An interview with Tom Greenwood: Author of Sustainable Web Design

Can sustainable web bring about a positive change?

“Trillions of little things we do in our everyday life can scale up quite significantly. It can end up bringing about a cumulative impact that we need to help the environment.”

The way forward?

Openness and proactive transparency.

Tom Greenwood, the author of the book Sustainable Web Design talks about the importance of building a sustainable web and how to achieve it through transparency and openness with Akshat Choudhary, the founder of BlogVault.

In this interview, Greenwood shares his idea of how small efforts could bring about a domino effect to achieve sustainability in web design.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that this is perhaps the right time for everyone to start thinking about a sustainable web. Especially with the impact of coronavirus all over the world and the awareness which the pandemic has given rise to about various issues including environmental, climatic, and sustainability.

“Openness about the learnings can help people understand the problems we are trying to solve, such as how much energy do data centers are using, and also, how are we going to solve those problems.”

Watch the full interview to hear some interesting thoughts on:

  • What inspired Tom Greenwood to write his book
  • His two cents on keeping the internet an honest space
  • A useful tool- Website carbon calculator
  • How video is enabling a sustainable environment
  • Are data centers eroding sustainability efforts?

Greenwood believes in Matt Mullen’s mantra of getting a community behind things to accelerate research and progress faster. “Proactive transparency can help people see the difference between information that’s not based on facts and one that’s well researched. People can then spend their own time digging into those unknowns and try to research them.“

He goes on to say that if one can find a way to make things super energy efficient with low carbon emissions, it shouldn’t be a proprietary thing.

Sustainable Web Design by Tom Greenwood covers interesting topics such as:

  • How to measure the impact of web design on the environment
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency in web development
  • Steps to building and selling low-carbon websites

Interestingly, the book also talks about the impact of climate on the web. It is available in multiple formats, including e-book and hardcover.


Tom Greenwood is the co-founder of Wholegrain Digital, London’s design-led digital agency. He has a background in design and sustainability and has won the UK government’s Business Leader of Tomorrow Award for his forward-thinking approach to business and sustainability.

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