BackupBuddy vs BlogVault

BlogVault is the most reliable way to backup your WordPress site. You no longer have to worry about failed backups or restores.

Backups that never fail

BackupBuddy backups fail all the time and are not something you can trust
BlogVault backups work every time. It is the most reliable backups for your WordPress site.

Backups that do not overload your site

BackupBuddy creates massive zip files which overload your site slowing it down
BlogVault uses incremental backups and puts minimum load on your site.

One-click restores when your site is completely down

BackupBuddy restores are tedious and unreliable. If the site is down, then the process is very difficult and unintuitive.
BlogVault can restore your site even if it is completely down. All this with a click of a button.

Backups that are completely independent of your site

BackupBuddy supports remote backups. However, the keys for the remote location are stored on the site. This is a major security issue.
BlogVault backups are securely stored independently of the site. This will give you complete peace of mind.

Activity Log to track all changes on your site

BackupBuddy does not have this important functionality which lets you find what went wrong with your site
BlogVault has a built in activity log which tracks every change of the site. This lets you know where and how something caused your site to break.

Staging sites with the click of a button

BackupBuddy does not let you easily create staging sites.
BlogVault lets you easily create staging sites where you can make changes or test updates.

Advanced Monitoring of site

BackupBuddy does not continuously monitor your site to let you when things go wrong.
BlogVault monitors your site at regular interval and alarms you over so you can quickly act on it.

Backing up & restoring is so easy with BlogVault

It’s transformed how we migrate sites with its 1-click migration. Very useful for web designers & site owners. Fantastic support.

Mickey Kay

Get Complete Peace of Mind with BlogVault

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