How to Add Custom Post Type to XML-Sitemap Generator (via

XML-Sitemap Generator plugin plugin creates and updates your XML Sitemap whenever you add a new page or post BUT it does not account for custom post types. We did our due diligence and read through the plugin documentation and forum threads, and even found a plugin that hooks into the XML-Sitemap plugin to include custom post types, but decided not to use it because of forward compatibility if the XML-Sitemap plugin gets updated to include custom post types.

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5 Surprising Observations from BlogWorld Expo New York City (via

Most bloggers go the session-recap, photos-with-peeps and pictures-of-massive-plates of-food route. I could do that, too, but I’ve decided instead to offer a few BlogWorld observations that intrigued or surprised me


Cool WordPress shortcode plugins to snap your blog into style (via

Shortcodes are, imho, one of the best things to happen to WordPress. They allow you to do all kinds of cool things on your blog with just a few mouse clicks; like create beautiful buttons, boxes, columns and tabs. Today, I’d like to share 3 of my favorite shortcode plugins to do just that, and then some… check out #3 on the list; it’s awesome!

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