7 Reasons you Need to Know Why BlogVault is the Best WordPress Security Plugin

Jan 1, 2018

7 Reasons you Need to Know Why BlogVault is the Best WordPress Security Plugin

Jan 1, 2018


Security plugins are always essential for the overall security of the site. They act like a wall which do not allow malware and harm your site and its data. Therefore you always need WordPress Security plugins to make your site’s data secure. Before having them, you first must know the different features they provide.


If you want to find out these features, you have come to the right place because I am going to tell you everything you need to know about them, right here. The security plugins must have some essential features and according to it, you can choose the best ones for you.


Feature 1 – Content Backup   


Whatever the work you are doing on your site, you must be able to save it, and go through, whenever you need. Hence content backup becomes very essential. Search for the plugins that could provide the backups in the most secure way possible. Content backup should be the first thing that needs to be present in the plugin.


Feature 2 – Site Restore                      


The next most important feature is the site restore. It is the complete site management process. With its help, you can not only keep your site safe but also you can restore the site whenever you want to. The best backup plugins will be those that will help you to restore your site with a single click only.


Feature 3 – DashBoard Management           


The security plugin must also be able to give nice dashboard management as well. The best ones will give you the independent dashboard management. You must be able to access all your data through the dashboard instead of worrying about the data management. All the site’s data should be easily accessible from the dashboard itself.


Feature 4 – Multisite Management  


It is the management of different sites that are hosted under your domain name, one at a time. In this case, the plugins will backup your entire network in the same place thereby giving you the option of sharing resources.


Feature 5 – Backup Type

The best way of making backups that’s available is the Incremental one. It is the backup feature that saves the whole data at a time, and then takes the backup of the changed files only. In this way, whole data is saved taking less time and storage. With incremental backup, one can get to use the best form of taking the backups from the site.


Feature 6 – Storage Options


Well, a plugin is not completed without a proper storage option available. So whether it is a simple plugin or just a security plugin, independent storage option is a must. With the help of the right storage, you can easily find out the best storage options that can help you to make your work easier.


Feature 7 – Backup History


How can one forget the backup history feature of the plugin? It’s one of the most important features involved in every backup plugin. Proper backup history is very important and its tracking as well. So that you can keep track of your work. So having a backup history will help you to have the track of all the works you have done before.


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What makes BlogVault perfect for security?


Well, the plugins which Blogvault provides do posses features as your WP security plugin. But what makes Blogvault so special. Well, I can tell you these reasons here –   


  • Action Oriented – BlogVault offers one-click setup, and zero downtime migration as well. It also performs the complex actions like staging and migration, that’s equally important in the process of moving any site from one domain to another. Or testing the site etc.    


  • Threat Protection – You will remain completely safe from the threats like hosting issues, malware/hacks, natural disasters and storage issues as well. You can also change the incompatible plugins for your site’s functionality, and work on the themes that let your site seem unprofessional.   


  • Well-Maintenance – Whatever the work you will do, will be in a completely organised way, BlogVault offers quick data processing and tasks performed. The dashboard section is well maintained & quite easy, and there will no problem operating with it.


  • Data Backup – Like any other security plugin, it provides data backup. But data backup in such a way that it would not get disturbed in any way.  All types of data can be backed up using the security plugin, and moreover, the plugin must backup the entire data as well.   


  • Data Security –  Basically the data security, data availability, proper backup and well maintenance of the data are some general features which are included in every backup plugin. Name any kind of data security, BlogVault is able to provide it.  


  • Data Management – This tools also feature illuminating data management process. You can also perform many updates that might be required and can also manage the user roles accordingly. You can edit the files and site as per you want.
  • Automatic Data Backups – This is the best backup option available for you. With Blogvault you can easily perform the automatic backups, and thus make your whole site secure in the best way possible. Automatic backups literally help your site’s data to be kept in the safest way possible. And with BlogVault you can do it with the best site encryption methods.


Besides this, the harden site security is the one that’s the speciality of BlogVault.  You will get an absolute site security and a great user experience. As all your data will be in an encrypted form, so there will be no chance for any malware to penetrate into your site and destroy it.


Lastly, I would like to say that if you think these features can help you make your site safer, then you must opt for BlogVault as your prime security plugin. I hope that you have liked my article. Thanks for reading it, also share it with your friends as well.       

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