Before jumping to the difference between the .com and the .org extensions of WordPress it is important to know what WordPress actually is. WordPress is a powerful open-source blogging application software. It is a software used to create websites or blogs. As I mentioned in my article ‘Introduction to WordPress’ I was keen on creating a blog for myself and so went seeking help from the master of searches – Google. I was torn between two choices. Should I go for or The following are my findings:

1.) is a hosting platform that uses the WordPress software and provides blogs to interested bloggers whereas is the website from where the free WordPress software can be downloaded.

2.) is a readymade source for a blog with a wide choice of themes and plug-ins to improve the user interface whereas lets you add your own themes and plug-ins to your blog so that it stands out from other blogs.

3.) doesn’t allow you to use AdSense or any other form of advertising unlike the software enabled blog which has been downloaded from

4.) Easy to work on the .com version than using the software downloaded from as it requires knowledge about FTP and MySQL database management.

Quite simple isn’t it? Well I am definitely not technically sound in any of the above but an idea of having a full-fledged blog with freedom and flexibility of design does sound more appealing to me.