Get all the features you need to ensure smooth-running websites with the swiss-army knife of site management.

Don’t rely on 10 different tools for security, reports, backups and testing. Manage all your sites in one place and get happier clients with WP Remote.

You cannot grow your agency or build long-lasting client relationships without the right tools.

Sloppy plugins and inefficient workflows are just adding more work to your plate.

Your security tools are not protecting your sites against malware, and it’s only a matter of time before your sites come crashing down.

You’re not sure if your backups are reliable enough to save your sites on a rainy day.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Shift to a site management tool that gives you and your clients complete peace of mind. A tool with comprehensive features to support your growth.

Get full visibility on all your client websites from one single fast dashboard.

See all the critical info about your sites in one fast, responsive dashboard.

  • Add unlimited sites to the dashboard and keep an eye on their performance.
  • Get single sign-on and access all your sites in one go.
  • Get a simple, powerful dashboard that you can confidently share with clients.
  • Organize your site by tags for easier access.

Save time with reliable, one-click updates for all your websites and plugins

We will automatically scan your sites and alert you if it ever gets hacked so you can quickly fix the issue before it causes any major harm.

  • View all available updates in one place.
  • Bulk update themes, plugins, WP core & more for all your sites in one click.
  • Ensure 100% safe updates with no risk of sites crashing or downtime.
  • Lock critical plugins like WooCommerce so they are not updated in bulk.

Monitor your clients’ websites and be the first to know when something goes wrong.

Solve problems before your clients even spot them with our quick reporting. Ensure your clients have no reasons for complaints, and improve your retention rates.

  • Check the availability of your clients websites, applications and servers with uptime monitoring and get notifications instantly when a site is down.
  • Run tests to check the speed and performance of your clients’ sites, and keep them running smoothly.
  • Get real-time update notifications via mail & Slack so you’re always up-to-date with what’s happening.

Find malware that other security plugins cannot and ensure safe websites for all your clients.

Your plugins and themes aren’t 100% safe. One single vulnerability can affect multiple sites—all at the same time.

  • Detect complex malware that most security systems fail to detect with a dependable, accurate scanner.
  • Discover vulnerabilities before your sites are blacklisted by Google, and clean them with just a click.
  • Get instant malware removal, and stop the malware before it spreads to your entire website.
  • Shield your sites from bad traffic and real-time threats with a smart firewall.

Never ever worry about losing a website. Get reliable up-to-date back-ups that you can count on.

One wrong code change, one problematic update, one malware infection could make your site crash.

  • Create incremental encrypted backups that you can rely on in case your clients’ websites get hacked or damaged.
  • Automate real-time back-ups for a scheduled time, and build back-ups on-demand whenever you make major changes to a website.
  • Don’t let large back-ups slow down your site. Create back-ups of any size without putting a load on your site.
  • Get up to 365 days of backup history so that you never have to start from scratch in event of data loss.

Test all changes to websites before they go live with 1-click staging

Don’t waste your time building a staging environment for your sites. Don’t skip testing before the site goes live. WP Remote helps you test updates quickly and efficiently.

  • Test unlimited changes and updates for all your websites, safely with 1-click staging.
  • Get the perfect staging environment without the extra work by auto disabling Google index and webmail for the staging site, so it never shows up on Google for the end-customers.
  • Cut out the gymnastics required to merge the changes. Merge it back to the live site in 2 easy steps.
  • Migrate to any host, and go from staging site to live with the click of a button.

Run visual regression tests and detect problems before they affect your sites

Make sure that the changes you’ve made to source code do not alter the customer-facing site in an unexpected way. Only go live with updates when you’ve verified them!

  • View exactly how the site looks like to end-users and make sure they see what you want them to see with visual regression testing.
  • Detect visual bugs and make sure the user-experience is seamless with visual comparison using our staging site.
  • Compare all pages, not just the homepage, across different browsers, devices and screen sizes.
  • Detect changes and any problems with updates with a custom algorithm. Make sure your clients’ sites are ready to convert customers!

Showcase the value of your work and impress your clients with beautiful, automated reports.

You’re working behind the scenes and it’s difficult for your clients to truly see the value you’re adding to their business. Our automated, customizable reports solve that for you!

  • Create white-labeled reports with your own branding and send them via your own email ID to convey the true value of your work.
  • Create quick reports for backups, site uptime, site performance, security issues that you’ve tackled as well as any custom work you’ve done.
  • No more glitches or manually creating reports for every client. Easily schedule reports and let WP Remote handle the rest.
  • Build automated multi-lingual reports so you can communicate the effort you put in, in the language they’re most comfortable in.

Get the support you need to build a profitable agency with happy customers.

We’re here to help you with any and all your doubts and questions, 24/7. Just send a message, and we’ll get back to you in minutes.

Make website management easy, quick and fun, for you and your clients.

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