Are you stuck with your web hosting service because you just don’t want the headache of migrating your WordPress website? Did you lose out on a great offer by another web hosting service because you were worried about migrating your entire website to theirs? Or do you avoid working locally because it saves you the hassle of migrating to a live server?

Migrating your website can be difficult. Wait, let us rephrase that: Manually migrating your website can be difficult.

It’s a tedious process. Not to mention, it takes forever. If you don’t take extra care (raise that ‘extra’ to infinity), you might end up with a website that is dysfunctional, or even incomplete – without images or details. Having a few images missing here and there is still okay. But what if your “cart” is not functioning?

So how can you avoid this and make migrating as easy as 1, 2, 3?

With plugins. That’s how!

Best WordPress migration plugins





1. BlogVault

With BlogVault, migrating doesn’t need steps 2 and 3. One click is all it will take you for migrating your site to a new host, domain or web server!

BlogVault’s migration is 80% faster than other migration WordPress plugins. If you think being fast makes it compromise on features, you are wrong. BlogVault’s WordPress Migration plugin will take care of serialization for your URLs, posts, pages and everything else. Click and forget! BlogVault WordPress Migrator plugin supports over 5000+ web hosts. You read that right! Never worry about your web host not being supported. No other WordPress Migration plugin supports these many hosts.

With zero downtime guarantee, rest assured that your sales will be unaffected while migrating. The end user will not even notice. Smooth and seamless. Have a huuuuuge website with countless GB of data? BlogVault WordPress Migration plugin has got you covered there, too. With support for websites as large as 350 GB, migration with BlogVault WordPress Migration plugin is a piece of cake. Now you might wonder how much all of this will cost you. BlogVault WordPress Migration plugin is free with ANY BlogVault backup plan! Yep. You can have this for as little as $7.4/month.

UpdraftPlus Migrator plugin

UpdraftPlus Migrator


2. UpdraftPlus Migrator

UpdraftPlus Migrator makes migrating your website easy. It takes out all the complexities associated with migration, and provides you with a neat, clean interface, while it works in the background furiously. But you need to have some technical knowledge. UpdraftPlus Migrator supports migration and cloning of your websites, which comes in handy when you want to test new features, upload from a local server or move to a new web host or server. Updraft Plus Migrator supports many popular web hosting services, as well.

It’s fine if you have to manage many sites. Because UpdraftPlus Migrator has multi-site support that takes care of it for you. UpdraftPlus Migrator will also clean your new website of any references to the old one on its own. Available as an add-on or bundled with the UpdraftPlus premium plan, UpdraftPlus Migrator is one of the most popular WordPress Migration plugins with over 2+ million site installs and 4.8 in ratings. With so many happy customers, this one is some serious competition!

All-in-One WPMigration

All-in-One WP Migration


3. All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-One WP Migration is compatible with mobile devices. You can migrate your site even if you do not have access to a laptop or a computer! Though All-in-One WP Migration is available as a free plugin, if you want to move your websites which are more 512MB in size, you must go for the paid version. Prices start at $69.

If you don’t have to migrate websites larger than 512MB, this is a great tool for migration. Since it has almost zero dependencies, it’s compatible with many web hosts just like BlogVault. All-in-One WP Migration like other plugins for WordPress makes migration easy. But you still have to manually export and import the website copies.

Duplicator migration



4. Duplicator

Duplicator has over 10 million downloads, making it the one of most popular, if not the most popular, WMP on our list.

The Duplicator plugin offers zero downtime while migrating, cloning, or moving your WordPress website. While the free version allows you to migrate, you must purchase the WordPress Duplicator Pro version for more functionality like cloud storage, scheduled backups, custom search and replace and support for large websites.

Using Duplicator requires some technical knowledge which is also mentioned on their webpage, so it’s not for someone new to WordPress. If you have the Duplicator Pro version, you can bundle your plugins and themes in a Duplicator package and re-use them multiple times. This saves you a lot of time as you need to configure just one website and keep using it at multiple locations!

WP Clone by WP Academy

WP Clone by WP Academy


5. WP Clone by WP Academy

The biggest advantage of WP Clone by WP Academy is that it does not require FTP access to current or destination websites. Yet another advantage the WP Clone by WP Academy has, is speed. It quickly moves your user content and database, and since it does not backup WordPress system files, upload time is reduced considerably.

However, WP Clone is not as reliable as other plugins. In approximately 10-20% of installations, WP Clone by WP Academy fails. This has been admitted by the developers, so use this plugin if and only if you have a backup stored somewhere. Another issue with this plugin is that it has not been tested with the last three releases of WordPress and was last updated two years ago. Despite the issues, it is still a popular plugin and has over 200,000 active installations and a rating of 4.1 stars.

Which one should you choose?

So, these are the top five WordPress plugins that are used for migration. They all have their advantages and unique selling points.

  • Zero downtime guarantee
  • Speed
  • Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Ease of Use

…to mention a few.

If your site is small, or if you don’t require many of the add-on functions provided, the free versions of UpdraftPlus and Duplicator (provided you have some technical know-how) are just fine. Always on the move? Go with All-in-One WP Migration with its additional features and mobile device compatibility.

But, If you want a robust, fast and reliable migration plugin or having zero downtime is one of your priorities, we would suggest you go with the BlogVault Migration plugin. What’s more, it’s available for free with most BlogVault plan with all the features. You can move large WordPress sites quickly, efficiently and with just one click. No need for any technical know-how. Even your dog could do it! I was just kidding, don’t make your dog work.

If you are looking for smooth, comprehensive migrations, try BlogVault today!

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