White-Label Feature Announcement

White-Label offers you the opportunity to showcase our service under your own brilliant brand. It’s built into our powerful WordPress Backup and Security service so you can resell our services to your clients as your own at whatever price you’d like.

Create your own recurring revenue stream, deliver a streamlined client experience, and (Of course!) leave all the technical details to us.

Please note that White-Label feature is Available Only to Agency plan users.

Follow the video tutorial to learn How to use BlogVault White-Label:

Shhh. This will be our little secret. Clients don’t need to know how you are keeping their sites so safe.

From the plugin name, description, to the author name and URL, make them all your own. Hide us if you want to.

Your client might come to you if they need anything, but you’ve got a group of agile support team just for you.

Next Steps >>>

  • Check out how to use the White-Labeling feature in BlogVault from here.
  • Try White-Labeling BlogVault from the BlogVault Dashboard Now.
  • You can always get in touch with us from here or also email us at  support@blogvault.net

Akshat is the Founder and CEO of BlogVault, MalCare, and WP Remote. These WordPress plugins, designed for complete website management, allows 100,000+ customers to build and manage high-performance websites with ease.

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