Advanced Monitoring for WordPress

Business critical websites incur losses if they go down. You need to constantly monitor your sites, so you can act quickly if something goes wrong.

Uptime Monitoring Built for WordPress

BlogVault sends probes to your site at regular intervals. If the probe fails, you will get an alarm instantly. The probe is skillfully configured to generate an alarm even if the website is served from the cache. 

Performance Monitoring

BlogVault tracks the Core Web Vitals score of your site. We show you detailed information about the performance of your website. You can further see changes happening to the performance of your site over time, in response to changes that you make on your site.

Visual Regression Testing

BlogVault lets you safely update plugins and themes from our dashboard. Run visual regression tests to ensure that the site is not broken during the process.

Slack Integration for Alarms

BlogVault integrates with Slack and can send uptime notifications to a specific channel.

Our agency has trusted BlogVault for nearly 10 years

As with any agency, we have tested other solutions during that time so as to make sure we’re always offering the best for our clients. Every time we’ve come back to Blogvault. Not only can we always trust their backups, we also trust their experience as it has helped us in a few unique situations.

Rex Boyd, Intersect Marketing Group

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