How A Photo Gallery Plugin Can Beautify Your Photography Site

Beautify Your Photography Site With a Photo Gallery Plugin

If you just started creating your website, photo gallery plugins are the perfect match for it.

Sure, you can simply create an image gallery in WordPress, but it won’t look very aesthetically pleasing. A photo gallery plugin allows you to customize the looks of your galleries.  

These tools come with powerful features designed for artists, photographers, designers, and creators to beautify a photography site and increase the workflow.

We strongly believe that a robust photo gallery plugin must provide the following:

✔ Ease of use
✔ No loss in speed
✔ Gallery features
✔ Affordable prices

You will find out that most of the plugins offer a free version and a paid one with more functionalities.

A gallery plugin should provide a great user experience and help you reach #1 in the Google ranking, don’t you think?

Our goal is to help you see the importance of such a tool and choose the best photo gallery plugin.

In this article, we will talk about Modula, the most user-friendly WordPress gallery plugin.


If you want your photography site to be successful, we recommend buying a plugin that offers features such as image and video albums, beautiful lightboxes, gallery filters, image effects, SEO, watermarks, password protection, and social sharing icons.

What is a photo gallery plugin?

A photo gallery plugin is a WordPress tool that allows you to add unlimited images, videos, GIFs, and create galleries or portfolios. 

These types of plugins are designed to help you showcase your work in beautiful galleries, thanks to some built-in features. 

Moreover, it is made to be used by anyone from beginners to professionals because it doesn’t require coding skills.

Photo gallery plugins are also mobile-friendly and help your site perform well on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. 

Benefits of creating a photo gallery with a plugin

Having a photo gallery plugin installed on your WordPress site will get you many benefits. 

We are all looking for a faster way to make our work well-known and get people to contact us. 

Well, this kind of plugin will provide SEO tools and help you rank in Google. 

It will surely help you get more notoriety. A good looking gallery, where you get to display the finest of your pieces, will make you look very professional. This way you’ll gain the reputation of a person who’s taking care of every aspect of their website – people will definitely speak highly of you. 

You can even add social sharing icons to your photographs and allow your visitors to share your work with their people.

modula plugin

Additionally, a photo gallery plugin will help make money from your work by selling photos online.

There’s more. These tools offer password-protection for your galleries and allow you to add a watermark to protect your images from theft, so you won’t have to worry about someone stealing your pictures and not giving you credits.

And now, let’s focus on how it can beautify your website.

modula plugin

Every photo gallery plugin provides at least one lightbox. These lightboxes will enhance the way your images will be displayed. 

They can include various functions – social sharing icons, a download option, different hover effects, keyboard navigation, and much more.

With perfect lightbox galleries, you can create albums with various styles of photography and organize them accordingly.

Another important factor is that you can implement effects and filters to your pictures. 

Also, your galleries will be more dynamic by adding image loading and scroll effects.

However, the most important thing is that you can mix images with videos and GIFs. 

Where can you find a photo gallery plugin?

Photo gallery plugins can be found on by inserting the name of the plugin in the search box. 

There you will find all the information about this type of plugin – features, ratings, active users, version, last update, and so on.

modula website

If you are looking for a full-featured photo gallery plugin, Modula is your match. 

From gallery filters, custom grids, hover effects, lightbox, albums, image loading effects to SEO deep-link, watermark, password-protection, zoom, EXIF, and download extension, Modula has won the trust of many users.

modula dashboard

It is mobile-friendly, provides a drag and drop builder, and allows you to mix photos, videos, and GIFs.

How to choose the best gallery plugin for your website

There are some things you should consider before installing the best gallery plugin for your website. Let’s list them!

  • Usability – Some plugins might be designed for developers, so if you are a beginner, you may not understand how to handle it. See if the photo gallery plugin has a drag-and-drop feature that is easy to use.
  • Speed – When you start uploading images to your website, the loading time can be slowed down. So, look for a plugin that optimizes your images to load as fast as possible.
  • Features – Search for more plugins and see which have the most suitable functionalities for you. This is an essential part of a photo gallery plugin. With the right features, you will undoubtedly beautify your photography site.
  • Price – Most of the plugins provide a Lite and a Premium version. The premium version will vary depending on the number of features offered. So, if you want a better look for your website, we recommend you to upgrade the plugin to a pro version.

Why should you display your work on a website?

Displaying your images on a website is the perfect way to show people your skills and the quality of your work. 

You will make people understand your vision and how your imagination reaches the highest level of creativity.

When you showcase your work on a website, you can get reactions and comments from your visitors. This way, you will know that your work is appreciated and if you need to improve your skills.

Once you upload your images to your photography website, you will inspire other people with your masterpieces.

A photography website will also help you sell your work and earn money with your pictures. You can create an online shop where you can sell your photos or a portfolio, and people will call to hire you for various projects.

Famous photographers that showcase their galleries on a website

Most professional photographers showcase their galleries on WordPress or any other platform. So, we will show you some famous photographers that break the ice when it comes to photography. 

Danilo and Sharon

danilo sharon website

Sharon and Danilo Vasic are a married couple from Europe. They are artists in wedding photography and focused on candid moments that happen once in a lifetime.

Amy Paul

amy paul website

Amy Paul is a minimalist photographer that cleanly showcases wonderful galleries. He offers visitors a visually-appealing experience.

Art and photography by Hamish Robertson

hamish robertson

Hamish Robertson is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California, focused on fine art, portrait, and documentary studies. As you can see, he also has an online shop integrated into his photography site.


  • A photo gallery plugin will help you beautify your photography site by providing powerful gallery features designed for everyone (even if you are a beginner or a professional).
  • The most important features that a photo gallery plugin should provide: SEO tools, password-protection, watermark, gallery filters, image effects, lightboxes, social sharing icons, image loading effects, mix images with videos, and create albums.
  • When you choose a gallery plugin, you should take into account if it is easy to use, provide a feature that will allow your images to load fast, offer powerful gallery features, and comes with a free and premium version.
  • A photography site will help you showcase the quality of your work, make people understand your vision, get reactions so you can improve your work, inspire other people, and make money by selling your photographs.

What’s next?

While a photo gallery plugin will do wonders, you need to ensure that you don’t lose the work you’ve done with the help of the plugin. Losing hours of work due to server failure or malware is one of our biggest fears. 

The best way to ensure you never lose your work is to use a backup plugin.

We recommend using BlogVault Backup Plugin.

It’ll take an automatic backup of your website on a daily basis. You’ll have 90 days backup to recover your site from any mistake or disaster. You can also stage your site to test out changes before making them on the live site.  

Give BlogVault a spin. Sign up now!


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