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real-time wooCommerce backup

The ecommerce business has grown exponentially in the past few years and continues to do so. With the increasing popularity of WordPress, it was only a matter of time before the two big guns come together. wooCommerce is one of most popular WordPress ecommerce plugins today. It provides a powerful platform to build ecommerce sites from scratch, or convert your existing WordPress sites in a booming online business. Once you set up your wooCommerce site, you can sell about anything – physical, digital, or variable products. That’s not it; you can even sell your time using its bookings extension.

The role of Backup

Think of any ecommerce site and the most important part of it would be orders. Customers buy products from your online store by placing orders. More the number of orders, better the revenue. So orders make up the crux of your online business. If your site goes down, orders are lost. Since the site is your gateway to the outside world, an outage causes extensive damage. Lost orders not only result in financial losses but also cause irrevocable damage to your brand. It takes years to bounce back from such a disaster. For some businesses, that day may never come and thus have to close down. So it is crucial to have a reliable backup system in place for any online business.

Regular backups kick start at fixed intervals, usually once every 24 hours. But this won’t suffice for a wooCommerce site where orders are placed throughout the day. A site outage in the middle of the day (between two backups) will still result in loss of orders. That is a no-no for any online store. Your wooCommerce backup solution should be such that every order is backed up as soon as it is placed.

Apart from orders, there are other parts of the site that definitely need to be backed up. It takes hours to set up the product catalog for a store. The customer database is another vital component of your site. It plays an important role in online campaigns and email marketing which boost sales. Losing any data will waste precious man hours and results in indirect losses to your business.

The Solution – Real-time Backup

If you own a wooCommerce site, then you must opt for real-time backup. With real-time backup, every update to the site is backed up immediately. Real-time backup works based on events that get generated whenever a table is updated. For example, when a user adds a post, the wp_posts table is updated. This, in turn, generates an event and acts as a notification for backup to be initiated. However, real-time backups are restricted to the standard tables that make up the database.

The wooCommerce plugin creates a set of custom tables in your WordPress database on installation. These tables are used to store additional information about products, orders, taxes, etc.

real-time woocommerce backup - database

Any updates to the custom tables don’t generate events that real-time backups rely on. Hence these changes aren’t covered by real-time backups. For example, when an order is placed, the information is stored in wp_posts, wp_postmeta, woocommerce_order_items, and woocommerce_order_itemmeta tables. So the order information is distributed across standard and custom tables. If you only backed up your standard database, you’d not be able to rebuild the entire order list in the event of a failure. One of our earlier posts includes details about why real-time backups don’t cover everything (add cross-link).

blogVault – The complete real-time wooCommerce backup

blogVault provides a complete backup solution for your wooCommerce sites. Along with backing up the standard tables, it only handles updates to custom tables. You never have to worry about losing a single or even a part of an order.

blogVault - real-time wooCommerce backup

What’s more, every time blogVault initiates a backup, it only works with what has changed on your site. By means of incremental backups, blogVault not only supports 100% backup of your data but also optimal space utilization. Which is why we believe that blogVault is the best way to backup your WordPress site. Enroll with blogVault today and bid goodbye to your data loss worries.