How does blogVault’s Real-time WordPress Backup work?

Bulletproof Backups for Your WordPress Website

Fortify your business continuity with foolproof WordPress backups. No data loss, no downtime — just secure, seamless operation.

Real-time WordPress Backup is blogVault’s latest offering. Using Real-time WordPress Backup, you can save every update to your WordPress site almost immediately. Any addition to your site in the form of a new post, comment, plugin, or theme is backed up almost immediately after.

blogVault - real-time wooCommerce backup

Real-time WordPress Backup is based on the basic building block of WordPress – Hooks. Modifying the core files to add new functionality in WordPress is a big no-no. Hooks provide the means of achieving this goal without having to touch the core files. Using hooks, you can add your own code to various parts of WordPress, without modifying the original files. These hooks are triggered whenever the desired action occurs. Some examples of hooks are –

  • When you create a new post, run a custom code
  • When you generate the content for each post, add social bookmarking links to the end of the content
With the push model, your site ‘pings’ the backup server that an ‘event’ has occurred

blogVault uses hooks to implement Real-time WordPress Backup. The hooks help blogVault in identifying which parts of the site underwent a change so that it can start backing up data. It listens to specific triggers like addition of a new post or a comment, installation of a new plugin or theme, editing of a post, etc. Whenever such actions occur, blogVault immediately contacts the server to know the exact change. It then starts a backup immediately.

Realtime WooCommerce backups_Pull Model

Will Real-time WordPress Backup work for every change that your site undergoes? Unfortunately, no. The hooks that we just learnt about are only triggered for standard WordPress updates. For instance, updates to custom tables in the database by certain plugins will not trigger hooks. Moreover, some plugins may not use standard APIs in their code and thus will not trigger the corresponding hooks.

Real-time WordPress Backup is a good strategy to have in place if your site is constantly updated throughout the day. With blogVault’s Real-time WordPress Backup, you can rest at peace knowing you’ll never have to worry about losing any data, ever.


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