How to Auto Restore a WordPress Backup

In this video I will show you how easy it is to restore a site automatically using blogVault. On the dashboard we will first click the “Restore” link.

We will now have to enter the details of the restored site. In this example we will restore the site at a new location, http://localhost/newblog instead of We will next enter the directory in which we should copy the wordpress files.

We will also need to provide the details of the database of the new site. This is very similar to the details you provide in your wordpress config file.

Finally we will provide the ftp credentials of the server where we want to do the restore. This is it. We now click Restore Button.

There, the restore was successful. Let us visit the new site to verify that it has been restored correctly.How to Auto Restore a WordPress Backup

  • Robert L

    Do you have anymore documentation on your service. Having trouble getting to trial restore to work and had questions on how to download backup to restore or local Mac running MAMP Pro.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Robert,

      I have mailed you a few times, though I am not sure if my mails are reaching you. Can you please let confirm if you have received my mails. Also if you can drop me your phone number by mail, I can call you too.


      • Talen

        Why is there no step by step documentation on how to do anything such as a restore. This video doesn’t cut it at all.

  • Ian Davies

    Hi there

    I am very interested in your product and wanted to check out the video on this page, but the audio is so low I can’t hear it even with my speakers on maximum. How about re-doing it or writing a transcript.


    Ian D

  • Alex Scarfo

    I’m currently evaluating blogvault with the demo version and have already seen its benefits. I was experimenting with a wordpress plugin customization when I coded something wrong crashing my site. I logged into my blogvault account and did an auto-restore and poof, my clients site was back up and running like it was before the crash. I will definitely be purchasing this for multiple sites and will continue to use it with future web clients.

    Terrific concept and executed perfectly my friend!

  • Fred Campbell

    Just about to sign one of my clients up to blogVault, after reviewing dozens of other options. Hope I never have to follow this auto restore tutorial … but the peace of mind that it does work is priceless

  • Matthew Wygant

    Unclear on migration/restore procedure. Do I need a wordpress install at the destination?

  • darren.chaker

    Although I have not needed to use the back up, but the process looks simple.
    Darren Chaker