Creating Redirects

URL Redirection is a technique using which a web page can be accessed via multiple URLs. This is used for various reasons such as URL shortening (heard of tinyurl?), circumventing broken links, multiple domain names pointing to a single web site, or even to protect your privacy. Read on to understand how you can set redirection for a specific URL using cPanel.

Creating a Redirect

To add a new redirect, go to Domain-> Redirects.

  • Type – Permanent or Temporary

    • A permanent redirect is used when you want to change the URL of your site permanently, e.g. when you move to a new domain. It implies that browsers will cache, and search engines will follow the link. Furthermore, the SEO benefits of your original URL are not lost.

    • A temporary redirect is useful when you eventually revert back to the original URL. This is useful in case of broken links. These URLs are not cached by browsers.

  • From URL – Enter the original URL that needs redirecting.

  • To URL – New URL for redirection. Make sure you enter the complete URL, including the protocol e.g. http://

  • www. redirection – Choose whether you want the redirection to work with or without www.

  • Wild Card Redirect – Checking this will redirect all files from the old location to the same file name at the redirected location. For example, being redirected to A user trying to access will be redirected to This is useful when you want to redirect an entire domain. When left unchecked, it generally implies a specific page redirect. For example, to

You can view the list of all Redirects in the Current Redirects section. It is important to note here that adding a redirect via cPanel also creates an entry in your .htaccess file. But this may not always work as expected, click here for troubleshooting if you run into problems.

Removing a Redirect

You can’t edit a Redirect once it has been added. However, you have the option of deleting it. Just click on Remove for a given Redirect and it will be deleted.

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