Track any changes on your site using our WordPress Activity Log

Monitor all changes happening to your website. Identify Suspicious Behaviour and Malicious Attacks to prevent and analyze any security event.

Comprehensively tracking every change on your website, including









Monitor All Activity done by a User

Track who has logged in to your WordPress website using our WordPress user activity log. Find where they are logging in from and at what time. Monitor any changes done by any user on your website.

Track Important WooCommerce Events

Our WordPress activity log can track major WooCommerce events. Whenever a customer places an order, or an admin adds an item, we will store all such changes.

Advanced Search and Filtering

Easily Search events to identify suspicious activity or if you are debugging anything related to your website.

Cloud Event Storage for High Performance

All WordPress Activity Log is stored on your BlogVault Account. This is very important for high-performance websites which should not be storing millions of events slowing down the database.

Support for WordPress Multisite

Whether your site is a standalone install or a WordPress Multisite, our WordPress activity log plugin can track events happening across the entire setup.

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