For WooCommerce sites,
Real Time Backups can make all the difference.



Why wait till the end of the day and risk losing orders?
BlogVault’s real time backups have you covered 24X7.

Why your WooCommerce site needs Real Time Backups

Every Order Matters

With orders pouring in any time of the day, your business can’t afford to lose a single order.

Daily Backups can be risky

Your site runs 24 X 7. So should your backups. Real time backups ensure continuous data protection for your orders.

Missed orders = Revenue lost

Incomplete backups can lead to unreliable order data. Why risk such a costly mistake for your business?

Key Benefits of BlogVault Real Time Backups

Not a Single Order Missed

BlogVault backs up your site’s orders in real time without ever affecting your site’s performance.

Trigger-based Instant Backups

Every transaction on your site triggers a backup so BlogVault doesn’t miss a thing.

365 day Backup History

Worry-free WordPress backup and restore with access up to 365 days of backup history on the BlogVault dashboard.

Features that make BlogVault the
Best  Wordpress  Backup plugin for Real Time Backups

Designed for WooCommerce

BlogVault’s real time backups back even Custom tables in real time, something most other real time backup plugins miss.

Hook-based Listening

BlogVault intelligently listens to specific triggers on WordPress hooks on your site to immediately track and save changes locally.

Intelligent Pull-Model Design

BlogVault periodically pulls changes to its servers instead of using your website server’s resources to push changes as they occur.

365 days of Backup History

Guaranteed data recovery with 365 days of backup access. View, compare, or access backups from day 1 to right now.

How BlogVault handles Real Time Backups


Hook-based Listening

BlogVault adds hooks to your site that catch changes as they occur.

Analyze Available Resources

Server resources are analyzed before changes are saved locally.

Pull to Server

BlogVault periodically polls your website to pull and sync changes with its server.

See what our customers say about us

(BlogVault) saved two of my blogs, twice and I even use it to move sites from one server to another. I have never been let down by it. Amos Struck Stock Photo Press Magazines

The fab team at @blogvault have introduced staging and I got to update a site that’s not been updated in 12 months, safely. Jo Waltham Director, Callia Web

We can easily restore backups and even test them on BlogVault server prior to restoring; it makes migrations a cinch. Miriam Schwab Founder & CEO, Illuminea and Strattic

More and more sites were getting hacked, and I almost shut down my business… With BlogVault I am confident my sites are backed up and restore them dependably. Yardena Epstein Owner of YardenaWeb

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