How to Find the Right WordPress Theme for your Website

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The first thing that speaks out to your blog’s visitors would be its appearance, its design. In order to enthrall your readers in no time at all, it is important to select the ‘perfect’ theme for your blog. And for this, you’ll have to spend some quality time searching for a theme that fits your blog and goes along nicely with your style. It is advisable to choose a theme wisely, and during your initial blogging phase itself, because constantly changing the theme of a seasoned blog can affect your branding and user experience. This article will talk about the various things you need to keep in mind while selecting a WordPress theme for your blog.

Different WP themes

Website Niche

Every site is created with a specific purpose in mind; so is yours. While looking for a WordPress theme for your site, it is most important to ensure that you choose a theme that suits your site’s niche. A website’s theme should complement its content. Be it a modern online magazine or a news website; be it a simple blog or a professional business site, there is an ideal theme for every niche. Focus on finding yours.


Your budget, without any doubt, is a major determining factor for whether you go with a free/freemium theme or a premium one. While free themes might be light on your pocket, they seldom offer the regular updates and reliable customer support that accompany premium themes. And in case you’re worried about premium themes costing too much, don’t be. The market for premium WordPress themes is highly competitive, so they might as well cost you lower than you think!

Different options for choosing WP theme

Responsive Theme

Today, more than 70 percent of the population uses smartphones to browse the web and the world is continuously growing to be more and more mobile-friendly. Therefore, it is of foremost importance that the theme you select look pixel perfect not only on desktops and laptops, but also on tablets and mobile phones. For this, it is essential that the theme you select be a fully responsive one. That way, your website will easily adapt to various devices, and your content will look awesome on any viewing environment.

Custom Template

Make sure that the theme you select looks as close as possible to what you have in mind for your WordPress site. Choose a theme that is flexible and easy to customize, especially if you aren’t all that familiar or comfortable with custom coding. Also, there’s no point in buying a theme and then sitting down to do heavy customizations later on.

Top Features

Some of the features you might appreciate in your WordPress theme include a widgetized homepage, custom widgets and menu locations. You might also like to have a fully responsive layout with different layout options like boxed and wide. You might want a theme that contains social media share icons, so you can easily share your posts on various social sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is also a good idea to have several areas for advertisement on your site to place banners and such. This would come in handy in case you’re looking to draw in an income from your website. Most important of all, ensure that you’ll receive excellent customer support following the purchase of your desired theme; you never know when you might need it.

Well, you’re all geared up for your theme hunt now! If it is a quality premium theme that you’re looking for, there are numerous premium WordPress theme shops available online to shop from. And in the case that you’re looking for a free/freemium theme, you might want to take a look at the WordPress themes directory.

Before making a big change like using a new theme, do remember to keep your site completely backed up using BlogVault!

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