Adding Flickr Photo Albums to Your WordPress Site

Mar 3, 2015

Adding Flickr Photo Albums to Your WordPress Site

Mar 3, 2015

It is rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So it is quite natural that you would want to add pictures to enhance your website and describe it better. Pictures can be included in several ways. We shall see one of the ways to add a Flickr album to your WordPress website.

Integrating your Flickr album

Flickr used to have the photo sharing option to WordPress which was deprecated recently. But there are several plugins to achieve this purpose. Flickr albums can be added to a Widget, page or post depending on the plugin. Let us take a look at one of the popular plugins “Flickr Album Gallery”. This plugin can be installed from the WordPress plugin repository.

flickr plugins

Before you get started, you need to get your Flickr API key. Go to the Services page ( from your Flickr login and select “Get an API Key”.


You will see the following page. Select Non- commercial as your purpose.


Next, you need to fill in some details. Mention the plugin name and the purpose of the plugin.

Flickr - Application Sharing!

Click on “Submit” to create your unique key as shown below. This key will be used to create and add galleries to your website.


Once you have the API key, you can add a new gallery by clicking on “Add New Gallery” from the “Flickr Album Gallery” menu on the dashboard. You can add a Title and then the important information of Key and Album ID which will enable this plugin to connect to your Flickr album.


The Album ID can be obtained by visiting your Flickr homepage and clicking on the album that you want to share. The Album ID is the number shown at the end of the URL.


Click on “Publish” to have the gallery ready to be added in a page or a post using a shortcode. You can see the Shortcode for this album on the right side.


This shortcode can be pasted on a New page or post to add the album.


You can add any text, Save and Publish the post. This is how the album looks on your WordPress website!


It’s important to note that when you are adding a new plugin to your website, they affect the security of your site. Keeping all the plugins of your website updated is very important. It’s a basic security measure for any WordPress website. Ignoring updates can get your site compromised. And if you are worried about spending too much time updating your websites daily, using a single dashboard from where you can update all your sites could be a solution. Backup and security services like BlogVault offer WordPress site management feature that enables you to update all your WordPress websites from the dashboard itself. This means you don’t have to log in to each one of your websites to monitor and update plugins, or even themes or WordPress core that are outdated. You can invest this saved time in growing your business while your site remains secure.

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