Best wordPress security plugins


13 Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2022 (Compared – Pros and Cons)

If you’re looking to secure your WordPress site, a security plugin is the best way to go. WordPress security plugins aren’t just convenient, but they are also the most efficient way to protect your site from threats and vulnerabilities. But how do you pick the best WordPress security plugin? WordPress security can be complex and…

godaddy backups


[Review] GoDaddy Backup and Restore: A Complete Guide

GoDaddy’s site hosting service has automated backups as a feature. Before depending on GoDaddy backups as your primary backup solution, you need to know if they are reliable. In this article, we talk about what good backups are, and if GoDaddy backups are good. We put GoDaddy backup and restore through its paces to see…

website malvertising


Website Malvertising – Everything You Need to Know

If you display ads on your WordPress website, you cannot ignore malvertising. Quite often, hackers infiltrate ad networks and use your website to hijack your ads and display adult content. Infected ads trick visitors into downloading malicious software or the download begins automatically. They also steal their personal data and payment information. They do all…

website security check.


Website Security Check: 5 Tools to Scan Site for Malware

Is your WordPress website acting funny? Did it suddenly slow down? Or maybe you’ve noticed unfamiliar pop-ups appearing on your pages? It’s likely that your website has been hacked! Slow websites and unfamiliar pop-ups are signs of a hacked website. You may also witness a sharp decline in traffic or users complaining of receiving spam…

OWASP’s Top 10 Security Risks


OWASP Top 10 Security Risks and Vulnerabilities

privilege escalation of wordpress users


Privilege Escalation: What is it and Why is it so Important?

 Do you have multiple users on your WordPress website? Did you know hackers can exploit user accounts to take full control of your website? They can do this by taking advantage of what is known as a privilege escalation vulnerability. These vulnerabilities appear in some WordPress plugins and themes from time to time. By exploiting…

scan wordpress database for malicious codes


How to Scan WordPress Database For Malware & Fix Your Site?

Did you notice something strange in your database lately? Did you see a number of unknown tables or did you notice an unknown URL in the options table? These are classic signs of a hacked database. The WordPress database stores information from your WordPress website. When your database is hacked, hackers can steal information, redirect…



Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

Running a business online is a lot like owning a house. One of the first things we do when we buy a house is to lay security measures. You wouldn’t want anyone trespassing, damaging or stealing your property now, would you? Then why would you leave your site open to trespass, damage or theft? Yes,…

11 Secrets To Help You Select a WordPress Backup Plugin


Introducing: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Backup Plugin

Here’s a scenario to consider: You wake up, have your morning coffee, get on the computer to check your website and find out that you’ve become a vendor of mail-order prescription medicines overnight. You, my good friend, have been hacked. This is where you need a Safety Net that can take care of all such…

computer lock online business security


Making Sense of WordPress Security for Online Business Owners

Security is one of the most important aspects of any website, yet countless online business owners ignore this fact when they are starting out. WordPress, as the most robust, most used website engine in the world, is both the platform of choice for online entrepreneurs and the platform of choice for hackers to attack. Therefore,…

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