When you run your business online, it is like your own online real estate. You wouldn’t want anyone trespassing or damaging your property, so why leave your site open to malware?

Why should I secure my site?

The damage caused by a hack on your site can be truly horrifying. You can suffer data loss. Google will blacklist your site or your web host may suspend your site for security reasons, and hence, your site’s SEO also gets affected
Knowing this, it is important to keep site security as a top priority when you start your online business on WordPress

Doesn’t WordPress keep my site safe?

While there is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular CMS and blogging platform right now, you’re never truly safe from people with malware. WordPress cannot protect you from targeted hacker attacks, and there can be many vulnerabilities found daily. When it comes to your site being secure from hacker or bot attacks, it always pays to go a step further.

WordPress Security Plugins

The step you need to take is to install a security plugin on your site.
There are many security plugins for WordPress. We have researched about them and can confidently say that below are the Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins. If you are serious about your online business running on WordPress, you should use these plugins to keep it secure.





MalCare’s Advanced Deep Scan Technology has been developed after analyzing over 240,000 sites. It uses 100+ Intelligent Signals to accurately detect even the most complex malware on your site. MalCare cleans out malware on your site with surgical precision, using the powerful one-click malware removal service.

From the House of BlogVault Backup and Security plugin, MalCare is already making waves as the most efficient plugin to secure WordPress sites.



→ Automatic and On-Demand Malware Deep Scanning

→ Complex Malware Detection

→ Tracks every change in your files

→ No Overload on your Servers

→ No False Positives

→ One-Click Automatic Malware Removal

→ Limits login attempts

→ Suspicious Login Alerts

→ Site Hardening

→ Integrated Backup

→ Auditing and Reporting



→ MalCare is an All-in-One Security Solution. It includes all security features like Scanning, Cleaning, Protection, and Prevention in one place.

→ MalCare scans daily automatically, but On-Demand scan of your website is also possible, with just One-Click on MalCare dashboard.

→ With the ridiculously easy MalCare One-Click Automatic Clean feature, you don’t have to share your site credentials with anyone and your site will be clean in no time at all.

→ MalCare implements the best security practices for Hardening your site, such as blocking PHP execution in untrusted folders, disabling the file editor, changing security keys and blocking rogue theme/plugin installation.

→ MalCare sends you alerts before search engines like Google blacklist your site, or web hosts block your site for suspicious malicious activity.

→ MalCare’s remote scanning ensures that your site resources are never affected and will never slow down your site.

→ MalCare sends a malware alert to you, only when there is an actual malware on your website, thus avoiding any unnecessary panic

→ MalCare tracks all the changes in your files and can easily rollback the hacked file to a clean version without affecting your site.

→ MalCare helps you keep a backup of your site with BlogVault’s advanced Incremental Backup technology.



  • It is a new product so it is still under development, to get even better.





WordFence has a number of security features, some of which of are free while others are paid. It is an open source security software which is very popular amongst WordPress users. Their Live Traffic view claims to give you real-time updates on your site traffic and even hack attempts.


→ WordFence Firewall blocks complex and brute force attacks

→ Security Scan alerts you quickly in the event of a security issue

→ Real-Time Monitoring using Threat Defense Feed

→ Security alerts

→ Incident recovery tools

→ WordPress Firewall

→ IP Blocking Features

→ Multisite Security

→ File repair

→ Caching features



WordFence performs a high sensitivity scan of your site’s files and provides a detailed list of files which Wordfence thinks might be compromised

The Integrated Wordfence Falcon Engine is a server-side caching tool which loads your site faster and gives a better score on Google’s Page Speed Insights tests.

WordFence firewall blocks attacks, malware and any backdoor vulnerabilities you may have on your site.

→ MalCare implements the best security practices for Hardening your site, such as blocking PHP execution in untrusted folders, disabling the file editor, changing security keys and blocking rogue theme/plugin installation.

Wordfence also alerts you via email to updates you need to make to your site security and plugins.

You can view the live traffic on your site.

Wordfence is constantly updated.

WordFence includes support for other major plugins and themes.



→ Paid plan members get support first compared to the free version users. They might even take a week to get back to you.

→ If your site is being hit heavily with attack bots, you could get emailed a lot. While this can be called “awareness of the situation” it might lead to uncontrolled panic.

→ The plugin offers site scans your entire website for malware each time. This will take up a lot of your server resources and can slow your site down. This could affect your site’s performance if you are on a shared hosting environment.

The user interface of the plugin is overwhelming. The options page can be confusing for first-time users.

Real-time monitoring, mobile phone sign in, scheduled scan, password audit, advanced spam filter, and country blocking are available only for premium subscribers.





Top 5 wordpress security plugins - Sucuri


Sucuri Inc. is a reputed security service company that offers website security software and services to business of all sizes, all around the world. Sucuri’s products and services are not just for WordPress, but even for Joomla, Drupal, PHP, .NET and HTML too.


Activity Auditing

File Integrity Monitoring

Remote Malware Scanning

Blacklist Monitoring

Effective Security Hardening

Post-Hack Security Actions

Security Notifications

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Cloud-based Backup Service

Real-time DDoS mitigation

Continuous Security Monitoring / Offers continuous malware scanning.



→ Sucuri’s firewall blocks all the attacks before it even touches our server.

→ Stops hacks and DDoS attacks immediately.

With Sucuri’s WAF, IPS, Monitoring and Alerting System, your website will be less vulnerable to attacks

With a response team at your call, you can get your website cleaned up and running under several hours.

If you decide to use the Sucuri CDN service, you can expect increased customer satisfaction rates, more page views, increase conversion rate and decreased bounce rate.

Sucuri team researches and reports potential security issues to WordPress core team as well as other plugins.



Firewall and scheduled scans are available only in the premium version.

On average security experts charge $250 / hour for consulting. This can get quite expensive.





iThemes Security

Top 5 wordpress security plugins - iThemes Security


iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) claims to provide 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. It can lock down WordPress, fix common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials. There are many maintenance services like WP Buffs that offer free access to premium security plugins like iThemes Security. If you are using a maintenance service for your WordPress websites, find out whether there is a security plugin they provide and test it. 


→ iThemes Brute Force Attack Protection Network

→ Two-factor Authentication

→ Monitor core file changes

→ Threat Detection

→ Logging user actions

→ Data Obfuscation

→ Database Recovery

→ Multisite Compatibility

→ Detects hidden 404 errors on the site

→ Backup database on a schedule

→ Security Tutorials



→ iThemes Security lets you ban the IP addresses of known attackers from your site.

→ It monitors your files to check for any unauthorized changes.

→ It prevents brute force attacks by banning users and bots with repeated failed login attempts

→ You can rename the content directory, database table prefix, and login URL to prevent hacking attempts

→ iThemes Security forces you to use latest versions of the themes and plugins.

→ It can track user activity like when they log in, edit content and logout from the site.

→ It can detect vulnerabilities and fixes them in seconds

→ iThemes Security enforces strong passwords to all user accounts

→ You can turn off login for a particular period called the vacation mode.

→ It sets a maximum password age for all user accounts or forces them to change it immediately during emergency situations.

→ iThemes Security provides Two-factor authentication, Google ReCaptcha and prevents unauthorized changes in the file system



→ Ticketed Support is available only for Premium users.

→ Basic features like Scheduled malware scan, two-factor authentication, password expiration, user logging and Google reCAPTCHA are available for premium subscribers only.






Founded in 2008, the SiteLock cloud-based suite of products offers automated vulnerability detection and malware removal, DDoS protection, website acceleration, website risk assessments, and PCI compliance.


Daily malware scans

Automatic malware removal

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Remove you from a blacklist

DDoS attack protection

Website acceleration

PCI compliant



SiteLock offers broad security offering to protect all aspects of your site.

→ SiteLock Infinity scans your website repeatedly to detect and remove malware.

You can ensure the security of your site by scanning pages in draft mode.

Depending on your negotiation skills, it can be a low-cost option.

SiteLock’s TrueCode Static Application Security Testing (SAST) finds common vulnerabilities by analyzing your site with “white-box” testing.

SiteLock’s TrueShield Web Application Firewall protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests.



Costs can vary wildly between each customer.




Top 5 wordpress security plugins - Secupress


SecuPress protects your WordPress site with a dedicated security scanner. It provides a security grade and reports for your website so that you know what needs to be fixed. The Plugin UI is simple and easy to use. It is a French product with instructions and support in French (and English of course)


Malware Scanner can be Scheduled and Automatic

Database and File Backups

→ Vulnerable theme and plugin detection

→ Anti Spam

Built-in backups

→ Security key protection



SecuPress sends alert emails every 15 minutes in case of critical external action.

On SecuPress, the options available for various security services are presented clearly.

It can move the authentication page to the admin (login form) to another address, which can save you from the Brute Force attacks.

It enforces Strong Passwords, Passwords Lifetime, Double Authentication, Profile page protection, WordPress Updates, and IP Whitelisting.

It handles additional security features (Disables .zip Uploads, Themes, Plugins, XML-RPC, REST API, Hotlinking)



Casual WordPress users will find SecuPress for one site more expensive than multisite.

Multisites are possible only with premium versions.

Direct external requests to plugin and theme files are reported to bypass their firewall.


WP Security Audit Log


While it is very important to harden the security of your WordPress website, protecting it with some sort of firewall and also scanning it for malware, there is another important aspect of website security. Keeping a record of everything that happens on your WordPress website in an activity log is also required.

The WP Security Audit Log plugin helps you do just that. Audit Logs, also known as activity logs enables you to easily troubleshoot and identify suspicious behavior, thus giving you time to take evasive action before there are any security issues.


→ User session management

→ In-depth reports

→ Search and filter activities

→ Manage WordPress audit trail & database

→ Export audit logs to online services



→ The plugin allows you to see who is logged in to your WordPress websites and keep track of what they are doing in real-time.

→ You can generate activity reports and even configure and schedule automated reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

→ Whenever a user makes a major change to your site, you’ll be instantly notified via email.

→ The premium version allows you to search for specific changes that were made on your site.

→ it enables you to store the WordPress audit trail in an external database so it does not impact the performance of your WordPress.

→ And you can export a copy of the WordPress audit log to online services such as Papertrail or to your server’s syslog file.



→ Some essentials features are only available in the premium version of the plugin.


Next Steps >>

Your site will never be entirely safe since there are always new malware and threats coming up, each day. The best you can do for your site safety and security is to install the right Security Solution to take care of your site for you.

Make sure you pick a security plugin that you trust and will perform Complete and Reliable Malware Scanning, Cleaning, Protection, and Prevention.

Apart from installing a WordPress security plugin, you can also switch to a reliable web host, keep regular backups of your website, and last but not least – Keep Strong and Unique Passwords