How you can use Test Restore to find a missing article

A recent customer case gave us an opportunity to showcase one more way of using our Test Restore feature and we wanted to share the story with our readers.

The Beginning

One day, we received a mail from a customer, Novus Care, saying they recently moved to a new web host and have lost a news article in the process. Moving web hosts is tricky business and we understand it better than anyone else. And that is why we have our own Migration feature that helps you move across servers with zero downtime. Unfortunately, the customer may not have been aware of this and sought the help of a third party service to handle the movement.

The Analysis

We swung right into action to locate the missing news article. In order to do this, we requested our customer for details such as the date of movement and title of the missing article. Armed with this informed, we went through the list of backups to locate the one closest to the time of migration. With blogVault performing daily backups and archiving 30 versions at any point of time, it only took a few minutes to arrive at the right backup.

Once we had the backup file, our next job was to figure out if it included the missing news article. With most backup plugins, the only way to do this is to restore the backup completely. This task can be a time taking one, especially if you have to go through multiple backup files. Moreover, you need to have access to a test environment which isn’t always feasible. But blogVault saves you all this trouble with its awesome Test Restore feature. The Test Restore feature restores any chosen backup version temporarily on blogVault’s test servers so that you can validate it before going ‘live’. It only takes a few minutes, even if you have to go through multiple versions of backup.

The Solution

We did a Test Restore for the customer backup and were able to locate the news article quickly.

After confirming with the customer that this is indeed the article they were looking for, we extracted just that specific data and imported it to the production site. Now, wasn’t that easy?


Akshat is the Founder and CEO of BlogVault, MalCare, and WP Remote. These WordPress plugins, designed for complete website management, allows 100,000+ customers to build and manage high-performance websites with ease.

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