Why did Erica Arnold select blogvault for WordPress backup?

We at blogVault were privileged to speak to one of our esteemed customers – Erica Arnold who is an avid WordPress Blogger. We got some wonderful feedback from her for blogVault which will help us improve our service for our customers. You can connect to Erica on her blog Erica Arnold
Tell us about yourself.
I am a online and marketing social media manager in Orange County, California.
What is your blog about?
My company, Biz Marketing Machines, has a blog that gives online marketing tips to chiropractors, but we also have a Done-For-You Service for them.
Why were you looking to move your site to a new host?
I was looking to move my site to a new host because GoDaddy had many issues with their servers and how secure they were.  I just had issue after issue after issue with them with compromised sites etc.
Why did you engage the developer? What did he do?
The original developer of the site was supposed to offer me a clean backup of when he first made the site, but he never responded or got back to me. 
How did you backup your WordPress site before blogVault?
I tried Back-up Buddy, but found it difficult to move sites that were custom-made for us.
What did you find different in our service and product?
The user interface was so friendly and easy to use.  Basically, click some buttons, fill in some basic information, and you can move your site easily.  Not only that, but there is a chat that pops up when you are signed in if you need any assistance.
How was your experience with blogVault?
My experience was great.  Every time I have used it and needed help, I didn’t have to go searching for it.  It’s difficult to find good customer service, especially with internet-based companies, but I think blogVault is top notch in that area.
How do you think we can improve our service to reach more customers?
You don’t need any improvements on service, because that’s what BlogVault really excels at, but you could just have more bloggers talk about it, and get on the WordPress Forums and find out who needs back up and offer your service.
Thank you so much Erica for taking the time out. We look forward to providing world-class service to you and our customers who need backup for their WordPress site.

Akshat is the Founder and CEO of BlogVault, MalCare, and WP Remote. These WordPress plugins, designed for complete website management, allows 100,000+ customers to build and manage high-performance websites with ease.

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