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Everything from security, staging and merging to team collaboration,
reporting and an exclusive White-label solution.

Effortlessly Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

Effortlessly Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

Cleverly designed so you can manage multiple sites from one  dashboard.

White Label and Client Reporting

Powerful features so you can create client solutions that grow your business and boost revenues.

Powerful All-in-one Dashboard

Intuitively designed with features that make WordPress management and team collaboration a breeze.

Site Management for Multiple WordPress websites

Manage Multiple Sites

BlogVault’s all-in-one dashboard makes site management for multiple WordPress websites a breeze.

Track WordPress Core Details

Use BlogVault’s  core WordPress manager feature to update core modifications, upgrade core WordPress and check PHP version being used for all your WordPress websites.

Update Plugins, Themes, and Core

BlogVault maintains your website for you. Remove any unused or deactivated plugins or themes for easier, faster and more efficient WordPress website management.

Team Collaboration

Thoughtfully designed features that get all hands on board to make working in a team delightfully easy.

Team Management made easy

Use the BlogVault dashboard to add team members, clients, and tags for all your websites. WordPress management across your entire team at your fingertips.

User Roles and Site Access

Implement the best site management practices by assigning user roles and granting access permissions based on these roles.

Agency Features

Exclusive features that make BlogVault the perfect choice for WordPress developers and agencies.

Exclusive Whitelabel feature

Use BlogVault’s  first-in-class white-labeling solution to re-brand BlogVault plugin as your own or hide it completely.  Delight your clients with custom solutions while we help you take your business to the next level.

Detailed Reporting

Scheduled and on-demand website security reports at your fingertips. BlogVault takes one more task off the list for you, so you can work to deliver maximum value to your clients.

And much more...

From complete backups and free and integrated staging, to security powered by MalCare, BlogVault has you covered.

In-built Staging and Merging

Accelerate website development with BlogVault’s WordPress staging  plugin. Create a WordPress sandbox, test changes, share them with your clients, and instantly merge to live sites. At no additional costs.


Integrated Security

With security powered by the MalCare integration, you’ll never have to worry about your sites’ security again. Malcare is a comprehensive security solution with an inbuilt malware scanner,  1-click malware removal, and an integrated firewall.

See what our customers say about us


(BlogVault) saved two of my blogs, twice and I even use it to move sites from one server to another. I have never been let down by it.

Amos Struck
Stock Photo Press Magazines


The fab team at @blogvault have introduced staging and I got to update a site that’s not been updated in 12 months, safely.

Jo Waltham
Director, Callia Web


We can easily restore backups and even test them on BlogVault server prior to restoring; it makes migrations a cinch.

Miriam Schwab
Founder & CEO, Illuminea and Strattic


More and more sites were getting hacked, and I almost shut down my business… With BlogVault I am confident my sites are backed up and restore them dependably.

Yardena Epstein
Owner of YardenaWeb

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