Heartbleed – No worries for blogVault customers!

heartbleed_50 The latest security threat doing the rounds is the Heartbleed bug. This bug is a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library. OpenSSL is used by majority of the sites on the Internet to transmit sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers in a secure manner. The Heartbleed flaw makes it possible for hackers to trick systems into sending over data stored in their memory. It is even possible for hackers to get hold of encryption keys using with they can decrypt information moving to and from a given site.

Heart Beats As blogVault uses OpenSSL to safeguard your data from attacks, it is quite normal for our customers to be concerned. But we are here to assure you that your data is under NO threat. blogVault uses a version of SSL that is not affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability. So no worries there, your data is absolutely safe with us!


Akshat is the Founder and CEO of BlogVault, MalCare, and WP Remote. These WordPress plugins, designed for complete website management, allows 100,000+ customers to build and manage high-performance websites with ease.

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