How to manually backup your WordPress site

If you own a WordPress site, you might already have a good backup solution in place. If you don’t, then you should get one immediately. There is nothing like having a reliable provider who will back up your content regularly, automatically, and manage the backups for you. It lets you focus on your actual business without worrying about losing data. However, it is always good to know how to backup your site on your own too.

A WordPress site includes files and database and a complete backup is one which includes both these components. Let us look at the simplest way in which you copy them to your local computer and have your own backup ready at your fingertips.

Backup Files

As in the case of regular files, WordPress files can be copied using a FTP application like FileZilla. Just 4 simple steps and your files are backed up.

  1. Connect to your host using your FTP credentials. In case you are not aware of your FTP username and password, contact your host.

  2. After connecting to your host, select the local directory where you want to save your backup and the remote location on the host where your WordPress files reside.

  3. Transfer the files to your local computer. In FileZilla, you can either right-click and select Download or drag the files to the right pane to copy the files.

  4. As an optional step, you can compress the files using a tool like WinZip. This can save you a lot of disk space when you store many backups in the future.

Backup Database

Now that you have the files backed up, it is time to work on the database. To backup your site’s database, you must use phpMyAdmin from your host’s cPanel.

After logging in to phpMyAdmin, choose the database that you want to back up. In case you are not sure of the database name, refer to the wp-config.php file. For a complete backup, you can go with the default options. So just click Go and your database is downloaded to your local computer.

One shot Backup

In case you don’t want to bother with copying individual components to your local computer, there is a way in which you can download your entire site. This can be done using Softaculous in your host’s cPanel.

Just navigate to WordPress from your cPanel and click Backup for the site that you want to back up. Its really that simple!

With this knowledge, you can backup your entire WordPress site whenever you want. So don’t let anything come between you and backup. Make sure your site is backed up. All said and done, we’d also caution you about manual backups. One false-step can spell disaster which is why we recommend you to use a backup plugin that’ll automatically backup your WordPress site on a daily basis.