BlogVault Acquires WP Remote: A Tale of Two WordPress Businesses

We are really happy and excited to announce that BlogVault has acquired WP Remote. Today marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in the journey of this much-beloved tool. 

We’d love to share with you what’s in store for WP Remote. 

But Wait, Who’s WP Remote?

Founded in 2010, WP Remote is a pioneer website management tool. Having been in the community for so long, the plugin has now acquired an iconic status. But a few years back, the founders were finding it hard to focus on the product and they decided to sell WP Remote to an Australian based web design agency name MyWork. A few months later, due to unpredictable circumstances, MyWork could no longer manage the product. And that’s when BlogVault stepped into the picture. 

Why Did BlogVault Acquire WP Remote Anyway?

Founded in 2007, BlogVault’s mission is to give people the power to build valuable online businesses and grow in competitive spaces.

WP Remote’s mission aligns closely with where BlogVault is headed. It just made sense for BlogVault to acquire WP Remote and continue working towards building better products and enable people to build valuable online businesses. 

BlogVault’s Plan For WP Remote

At BlogVault, we have many exciting new plans lined up for WP Remote and if you are curious, you can head over to WP Remote to learn about it. 


Akshat is the Founder and CEO of BlogVault, MalCare, and WP Remote. These WordPress plugins, designed for complete website management, allows 100,000+ customers to build and manage high-performance websites with ease.

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