Migrating your Woocommerce Website? Try adopting Google Analytics with AGA Woocommerce plugin to track conversions.

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There are instances where your website needs a revival in more than designing and UI aspect. A Woocommerce site will need more hosting space and perhaps, a higher bandwidth. In fact, there are plenty of other reasons that compels a migration of your website to a different host. If you are facing any of the issues, even a single one, then you must consider migrating your website.

Why you should consider migrating your website?

a. When you don’t get enough bandwidth to run your Woocommerce website.

b. Not having 24/7*365 customer support to address your concerns. This may lead not only your website but also your business in jeopardy.

c. Frequent downtime will lead you to find a new web host for your Woocommerce site.

The next step is to ensure a smoother migration to a new web host. It is important to avoid migration issues that Migration Guru addresses decently.

Hurdles you might face while migrating:

i. Not knowing how to change the name servers from one host to another during the migration process.

ii. Unable to change the end-points of the web host.

iii. While you may plan to migrate all by yourself, there lies a high possibility of data or website break.

iv. Quick migration without the help of Migrate Guru may raise complexity. The alternative manual process keeps plenty of data at risk.

Amidst all these work, you cannot neglect to address the concerns of Google Analytics. Regardless of your Google Analytics user account, you need to consider analytics. Google Analytics 360 comes pretty handily as you move on with your e-commerce business. You can take your woocommerce data further ahead in Google 360 by streaming your Google Analytics 360 Data into the BigQuery Export

It is advisable to have an Actionable Google Analytics for Woocommerce (AGA Woocommerce Plugin) after migrating your WordPress Woocommerce site. This plugin allows hassle-free, enhanced e-commerce data tracking from your Woocommerce store.
It offers a simple plug-n-play setup that installs in your Woocommerce store. This Woocommerce Plugin will track every possible product data. It uses Universal Analytics that includes enhanced e-commerce and tracking user ID.
Leverage on website migration using MigrateGuru by downloading and installing AGA Woocommerce plugin. This will let you capitalize on migration decision. The AGA Woocommerce Plugin’s script works on WordPress and Woocommerce standards. Enter your Property ID (UA ID) and this plugin will automatically (no need for manual coding) start collecting data from your store. This data will start traversing in your GA property.

The AGA Woocommerce plugin offers advantages when installed on your e-commerce website.

1. AGA Woocommerce plugin offers basic tracking functionalities of Google Analytics. You can get benefits of Google Analytics with AGA Woocommerce plugin even if your website is not GA-  enabled.

2. There are 8 distinctive Enhanced E-commerce reports available with AGA Woocommerce plugin.

3. There are times where a single user may log in to your site with different devices. Data discrepancies and redundancies are bound to occur due to multiple device usages. AGA Woocommerce
The plugin has a dedicated report for each user. It has a list of devices that a user logs in and navigates the website with.

4. Plenty of custom dimension and custom metrics are available in the AGA Woocommerce plugin. This helps in tracking a particular user behavior and interaction. You can define Custom Dimensions like Page Type, User Type, Product Size, and plenty others. It helps you to take better business decisions backed by a proper reporting. For e.g.; you can check product color/size in front of a particular product name with revenue. You can have an idea about which color or size of a product is faring better than the rest.

5. Get hold of your discounts and offers page to analyze the impact of your promotions. Track your woocommerce website conversions with AGA Woocommerce Plugin.

6. The migration process is futile if you cannot take the track the checkout funnels. AGA Woocommerce plugin can track the checkout funnels to identify user checkout behavior. A simple installation of AGA Woocommerce plugin lets you visualize the checkout funnel. You can also identify user drop-out points. Such functionality will let you take actions towards effective conversions.

Make the most out of your E-commerce website migration with the AGA Woocommerce plugin. It is obvious that migration should yield some fruitful results. The Woocommerce plugin will let you take timely decisions that collectively work towards delivering desired results for your website.

Aditi Buch

Author Bio: Aditi heads the marketing & communication at Tatvic and is constantly discovering the power of Google Analytics for a great digital strategy and works towards applying her knowledge for optimizing the same. She prefers reading fiction over non-fiction and with her flair for writing, she blogs on various data analytics topics. Having earned her Master’s in Global Marketing from France, Aditi enjoys studying new culture, new languages and meeting new people


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