How to reduce your bounce rate by over 40% (or at least how we did it!)

In fact, it was so radical that even the prospect of AB testing it had to be thrown out of the window, it’d be like apples and oranges, and so we took a deep breath, popped her out of the door and waited to see what happened… gulp.

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Learn If WordPress Is Secure

One of the most common questions that people have, when they are thinking about using self, hosted WordPress for their website revolves around whether or not WordPress is secure. When you’re running a website for either personal or business reasons, you want to make sure that your site isn’t vulnerable to attacks.

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Serve your WordPress site 10x faster

You might be thinking to yourself, this guy is trying to sell some type of miracle snake-oil potion. How could it be so easy to speed up your WordPress site? The truth of the matter is that most of the time we don’t take advantage of many of the resources available to us. Most WordPress users are delivering uncompressed content to visitors of their sites.

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