very advance, thereby creating different ways to perform the scanning of the website. Now there are many types of website scanning you can actually perform. Here I am describing them all –

  • Quick Scan –

    The most frequent types of scanning is the quick scan. It is the scanning of the active files and folders, and the common areas of as website. Though the chances for virus detection is small, yet not impossible in this type of scanning.      

  • Custom Scan –

    If you want to scan the files and catalogues separately, then you can opt for this scan type. This one is popular because it allows you to create your own scanning options. You are free to select the areas of website that you want to scan.

  • Full Scan –

    This is the most prominent scan types, that can help you to detect every single piece of problem that will(may) occur in your website. This scanning type is the one which checks for every data of the website, and detects the vulnerability if found.

What are the Common website Vulnerabilities?

Any WordPress website or simply site can undergo these vulnerability problem. Check them out here –

  • Site hacking –

    There are hackers present all around in the internet. You just have to be very alert form them if you want your site to be safe. This makes it the very first reason to perform different scanning techniques.

  • Security misconfiguration –

    The hackers try their best to get the site security details, including the server, platform, framework and back end database. Hackers can change the important informations if any security isn’t applied on the site.

  • Broken authentication –

    These are the website authority and session management vulnerabilities, usually occurs because of unprotected authentication credentials. These need to be secured on proper basis, as any problem may cause data loss like problems.

  • SQL Injection –  

    This is a common website hacking technique which is used by the malicious attackers to hack the site. They put the malicious code in the SQL statement of a webpage, and as a result can hack the information in the site’s database server.  

So in all these ways the website can be disturbed due to malware.

Source to perform Scanning –

When it comes to wordpress, you can use the different tools and software that are available for the website scanning purpose. Here are the different sources for it –

  • Website scanning tools

    These are the software that are made for the website scanning. You can also have the third party tools that are made for these process. Its suggested to follow the best.

  • Data Backup plugin –

    These are the WordPress plugins, (both insource and outsource) that are made to have the data backups and site’s backup. The best ones offer all kinds of scanning for your website. BlogVault, Backupbuddy etc. are some of the examples.   

What will be the effect of scanning a website?

Basically, as it is related to security term, the most effective result will be regarding the security of the website. Lets point out these –

  • Website security –

    Your site will be secure of any malfunctioning and thus you will not face any issues like site misfunction, website crash, data loss etc.

  • Data protection –

    Your data will be completely protected and secure of any kind of threat if you opt for proper scanning types.

  • Site Monitoring –

    You will be able to detect all the things thats going on in the site, if your site will be affected by any virus, you can eliminate it.

So here was my blog describing about the malware security detection, the ways, the effects and the importance as well. Now it’s all up to you for selecting the best tool/plugin/software for your scanning purpose. You are suggested to look for all the features first and then to install the tool in your system.

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Need of a Good Malware Removal Tool
Need of a Good Malware Removal Tool

Digital marketing is something really complex for anyone to handle it on a proper basis. There are so many things you need to do in this field. Well, here I will take you to know more about the blogging side, wordpress comprising techniques, and their requirements.

Although wordpress is the best place for any blogger/site developer to create and manipulate the site and its content, but in wordpress also there are things that could cause problems if not taken care of. The most famous one of them is, the occurrence or attack of the malware.   

Malware are the software which are designed to damage the system and its files, also prefer to get the illegal authorization of the system’s access. They are meant only to damage the files and folders which in the system, some are also which can blackmail you by locking your files as well.

Malware in Website
Malware in Website

Malware Types –

Although there are many forms of malware, the most threatful ones are described here –

  • Trojan – It has the title for the most dangerous malware. They are the ones which can directly attack at your system’s service and make it unavailable.
  • Worms – These malware can replicate themselves to destroy your essential files and folders in the system. In other words, they eat your data.
  • Virus – They are the contagious software that spreads by getting attached to any piece of software. They spread when the software is run.
  • Ransomware – These are notorious with ‘Blackmailers’ name. They lock your screen and data  and demand some money or else your data will be lost.

So here were the different malware, now let’s move further to know how they enter in your system.   

How Malware problem can effect your website?

Well, the cyber world has been very smart now, both in the good use of technology, as well as the bad use. There are many ways your website can be effected, and here are some of the most threatening ones –

  • Website hackers – These are the most famous ones because of their work. They are the unauthorized users who just hijack all the data present in the website, change or destroy the informations present in it.  
  • Null themes/plugins – These are the major reasons to get the virus inside your wordpress website. Nulled themes and plugins means the themes and plugins that are available to download for free, but not legally. So, there are chances of problems like site crashing, data deletion and many things else regarding it.
  • Backdoor malware – It is the bypassing of normal authentication of a website, its is generally the second step of the hackers after hacking any wordpress website. It called backdoor because of its secrecy.
  • SQL injection – This is a code form which works like a malware injection in any web page, it might destroy your database and the data present in it. It is also one of the most common website hijacking techniques.

How to Protect your site from Malware?

So now I am talking about both precaution and cure for this topic. With the use of malware removal tools, you can easily check all the malwares present in your wordPress site and also protect your site from getting hacked by any virus. What all are the features should you have for a good malware removing tool, are here –

Data Backup

The very first thing will be the availability of a proper data backup of your site. Having a backup of your site and its data will first of all relieve you from the data’s security. Even if your site got crashed, your data will be safe and can be taken out from either way.

Data Encryption –

Data Encryption is related to data security, and locking of it to prevent the hacking ways to enter there. You can easily encrypt your data with the use of best backup and anti malware plugins. In this way you will easily keep your data secure to its fullest.

Data security –

This is directly related to the elimination of any malware from the site. The backup tools and anti malware plugins prevent any case of duplicate, infected data to enter your system and ruin your wordpress creation. In answer to it, your wordpress data remains completely safe and secure.

Malware Scanning –

The ace plugins provide different types of malware scannings, which lets you to scan your site and its data. In case there will be any malware, you can detect it easily. There are plugins like BackupBuddy, BlogVault, Updraftplus to provide you this services. You can perform actions like quick scanning, custom scanning and full scanning like steps as well.

This is to note that the scanning may take time according to the quantity of data present in the site. Also the category of scanning which is selected also depends on the time as well. Like, the quick scans can be done quite quickly as compared to full scan. Likewise custom scan can also take time as per the data present in the site.   

Data monitoring –

Similarly like the data scanning, data monitoring is the process of data evaluation in the most technical method. It helps you to track the site’s working and monitor the performance as well. It also helps you to detect any single problem that will occur in your site.

So here was my blog telling you about the different malware and their types along with the different needs of the malware removal tool. Now it’s all up to you to have the best malware eliminating tools for your wordpress, and thereby saving all your datas and keeping them secure as well.

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BlogVault - Best Backup & Restore Service  Tool
BlogVault – Best Backup & Restore Service

The importance of having an incredible existence with WordPress is to possess a quality Backup and Restore Service. WordPress, the most dependable content management framework that is available, consists several hours of testing behind it. However, every framework needs repetition.

When something isn’t going right, if there is no genuine support to settle the issue, or if you’re not up-to-date, then the backup that could be easily recoverable including all the files and database, then that’s a complete failure.

How many of you rely on the backups provided by the host website? Even if you’re, then it’s not completely reliable. Why do you think does your hosting provider charge only $ 5.00 per month to host your site?

But looking at the fact, hosting providers face the biggest threats. They are mostly targeted with threats and there are possibilities that the backups are not up-to-date. You might end up in that unfortunate situation where the hosting provider tells you that greater part of the content is lost completely.

It’s definite that you don’t want to be in such situation, do you? So what is the solution that you can implement for this situation? What would you choose when your server goes down?

BlogVault is the key factor that you need to consider as it saves your time and your business with its best Backup and restore service.

Why is BlogVault the best?

Looking for tech-free, simple, and a paid solution for WordPress Backup and Restore? BlogVault is an excellent solution for this. Here are some key factors where it proved to be exceptional solution,

  1. “Free Trial” for the first 30 days.
  2. BlogVault offers Backup and a Test Restore option. This feature lets you see your recovered site.
  3. The process takes place automatically. Less consumption of internet time.
  4. Off-site support. The Backup support is kept safe on the off-site server.
  5. The client-support from the BlogVault Team is excellent. They are prompt and will assist personally in the recovery restore process, step by step.

What does BlogVault’s Automatic Backups & Restore do?

A WordPress backup service, BlogVault is an excellent solution. With a great stronghold, BlogVault provides an easy-to-use and robust WordPress backup service. Whether you have a small or big website, BlogVault meets your needs.

Have you signed up to BlogVault? If you have, then you are immediately provided with a dashboard to manage your sites. BlogVault is basically a definition for “easy-to-use”.

  • Schedules automatic daily backups of your complete site.
  • Saves a great deal of storage space on your server.
  • The BlogVault is one of a kind as in it can be utilized for an incremental way to deal with backup your website.
  • The Backup service by BlogVault is not only easy and cheap, it also makes restoring process smooth and flawless.
  • The auto-restore feature by BlogVault automatically restores your site without manual intervention.
  • Are you manually uploading your files and importing your database via FTP? Say goodbye to it! The auto-restore happens from BlogVault’s servers to your servers backstage.
  • Once your auto-restore is complete, BlogVault will quickly tell you by means of email.
  • BlogVault offers support for huge sites that are more than 35GB.
  • Also, you can test-restore your backups temporarily on blogVault’s servers to approve the uprightness of your backup.

BlogVault Premium Plugin

This can be utilized to take a backup, migrate your files or restore your lost data. As BlogVault offers automatic offsite backups every day, the resources are stored off-site and subsequently the space can’t be consumed by backups.

BlogVault Features – WordPress Backup Plugin

More than 80,000 sites utilize the WordPress backup. By offering auto-restore feature with just one-click, you can rapidly restore your site, on the off chance that anything happens to your webpage.

Test Restore:

This feature allows you to test your WordPress Backups on BlogVault Servers.  7 days free trail is accessible


Your website is secure with BlogVault. Join today to check the services and appreciate a WordPress backup benefit like no other. After all, you don’t have anything to lose.

In case you’re thinking about how this feature spares time, simply envision what might happen that you wished to restore an older version of your site, but you end up restoring the wrong form.

BlogVault is an ideal answer for anybody who wants backups without wanting to pay for the most expensive WordPress Backups and reestablish frameworks, programs or plugins that do a similar work process.

Why to use BlogVault?
Why to use BlogVault?

Performing a full on digital marketing tasks isn’t any easy nut to crack, you got to have full on working plans and strategies for your product’s promotion. Luckily, technology is really fast now, and has too many solutions for your marketing to be faster and better.

Using wordpress for creating promotional sites is common between the entrepreneurs and website owners. Also it is one of the easiest way to get viewed on the online platform. What you need to do is to create an attractive site, telling about your products in details, then publish it on the internet, so that your customers can find it and know more about any product they are searching for.

In addition to it, I would like to talk about the important aspects of online promotion as well. Today’s world isn’t just about creating sites and publishing them, but it’s much more complicated than the front screen. This is the rule of digital marketing to let the customers feel the more comfort and the less problem with anything they are interacting with. And so, digital marketing has to go through problems like site downtime, site crash and hacking and protect it from getting in wrong hands.

The tools can help you out in this purpose too. Here I will let you know about BlogVault, that can help you out to solve all your site protection problems. But before that, you need to know about two things, What is Blogvault, and what are the problems I am talking about.

What is BlogVault?

BlogVault is a WordPress database backup plugin, which helps you in terms of backing up of data, restoring site and manipulating it as well. It is a tool that can solve all your requirements of having a problem-free and safe site and data as well.

Let’s see what are the problems associated with the making and promotion of site through digital marketing ways –

  1. Hosting issues

Everyone knows what I am talking about, it’s one of the most common site errors every website owner is frustrated with. Not having a good web host for your site can put you in problems like hosting issues, due to which your site’s data can go in problems. So your very first task is to save your site from hosting issues.

  1. Malware/Hacking problem

Hackers are everywhere, looking at your site, and trying to take the hold of it as well. So this can be a threat for your site, and in order to protect your data , you can take the help of the plugins like BlogVault, that will help you through creating backup and encrypted data. In this way, you will be easily able to protect your data from hackers.

  1. Server Crashes

One of the most irritating forms of site problems, it’s the crashing of your site and thus ruining of all your data in one single second. It is the best reason of having any backup wordpress plugin. With BlogVault, you can absolutely prevent the site crashing and thus the data present in it as well.

How Blogvault can help you out is here –

Here I will let you know about the best points that blogvault can help you to completely protect your data. Here are the best features that it provides…

  1. Daily Scanning

In order to prevent the malwares to disturb your site, you got to know that your site has got it it or not. BlogVault helps you to do daily automation scans, to identify whether your site is safe from any outsource virus/malware threats or not.  It even detects the complex hacks and false alerts as well. The ‘One-click Malware Removal’ is one of the best features for you to use.

  1.   Data Backup

Obviously, the data backup feature is the prime one for the sites to be fully secured and safe. Also it is the prime feature of BlogVault as well. You can take the whole backup of the data you have created. Data backups help to harden the site’s security. Even if your data crashes, you can get it back from the backup data. Also there are site encryption methods, through which you can easily encrypt your site and make it secure from any outside threats as well.

To take the backup of your data, simply click from the dashboard and enter the URL, followed by opening the site with your admin name and password. Your plugin will be installed in the site automatically, after which your backups will be initiated. For checking the progress, you can see the BlogVault dashboard.

  1. Site Restoration

You can also easily restore your site by using Blogvault, as it provides one-click wordpress restore option. So your data can be restored from any point you want to access it. Blogvault ease of accessibility will let you understand things with great ease. The awesome ‘Zero Configuration Setup’ will help you to easily sign in with your account and automatically it starts syncing your site’s data.

To perform site restoration through BlogVault, you can perform these steps –

  • Directly do it from the Backup module, this will restore the latest version for your site.
  • From the History tab under the Backup module.

In this way, you can restore your site.

  1. Performing Actions

Whatever you will be doing is going to be stored, whether it is history or tracking of the updates as well. You can’t risk any action to ruin your site. Therefore, its saving is necessary, data history ands tracking sheet lets you know about the works that you have performed in the early days. Also you can update your favorite plugins and themes in your site as well.  Blogvault lets you perform the basic actions as well as some of the complex ones like data migration and staging.

So in all these ways, you can use BlogVault for protecting your site. It will be a very good tool for managing the user roles in the site. You can regulate access to your site efficiently. All in all, the main motive of BlogVault is to make collaboration pain free and productive as well.

In the end, I would like to say that now its upto you that which kind of backup plugin will suit your requirements. Well, in my opinion, BlogVault is the best option for you, it will not only make your wordpress website secure, but will also help you to make a well maintained wordpress website, perform the tasks in an easy way and get better results as well.

I hope you have liked my Blog, do share it with your friends as well. Thanks for reading!

Advanced Filters allows you to filters for any post type you have or plan to create. With this plugin you get a nice admin area page where you can create your filters, select the type of filter and enter filtering values. For example, for size, you can enter values like 80cm-100cm etc. The good thing about this plugin is that is part of a mini “platform” plugin – Sortable. So you get all the options of the parent plugin plus the filters. Therefore you can select (via shortcode attribute) what type of theme to use, how the posts will be sorted or what type of views to use.


Advantage of Using Premium Plugin

What’s the thing that every plugin lacks and Sortable Advanced Filters has? Here are some of the advantages I have noticed:

●Part of the CodeCanyon community – This platform has high standards of adding new plugins to their platform
●Support – Every premium plugin offers support, which means that the creator is actually interested in offering support and would be quicker to respond to queries
●Part of a larger platform – With the Sortable plugin you can specify what type of interface you actually desire and it is specific to your website
●FIltering options – you can choose slider as well as another normal type of filters, and configure them to work as you like

Installation of Advanced Filters

Here is the trick – as this is a child plugin of Sortable, you will first need to install the parent plugin, or even better it’s free sibling – Sortable Lite. That way you get to use any Sortable addon, with paying like $9 on average per addon and get the parent plugin free.

You can follow these guidelines to install it:

1. Download and install Sortable or Sortable Lite plugin
2. Purchase and download sortable-advanced-filters.zip file from CodeCanyon
3. In the WordPress, back-end go in Plugins > Add New (http://site.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php) and Select Upload
4. Upload and activate the plugin
5. Click on the Sortable > Filters menu item
6. Create a shortcode from the generator
7. Paste [sortable] in some of your pages/posts to display Sortable posts loop

How to Use

Open the Filters page in the WP Admin > Sortable > Filters area. Click on the Add New Filter button and a popup like this should appear:

Here are some of the fields you need to enter:

– Order number: This needs to be a NUMBER that would order the position of the filter item in the filters sidebar, starting from 1 – 100
– Post type: Select any post type you need this filter
– Filter name: Enter the name that will appear as title for the filter item in the sidebar (example, Sizes, Price etc)
– Filter type: Check Boxes is the default view (multiple selections shows on/off filters and single selection shows the normal checkboxes), Sliders are perfect for numeric values, Dropdowns are simple selection dropdown.
– Multiple selections: Allow multiple selection or disable it and allow only single selection

Editing Filter Values

All filters that you enter for a particular post type are available in the post edit page for that particular post type for you to select the value for that post. For example, if you create a Price filter you can set the price in a meta box appearing just below the post WYSIWYG editor.


After you select your value and select that filter on the front side it will show you that post as belonging to a particular filter value.


BlogVault is a platform where you can perform all your tasks regarding the overall WordPress management, whether it is basic or complicated. In addition to it, ‘Migration’ is a term which has been made easier in the tool, just for your sake.

Well, everybody knows that WooCommerce is an open source WordPress plugin, but here I will let you know way more just than this. The term ‘Migration of WooCommerce store’ is very much popular, and tedious-thinked among the people.

There are many ways you can perform this action, what matters is that, what is the simplest way to manage the same? And according to me, I would take the best name that can help you out in this matter, and that’s BlogVault. You can use Blogvault to migrate your WooCommerce store. How it will be done? Will be answered in the Blog below –

How BlogVault can help you to Migrate WooCommerce store?

You can understand this by knowing the features of BlogVault in relation to migration :-

  1. It offers One-Click WordPress migration

BlogVault gives you the offer of performing a one-click wordpress migration. You decide whether you want to migrate only files or only tables, the type of files you will migrate, you should take care of its size and type, because during the migration process, it do matters.

  1. Technology to Backup Large sites Easily

BlogVault offers you highly technified approach of performing migration task without any issues. The large sites are always a matter in terms of performing the same. People spend lot of money in order to get the best migration performance, but now you need not to get worried regarding the same. You can easily perform the migration of large WooCommerce sites by using BlogVault, and not only WooCommerce, but any site.

  1. It Allows you to Rewrite URLs

While you will perform migrations in any WooCommerce or other site, the URL play an important role. It matters in all the pages and posts. All URLs in the pages and posts are automatically rewritten by the tool, as the change of the URL only isn’t important. But every page, post, and links in those pages should be changed as well. Also moving of the site to a new URL  is not enough to change the website URL, so you can use BlogVault to do it.

  1. Allows Zero DownTime migration

Zero DownTime migration is a process which lets you to migrate the down sites. So now you can also migrate the down sites as per your requirement. BlogVault lets you enter the IP address of your new server so you can migrate a site even when the URL doesn’t point to the destination. You will be able to migrate the site even if it is down. And with BlogVault, there will be no problem with it.  

  1. Additional

Apart from this basic tasks, blogvault also allows you to track the progress of the site by offering live tracking window. It is compatible with all the web hosts, as Blogvault is independent of all the web hosts. You are able to migrate from any web host to any web host using it.

Plus note – Problems you can face in terms of Migration

Here I will tell you about the different problems you may face by opting any ordinary plugin for Migrating WooCommerce site.  

Problems of migrating links – This is the biggest problem in terms of migrating the site. Full site may not migrate the links or media on the site may not work properly. So there must be protection from these site threats.

Problem in terms of large site – Everybody knows that migrating the large sites is harder, than the small, normal sites. Migrating the large sites can add to usual issues. The biggest problem is of the servers, as they can time out, as a result other tools may be unable to complete the migration.

Problem of Site Breakage – As the site changes are stored in files and folders both, there can be chances of site breaking after making changes to it. Actually during the site’s migration, many things has to be performed simultaneously, so if it will not be done correct, there can be problem regarding site’s migration, or your site may not work after migration.

WooCommerce is one of the most powerful ecommerce solutions with over 2.1 million active sites. It is one of the most popular platforms used by the online shops. Migrating a WooCommerce site isn’t any easy task, so need of a really good plugin is a must for it.

You need to login with the username and the password, then after you can start your migration tasks. As soon as you will click on the migration button, your process will be started, and you will get the notifications as soon as your migration will be completed.

This is to note that the migration time totally depends on the site’s size. The larger will be the site, the more time migration will take. But with Blogvault, you can be assured of this, that you won’t waste your precious time.

Regarding the use of BlogVault, though it’s not hard, but I would like to suggest to properly know first about the working of the plugin, and then only opt for the migrating task. With BlogVault, you will face no problem in migrating the site, and the process will also run in a smooth manner.

Site Migration isn’t any normal thing, you need to have many tasks to perform in a row. As this tedious task needs to be simplified, with plugins like BlogVault, there has arisen the chances for the same. So you should only choose the plugins that could provide you the best facilities in terms of migration, and you have to add much lesser effort as well.

So here was my article describing about WooCommerce site migration and BlogVault helpfulness in migrating it. Now the choice is yours!

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A guide on how to take Backup WordPress Theme with BlogVault?

Backups don’t look beautiful. But however, backups come to your rescue when you lose the majority of your documents or database data due to accidents and threats. What happens when you have a long time of vital blog entries or huge amounts of important client data? Is it right to say that you will play Russian roulette when you have put all your hard work? You would definitely not do that.

Websites crash for a wide range of reasons. Your site can get hacked or infected by malware. Your host can go down or accidentally delete the wrong files and influence your whole site to implode.

Additionally, it’s a smart thought to have a backup of your site before redesigning.

Know what BlogVault is…

BlogVault, a standout amongst other WordPress Security plugin will take your site security to an unheard level. This plugin composed of specialists, BlogVault is easy and user-friendly.

It decreases security hazard by checking for vulnerabilities, and by executing and approving the latest recommendations that WordPress security rehearses.

BlogVault is an entire WordPress Backup solution, from taking backups to restoring and migrating files safely, it has worked on various changes to make it simple for the clients to get it right. In the meantime, BlogVault altogether takes backup of the entire web page frequently as you install the plugin in your website.

Here is what you should consider when you begin with BlogVault

If you’re looking for the “most secure and ideal approach” to take backup of your WordPress website, BlogVault intends to give you. Now install the BlogVault plugin into the WordPress website. It can be installed manually or automatically, in the wake of making an account with BlogVault. A complete backup of the site will be delivered. Resulting in that the backups will normally be delivered 24 hrs all day.

Anything but easy to utilize, BlogVault dashboard does not require any specialized information.

  1. History: This feature ensures to keep all the old records safely and can be used to make sense of which backup to return. It contains additional information concerning the number of post, pages and plugins to show.
  2. Test Restore: This lets you briefly reestablish a prior backup form on the server where you can test. Once the testing is done, you can approve and set the content live.
  3. Auto ­Restore: This element lets you consequently reestablish a particular backup rendition of your site for the situation that it crashes.
  4. Migrate Site: This allows you easily move your site starting with a single host to the other, in short, the extended uploading and downloading process.
  5. Site Backup: This feature is utilized to begin the backup procedure on the off chance that you’ve rolled out significant improvements in your site and can hardly wait for the booked backup procedure to kick in.
  6. Backup Download: Yet another alternative gives you a chance to download a duplicate of your site reinforcement. You can deal with numerous sites utilizing a solitary BlogVault dashboard.

“As professionals, it’s indeed a security approach to safeguard their WordPress sites which includes database, plugins and themes. But how to backup for WordPress Theme?”

Here are the approaches that you need to follow when you plan to take a backup for WordPress Theme.

Are you planning to make any changes in the theme files which you aren’t sure about? It’s a smart thought to have a backup of your theme, particularly if it is uniquely designed. Despite you considered to have numerous other themes to changes you need to save.

Check the two methods to deal with,

The Simplest Way,

The easiest method is to take a backup a solitary theme file is, go to the “Appearance>Editor,” and tap on the file. Once you click the file, you just have to copy-and-paste the content and all the other theme documents that you’re altering into a Notepad report.

The Entire Procedure

The below procedures take backup of your whole theme:

  1. If you do not have an FTP program, then download it.
  2. The next step is, click on “Appearance” button on your WordPress Admin
  3. Under the “Current Theme” header, take note of the document that comes post the major part of the present theme’s documents are located.
  4. Login to your site by entering the FTP details like hostname, username and password after you have downloaded and installed the FTP program. Feel free to approach your web host to offer assistance when you face any difficulties.
  5. After you interface with your site, go to the folder that comprises your WordPress Installation and then follow the procedures that are specified in stage 3.
  6. Exhort the FTP program to download the complete theme organizer to any of the areas on your PC.
  7. Once that is done, check to ensure that the FTP program tells that the files have transferred effectively.


BlogVault is beyond just a backup plugin. It is a backup technique for each and every business. With its excellent establishment, you can stroll off all the dangers as it supports encrypted backups.

At BlogVault, we’re always looking for ways to improve your conversion rates and make your website more reliable. Today, we’ve been testing the popular WooCommerce Product Table plugin, which claims to increase your sales by displaying e-commerce products in new and better ways.

What is WooCommerce Product Table?

WooCommerce Product Table is the bestselling plugin from UK WordPress agency Barn2 Media. Released just over a year ago, it’s popular with many types of the online store including takeaway restaurant order systems, WooCommerce wholesale stores, large product directories, electronics stores needing to display extra product data, and catalogue sites needing a quick order form. The plugin works by listing the products from any WooCommerce store in a table view. It creates the tables manually using the products already on your WordPress website – so there’s no manual data entry. Customers can search and filter to find products more easily, view extra product data, choose variations and quickly add to the cart directly from the product table. The promo video explains what the plugin does and who it’s for

But is it any good?

Who needs WooCommerce product tables?

When you first hear about WooCommerce Product Table, it’s easy to think of it as quite a niche plugin. However, when you read through all the tutorials, you find out that it’s used on a huge variety of WooCommerce sites. For example, it’s popular for creating a takeaway restaurant order form, as you can add a table for each section of your menu and allow one-page ordering. It’s one of the most popular WooCommerce wholesale plugins because it lists products in a quick bulk order form. Surprisingly, it’s even popular for creating a WooCommerce audio or video gallery, because you can embed music and video players directly in the product table. I suppose the main thing these websites have in common is that they need more control over how their products are presented, with more products on each page. So it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – it’s all about what will best sell your products.

Range of features

A good WooCommerce table plugin needs to be flexible. The whole point is to list products in new ways that will increase your conversion rates, so it’s essential that you can control details such as which data to include in the table. Fortunately, WooCommerce Product Table comes with over 60 options. You can control everything from which columns to include and how many rows to show on each page, to whether or not to show the add to cart buttons and the quantity selector. You can also choose how customers can interact with the table and find products. For example, by showing and hiding the search box and filters.

Ease of use

With over 60 options, I was worried that there would be a steep learning curve. I soon learned that WooCommerce Product Table has been cleverly designed to allow you to create tables very easily. There’s a plugin settings page which lets you set defaults for the most popular settings (but not all 60 of them!). These defaults will automatically be used in all your product tables. There are also settings for styling the product table so you can make it match the rest of your site.

To add a product table, you just click the ‘Insert product table’ icon which the plugin adds to the WordPress toolbar. This will insert a simple shortcode to create a product table with all your defaults. If you want more fine-grained control, then you can edit the shortcode using any of the options. I tested this by creating tables that list products from a specific category only, although you can also show products based on details such as their date, tags, or even custom field values. This means that you can use the product tables to achieve quite complicated requirements, if this is what you want. But if you just want to create a simple table listing WooCommerce products, then this is very easy and just takes a couple of minutes.

Documentation and support

These days, nearly all premium plugins come with documentation and support – but some companies do this better than others! When you buy WooCommerce Product Table, you receive a helpful ‘Getting Started’ email. This contains step-by-step instructions and links to the documentation. The plugin has a very detailed knowledgebase – probably the most in-depth I’ve seen. This covers everything from basic setup instructions to documentation on all the options and troubleshooting tips. There are lots of animations and video tutorials showing the plugin in use. The plugin comes with a year’s support from the team at Barn2 Media. This support is provided from within the UK – a refreshing change compared to some plugin companies! The plugin reviews are exceptionally positive. Nearly all of them mention the speed and quality of the support.

Like most plugin companies these days, your license is renewed annually. You need to pay each year to keep receiving plugin updates and support. Barn2 Media release regular updates, including major new features every few months. This means that it’s in your interest to renew each year. If you don’t renew, the plugin will keep working but you won’t get any more new versions or support.

Does it really increase conversion rates?

The company behind WooCommerce Product Table say that it helps to increase your sales. They’ve even published an article about how to use products tables to increase your conversion rates. I think there are a few reasons why WooCommerce tables can boost conversions in your store:

  • Customers can see more products at once, so they don’t waste time scrolling through lots of pages.
  • The search, sort and filters in WooCommerce Product Table help customers find your products more quickly. This means they won’t get fed up and look elsewhere.
  • You can show more relevant information about your products, such as attributes, custom fields, custom taxonomies etc. This will help customers to see that the product meets their needs. They don’t have to spend time clicking through to the product detail page.
  • Customers can select lots of products at once and use the ‘Add Selected to Cart’ button, instead of having to add each item individually.

These things will inevitably help to increase conversions by providing the better user experience. However, the plugin won’t help all types of store, so it’s worth thinking about whether product tables are a better way to display your products. If product tables are for you, then I’d recommend spending some time reading through the knowledgebase. This is the best way to figure out the best combination of options based on your specific needs. As with anything, the more time you spend setting up your products tables, the better the results will be.

Does it work with BlogVault?

Another important question to ask in a plugin review is whether it works with BlogVault. This is important because you need BlogVault for essential tasks such as backing up and restoring your website, creating staging sites, and website migrations. The good news is that like most plugins WooCommerce Product Table works perfectly with BlogVault. If you use the migration tool then your products and WooCommerce tables will migrate across nicely, with no extra work from you. It backs up your product tables along with the rest of your website. So no problems there!


There are a few other WooCommerce table plugins available, but none that offer the same combination of features, flexibility and support. WooCommerce Product Table is a quality plugin from a reputable UK-based WordPress company. You can buy it safely and feel confident that you can get all the information and support you need to create conversion-boosting product tables.

Onlin- Backup-for-WordPress

Introducing BlogVault as an Online Backup for WordPress Platform

WordPress Backups is justified regardless the venture you’ve made in for your site. The day may come when you get hacked, when something turns out to something bad, your server might get crashed or you’re hosting organization lose everything and you don’t have a backup. Would you endow all your diligent work to a Backup Plugin with just a couple of thousand downloads, blended surveys or no expert help?

It’s never too late to care about having Online Backups for WordPress. Your WordPress requirements keep differing, yet, the question “do we have backups?” arises after a catastrophic loss has occurred. This is when Backups are felt necessary.

The Importance of having Online Backups for WordPress

In today’s world of technology and internet, not taking backup seriously for your websites is equal to being weak and irresponsible. You may think it as too tedious or too expensive. As a general rule, if something with your site turns out badly, you could lose everything.

All sites on the web are vulnerable to hacking attempts like DDOS assaults, data theft and loss. This could happen even to the most secure sites on the web. An online backup solution for your website is your insurance against all those terrible things. It enables you to keep your content safe and reestablish your site after an accident.

Here is what you should know about BlogVault

Committed to create website security and backups, simple and productive Blogvault mitigates the dangers related with site crashes and also the harm caused by malware and hacks. BlogVault having helped thousands of clients across the globe to keep up an effective website security posture has partnered with few biggest names such as Pantheon and WPEngine. Prioritizing quality over everything else, BlogVault specializes in BackUp, Security, Manage WordPress, Staging, and Monitoring.

BlogVault is the solution for everything. One of the highest ranked and most popular scheduled backup plugin, it simplifies backups and restoration. With more than thousands of active installs, you can Backup your files and database into the cloud and restore them with just one click!

Why is it necessary to have Online Backup for WordPress with BlogVault?

At BlogVault, backups provide the best security practices as to offer the safety net for your business. BlogVault takes responsibility to separate your Backups from the risks your site faces.

A simple start with BlogVault, login to the online portal and find the URL of the WordPress site or blog you might want to take backup. In the following step, install the BlogVault’s plugin on the site. The plugin will act as an arch to the online backup benefit so that you can recover all the data about your WordPress instalment and take back up.

The BlogVault’s plugin could be installed automatically and on the other hand, you can even download and install it manually. After installing and activating the plugin, the service by BlogVault shall automatically start taking backing up your WordPress files and database.

Advantages of Online WordPress Backup Services

  1. You have options to buy a third-party storage service such as Amazon Cloud where store the WordPress backups
  2. You just have to pay your subscription and the WordPress backups are stored in a remote and secure a place for you
  3. If you backup your WordPress using BlogVault’s plugin, the main benefit of storing your WordPress backups remotely is reliability.
  4. With BlogVault, there is a secure WordPress Backup Storage
  5. You can also make sure that your Backups are not tampered with or deleted by storing the WordPress backups in a remote location.
  6. When you choose a right WordPress backup plugin you get to get access to services to have the right and secure infrastructure where your backups are stored. BlogVault has it!

BlogVault when compared to other sites

Yet again talking about plugins for WordPress, there are a few that are outstanding. There are 1000’s of plugins that are battling to be the best. But how unique and different is BlogVault from other plugins.

In the below screenshot you’ll find few unique features that no other backup plugins will offer.


Wrapping the text up, taking a Backup with a WordPress CMS is fundamental so that it guarantees that you don’t lose any content, theme or file. It’s always a good idea to take a backup both your content and database. However, you may need to do them independently at times. The manual backup process is somewhat arduous but provides the control over the procedure.