How Jacky Recovered Her Business with the help of BlogVault

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Jacky Abromitis runs a small agency – Atlantic Online Services – that develops and maintains websites built on WordPress. Big or small, the agency has built all kinds of WordPress websites, from “personal sites to medical device companies.”

One of the most important parts of maintaining a website is taking backups. When something goes wrong, they can simply restore the websites instead of shutting down their business. After considering many WordPress backups services, Atlantic Online Services found BlogVault. And soon after, they faced a disaster, recovering from which was tough but Jacky and her team came out of the storm in one piece.




Site Restoration



Jacky Abromitis

Why BlogVault?

-> Offsite Storage
-> Fast Backups
-> Excellent Support

Favourite Feature?

-> Customer Service

“Akshat, BlogVault’s founder, went far above and beyond to help us when we first started using Blogvault.”

One Small Mistake And a Colossal Damage

Ever since Atlantic Online Services began their operations, Jacky Abromitis and her team were looking for a backup solution. A good backup service is a safety net that’ll store their client websites and help the team get the client website online when disaster strikes.

Jacky’s hunt to find a backup solution brought her to BlogVault. Little did she know that her business will face a crisis soon after.  

Humans are error-prone. One misstep can cause a huge disaster. One of the developers of Atlantic Online Services made a grave mistake. S/he accidentally wiped out not just the websites on their live server but also the backups on their server. This means all the websites they had built or were maintaining or were working on, were gone.

Instead of spiralling into a panic spree, Jacky and her team were able to put their heads together and came up with a solution. “Fortunately, with BlogVault, we had offsite, remote backups, and we were able to quickly and easily restore the site,” Jacky says. Since the incident, Atlantic Online Services is sceptical about having only local backups and have been relying heavily on BlogVault for backup services.

Keeping one’s head right and having the right tools in place, enabled Jacky and her team overcome a catastrophe that threatened to ruin their business and lives.

“We’ve been with Blogvault for so long that we have no issues with backing up.”

Came for Backups, Stayed For Customer Service

4 years and counting, Jacky’s agency – Atlantic Online Services continues to use BlogVault Backup Services. In Jacky’s own words, the reasons behind their unwavering faith in BlogVault is because: “Akshat, BlogVault’s founder, went far above and beyond to help us when we first started using BlogVault and had to restore a very large site. Additionally, BlogVault keeps evolving, offering new features like malware scanning and the ability to see what plugins and themes need updating, with the ability to update from right within BlogVault. They just keep adding new features – very impressive!”

“We don’t often need an assist, but if we do, we have always received speedy, excellent help [from the Support team].”

What Makes BlogVault Unique?

Develop your site the way you’ve always wanted to. Update without breaking live site.

Automated workflows that ensure everything you need is only a click away.

When your site crashes, our multiple off-site backups have your back.

An Agile & Responsive Customer Support that caters to Everyone Equally.

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