WordPress Backup to Dropbox: Pros, Cons & Things You Need to Know

Jul 18, 2019

WordPress Backup to Dropbox: Pros, Cons & Things You Need to Know

Jul 18, 2019


Dropbox is easily one the most popular online data storage services today. You can seamlessly sync files in your dropbox and share it with others. Dropbox is also very handy when it comes to backing up your files, including entire WordPress sites. Many WordPress backup plugins support Dropbox as one of the remote destinations for storing backups.
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Advantages of Using DropBox?

This way of maintaining backups in an offsite location ensures that backups are independent of your WordPress site, and hence completely safe. Independent access to backups is handy in case your site or web host goes down. Common places to store backups includes web host server and the website itself. Copies of websites are found in these places. But when the website or the web host server goes down, it’s likely that you’ll be unable to access the backups. In cases like these, you can opt for backups stored in Dropbox to restore your site.

A basic 2GB Dropbox storage comes free of cost. Anything over that, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.


Disadvantages of Using DropBox?

One of the disadvantages of using WordPress Backup to Dropbox is that of management. Backups don’t affect your day to day business, and hence no one wants to spend too much time managing them. Backup is like the spare tire of your car that goes unnoticed until you end up with a flat. So not having a simple and efficient way of backup management is a big letdown. You must ensure that you can view the remote backups in your Dropbox account, download, and restore them from your backup plugins. Some WP backup plugins (Backup Guard, and Updraft Plus) support this and some others don’t so be wise while making your choice. (Besides backup plugins, there are numerous other plugins that can help you upload WordPress backups to Dropbox, like for instance, Dropbox Backup by Supsystic, Backup & Restore Dropbox, WordPress to Dropbox)

Moreover, if you have to go through a month’s worth of backups searching for the right one to restore will be unpleasant. Imagine doing this when you are in the middle of a site crash!

wordpress restore

Speaking of restoration, it’s difficult to restore your website that you can’t access using a backup plugin. Even with the Dropbox backups, you could fail to get your site up and running.

Other issues with WordPress Dropbox Backup

Another issue with using your Dropbox account for backup is that of security. While using Dropbox as your offsite storage, you are required to authorize the WordPress plugin to access your storage account. The plugin stores special API keys for this. This can compromise your entire account, including the rest of your data if your site falls prey to hackers.

Apart from this, other there are several other issues with storing backups in Dropbox. Normally backup plugins download your website in .zip or .gz files. In Dropbox, viewing files in this format is not possible. This means that if you are using a backup plugin to store your backup in Dropbox, you can view the files on Dropbox. For sorting the files out, you will need to download them and then work through them. By the looks of it, Dropbox is a not what one might say a comprehensive WordPress backup solution rather a temporary one.

Now that you have a fairly good idea on the advantages as well as the shortcomings of storing backups using Dropbox let’s have a look at the some of the plugins that’ll help store backups in Dropbox.

Backup WordPress to Dropbox Using Plugins



BlogVaults backup to dropbox

It is one of the most well-known premium WordPress backup plugins. BlogVault strongly believes that backups must always be independent of your WordPress site. To ensure complete protection for your backups, it maintains multiple copies of your backup on its own as well as Amazon S3 servers.

It maintains multiple copies of backup files on its own servers as well its own S3 account (Read more on how BlogVault safeguards your data). With BlogVault, you don’t need to use your S3/ Dropbox account for offsite storage. There is no additional charge for using BlogVault’s S3 storage either.  However, if you still want to upload a specific version of backup to your Dropbox account, there is a way to achieve that. BlogVault lets you upload backups of WordPress sites to Dropbox directly from the dashboard.


WP All Backup

wp all backup

It’s a free plugin and very easy to use. The service works offer automatic backups. After setting it up, the entire website gets uploaded to Dropbox on its own, no manual intervention is needed. Moreover, the plugin backs up your WordPress files as well as your database. There are options to schedule the backups. You can choose the time, day and even how regularly on needs to upload their files.

The WP All Backup plugin also lets you choose which files and directories you want to include and the ones you want to exclude.

Some of the other features include multisite compatibility, create Database Backup with just the click of a button, etc. Most importantly it’s a plugin that allows you to restore your choice of backups to your site.

While the free version is very neat, the pro version offers premium facilities including Support from the plugin creators, Amazon S3 Integration, Google Drive Integration, Migration, Clone site, etc.


BackWPup Free

BackWP Up WordPress Dropbox Backup Plugin

Another free backup plugin that backs up your entire WordPress website to Dropbox. It’s worth noting that the plugin offers backup storage in other cloud solutions too which includes Rackspace, FTP, and hard drive. The backups are made in .tar and .zip format which enables users to restore a backup easily.

Besides backing up your entire website which includes WordPress core, WordPress themes, and plugins, with BackWPup you can backup database files as well. Other important features include WordPress XML export where a file is generated and in that file, you can view installed plugins, etc. The BackWPup pro version, however, enables users to have their backups stored in more than one cloud service, even have multisite backups, among other things.


ManageWP Worker

managewp worker

An extremely popular plugin with over one million active installations, ManageWP Worker, is one of the best plugins for the purpose of storing WordPress backups to Dropbox. The main purpose of the plugin is to help manage WordPress websites. And one of its main features is to enable users to backups to services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3, FTP / SFTP. Backups can be scheduled as per your convenience.

Unlike the other plugins we mentioned, ManageWP Worker is a premium plugin and comes with several plans for you to choose from. For backing up websites on Dropbox, you need to choose a Professional Plan that comes at the cost of $2.40 per month. Whether you are a web developer, small business owner or marketer, this particular plan is suitable for you.

While all the above plugins help you backup an entire site, here are a few plugins that help you backup only files that you choose. The files could include videos, audio, pictures, etc. One service that comes to mind is Out-of-the-Box.



out of the box dropbox backup plugin for wordpress

The service does not have an automated backup system. What it does have is an official Dropbox API that’ll help integrate your websites with Dropbox backup solutions. It helps you store backups of your website files. And interestingly, it enables users to use the files within the website via a link they have provided. Having access to the files within the website is handy because you don’t have to jump to a different platform when you require to view, rename, download or delete your files and folders.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox Without Using Any Plugins

For website owners who don’t want to use a WordPress plugin, there are other services that you can opt for in order to back up your WordPress site to Dropbox.



Mover Dropbox backup

It’s a cloud migration system, one that enables users to upload their website on as many as 24 different cloud services which include Dropbox. There are options to schedule your backups, incremental backups, etc. There is a free plan that one can employ for personal use.



Backing up your website is extremely important. You might be taking website security measures, but the worst may still happen. Dropbox is an excellent backup buddy, but it is important to choose the right plugin that enables you to back up your site on Dropbox. Which one the services we mentioned here, you are already using or planning to use?




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