How to change the BlogVault plan I’m on?

There are two ways you could change the BlogVault pricing plan you’re on, but both will need you click on ‘My Account’ from the Menu Bar of the BlogVault dashboard.


My Account


Method 1

One way would be to click on ‘Billing & Invoices’ from the ‘My Account’ drop-down.


My Account_Billing & Invoices


Clicking on this would lead you to details related to your Billing and Payment. From here, if you would like to change the pricing plan you’re on, click the ‘Change Plan’ button.


Account Settings_Billing and Invoices_Change Plan


Clicking on this button takes you to the ‘BlogVault Payment Plans’ page.

Method 2

Another way to change plans, is to click on ‘Plans’ from the ‘My Account’ drop-down in the BlogVault dashboard Menu Bar.


My Account_Plans
Once you are on the ‘BlogVault Payment Plans’ page, you can choose from Limited plans (which are limited by the number of sites)


BlogVault Payment Plans_Limited


Or the Unlimited Plans (which are limited by storage space)


BlogVault Payment Plans_Unlimited


You can choose to pay for these plans per month or annually. Once you have saved* your card-details to your BlogVault dashboard, payments will occur automatically.


*BlogVault does not store your payment information, and all payments are processed via Stripe.

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