The Bowhunters of Alabama (BHA) is a non-profit organization that reaches out to all the bow hunters in the Alabama state. The family-oriented organization enables people of all ages to participate and learn archery in a safe environment. BHA has trained Boy Scouts and YMCA members. BHA has also created an Urban Deer Control Program (UDCP) at the request of the Alabama Department of Conservation.

BHA’s site includes details about the organization, latest updates, programs, businesses, and membership information. It uses blogVault as its WordPress backup service to safeguard all its content. The site’s content spans over 3.5GB with thousands of files and the organization has over 1000 members registered with it.

Here is a story that our customer, BHA, shared with us about how blogVault saved the day.

“Recently, our hosting provider contacted our team at midnight with the bad news that their computers had crashed and that they had no backup.  There was an absolute panic tone to the hosting provider’s notice of the crash.  They knew that our website was gone and they had done nothing to protect our data.

The hosting provider was unaware that blogVault was backing up our site daily. There was absolutely no panic when we were notified of the crash as we knew that our data was safe. blogVault had run their scheduled backup just 8 hours prior to the crash. We lost very minor client posts….THAT WAS FRICKIN’ IT!!!!   The Auto Restore process was amazingly easy. All we had to do was input the ftp access info after they brought us back online and blogVault restored everything and our website worked perfectly upon completion of the restore.

We cannot thank you enough for a flawless backup system.  We had over 5k files that totaled over 3.5 GB.  If we had lost our website it would have been devastating to our state organization of over 1,000 members.  I have been building and designing this website for over 2 years and our members have tons of posts that would have been gone had not blogVault backed up our website daily.”


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