10 Low-Effort Huge-Impact Optimizations to speed up your site

Website performance is crucial!

wordpress site optimizations

Considering the average Internet user has an attention span of a rat, all the effort put into SEO, PPC, social media and other channels goes waste, if the user gets impatient and bounces off because of slow load time.

The problem gets more pronounced in wordpress based sites as majority of folks running wordpress sites don’t have the necessary skill sets or a tech team to optimize it for them.

What the average wordpress site owner needs is some simple tips and tricks that can be done by a single person and will give the most bang for the buck!

Nifty Tips for Front End Performance improvement

In this context, I came across a WordCamp talk by Chris Coyier, who covers the basic tips focused on improving front end website speed. This talk is mainly for people who have not done the basic level of optimizations and

Some of the tips covered in this presentation are:

– Turn on HTTP Compression
– Cache Stuff
– Losslessly optimize images
– Combine CSS and JS


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