How to convert a Page to a Post in WordPress

All of us are prone to human errors and it is quite common to end up creating a new “page” instead of “post” or vice versa on your WordPress website. To avoid any rework, it would be convenient to convert a page to a post or vice versa. This can be done easily with the “Post Type Switcher” plugin which allows you to switch the post type which editing the post. Prior to installing this plugin, the page/post edit section looks like below. Edit page This plugin can be installed by searching for it in the search box. search plugin After installation, it needs to be activated. To switch the post type, open the page or post to edit. You can see the “Post Type” option on the right side of the page. Edit page As in this example, if you are trying to change a Page to a Post, click on “Edit” and chose the option of “Post”. Click on “OK” and “Update” to finish the conversion. Edit page Now you can see that the Page has been switched to a Post. post3

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