$89/year $75/year

Free Trial

7 Days No

Offsite Backup

Yes. If your server crashes, recover to a new server easily. No (plus an additional cost of paying for a storage account)

Test Restore

Yes, BlogVault lets you do a test restore so that you can check that your backups are correct. No. There is no option to test the validity of your backups

Incremental Backups

Yes, BlogVault backsup only the changes. This minimizes the load on your site. No. Each backup using BackupBuddy takes resources on your site, slowing it down.

Versioned Backups

Yes. blogVault gives you a list of backup versions that are easy to manage. No. You would have to sort through large backup files to figure out which version of your backup is what you wanted.

Local Storage

No. BlogVault does not store any data on your servers Yes, by using local storage for your backup, backup buddy can use GBs of data on your site. It also litters your wordpress with additional files


Personalized Email, Forums

WordPress Security

High. A read-only wordpress website can be backed up. This is in line with the best wordpress security practices Low. BackupBuddy requires a writable site to backup your website.

Site Size

Works well with extremely large sites with GBs of data BackupBuddy is mostly used for small sites.

Download Granularity

High. BlogVault allows you to download Individual files from specific days Low. You can either download the whole backup or nothing.


Auto-restore. No downloading large backups. No FTPing. As easy as it gets. Manual restore. You have to first download the backup then delete all the current data after which upload it manually and then finally run the script to restore your backup.


BlogVault offers you a Complete Service BackupBuddy gives you just the software. The rest is up to you.