Why Scan Site for Malware Detection is Important and How it Can be Done?

Dec 6, 2017

Why Scan Site for Malware Detection is Important and How it Can be Done?

Dec 6, 2017

scan site for malware

Why Malware Detection is Important?

Digital marketing seems to look easy and simple from its surface, but is as complex in depth. There are so many things an associate has to deal with, in order to make things work good. Using wordpress is very common in terms of Blogging, site creation and adding content stuff in it. So why not make it easy on yourself and scan site for malware the easy way.

Though anyone can use this platform for their content/site creation stuff, just have to be very quick on all of the problems that may occur during your site creation. The most threatening problem is, of the different malware that can attack and harm your system. So it’s your duty to protect your site from any kind of problem. But how will you do it?

Malware aren’t the one which can’t be prevented from entering your website. With proper detection and monitoring you can keep your site safe from any kind of hacking like problems. Here I will tell you about the best ways you can protect your WordPress site –

scan for malware


Site Scanning – Scan Site for Malware

Performing site scanning for your website at regular intervals can be very effective in terms you want a full website protection for your WordPress. You know it that how much time and hard work it takes to create a website, and just one malware problem and you can have many problems regarding it.

Site scanning is a term associated with website’s security. It is the process in which a particular site is checked for any kind of problem occurrence in it. The process is done to know whether the site contains any malfunction or not. Scan site for malware detection is an old, yet very useful method for the detection of any problem.

You will easily check for the site’s functionality by performing site scanning process.

Let’s take you to know in depth about this function, to let you know more.

Today’s technology has become very advance, thereby creating different ways to perform the scanning of the website. Now there are many types of website scanning you can actually perform. Here I am describing them all –

  • Quick Scan –

    The most frequent types of scanning is the quick scan. It is the scanning of the active files and folders, and the common areas of as website. Though the chances for virus detection is small, yet not impossible in this type of scanning.      

  • Custom Scan –

    If you want to scan the files and catalogues separately, then you can opt for this scan type. This one is popular because it allows you to create your own scanning options. You are free to select the areas of website that you want to scan.

  • Full Scan –

    This is the most prominent scan types, that can help you to detect every single piece of problem that will(may) occur in your website. This scanning type is the one which checks for every data of the website, and detects the vulnerability if found.

What are the Common website Vulnerabilities?

Any WordPress website or simply site can undergo these vulnerability problem. Check them out here –

  • Site hacking –

    There are hackers present all around in the internet. You just have to be very alert form them if you want your site to be safe. This makes it the very first reason to perform different scanning techniques.

  • Security misconfiguration –

    The hackers try their best to get the site security details, including the server, platform, framework and back end database. Hackers can change the important informations if any security isn’t applied on the site.

  • Broken authentication –

    These are the website authority and session management vulnerabilities, usually occurs because of unprotected authentication credentials. These need to be secured on proper basis, as any problem may cause data loss like problems.

  • SQL Injection –  

    This is a common website hacking technique which is used by the malicious attackers to hack the site. They put the malicious code in the SQL statement of a webpage, and as a result can hack the information in the site’s database server.  

So in all these ways the website can be disturbed due to malware.

Source to perform Scanning –

When it comes to wordpress, you can use the different tools and software that are available for the website scanning purpose. Here are the different sources for it –

  • Website scanning tools

    These are the software that are made for the website scanning. You can also have the third party tools that are made for these process. Its suggested to follow the best.

  • Data Backup plugin –

    These are the WordPress plugins, (both insource and outsource) that are made to have the data backups and site’s backup. The best ones offer all kinds of scanning for your website. BlogVault, Backupbuddy etc. are some of the examples.   

What will be the effect of scanning a website?

Basically, as it is related to security term, the most effective result will be regarding the security of the website. Lets point out these –

  • Website security –

    Your site will be secure of any malfunctioning and thus you will not face any issues like site misfunction, website crash, data loss etc.

  • Data protection –

    Your data will be completely protected and secure of any kind of threat if you opt for proper scanning types.

  • Site Monitoring –

    You will be able to detect all the things thats going on in the site, if your site will be affected by any virus, you can eliminate it.

So here was my blog describing about the malware security detection, the ways, the effects and the importance as well. Now it’s all up to you for selecting the best tool/plugin/software for your scanning purpose. You are suggested to look for all the features first and then to install the tool in your system.

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I hope this Blog has find some help for you, Thanks for reading. Do share it with someone who needs this. 🙂


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