My Go-To Resources for WordPress – BRIAN KROGSGARD

I often notice people looking for reliable WordPress resources. I’ve answered as much on Quora before, and the newly relaunched Code Poet recently asked people to share resources on Twitter. But I really just need to blog about all of the resources I use most often. I’ve been meaning to make this for a long time, so here I am.

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How to contribute to WordPress – ManageWP

As you no doubt already know, WordPress in its current form wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the input of a huge number of developers all over the world, who happily sacrifice their hours to improve upon our favorite content management system.

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[Tech How To] User Contact Fields in WordPress

WordPress comes with a “default” set of user contact fields, which has always looked random to me: AIM, Yahoo IM and Jabber / Google Talk, instead of what I’d want to have there: Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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[Marketing How To] Twitter Business Marketing v Search Engine Optimization

Is it more productive to spend time marketing your business using Twitter or with SEO?

Not so very long ago this is not a question I’d ever really ask. But recently I’ve found with my clients effort put into marketing a website using Twitter can often deliver as many visitors than the same effort put into SEO.

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