Emporos WooCommerce Theme Review

Jul 3, 2018

Emporos WooCommerce Theme Review

Jul 3, 2018

Do you wish a beautiful, secure and analytical store set up within minutes?

Emporos is a super-flexible WooCommerce theme that lets your creativity flow to build a gorgeous store in few clicks. After hearing a lot of praises from multiple people and seeing the theme on our own, we decided to review Emporos for our audience.

Let us get the show on the road to understanding what all can be done with Emporos and how it is right for your needs (or not).

A Brief on Emporos Theme

Emporos unifies the features of both WordPress and WooCommerce under one theme to build a professional looking e-Commerce store. Say goodbye to the coding effort as the pre-built set of demos with beautiful typography and color coordination makes your products stand out and drive more sales.

And after its success in the e-commerce market, the developers of this theme are going to launch Emporos app soon.

Isn’t a great?

Okay. Let’s move forward to discuss the features, which make Emporos an excellent e-commerce WordPress theme.

Emporos and its unique WooCommerce features

As a tight-knit integration of WooCommerce and WordPress, Emporos allows you to create a wonderful shopping experience for customers that keep them coming back. Stylish urban layouts, responsiveness, and unbeatable plugin compatibility, Emporos is a wonderfully packaged theme that lets you start customized e-Commerce store building like a whirlwind.

The WooCommerce theme Emporos has:

Fully Responsive design

With 72% of the e-commerce sales happening from mobile, Emporos lays strong focus on keeping your e-Commerce layout fully responsive. Each demo that offers modern layouts for the store is set to fit any screen size in its full-featured form.

Most importantly you do not need to do anything extra. Yes, you heard it right no more extra coding and no more testing effort to get a mobile ready store.

Live Pre-built Demos

A straightforward way to build retain ready gorgeous stores is to use the pre-built demos that can be viewed live to get a clear picture of how the e-commerce store will look and feel like. Shun the struggle of developing the store layouts from scratch. Each demo is strikingly different from each other and renders an aesthetically impressive and graphically smooth.

Who are these demos for?

Anyone who wants to make their products pop out in an elegant way, Emporos is the theme you need to use. It not only makes the job easy but scales up the store quality.

Fashion Demo

High-quality Image Sliders on the home page is a potent design template that fulfills the need of home page to be a visual delight. The Fashion demo of Emporos is not limited to product images only; it has pre-built categories section and more to it.

One-click access to the categories, as the customer like.

Creating a sense of urgency to pick up the sale items a live counter integration bring in more sale.

Featured Product list puts across the trend set up.

Dedicated Blog section highlighted near the footer to connect with the audience.

Have an active Instagram account, showcase it on the website to add to the popularity.

Each section is customizable and can be omitted as per the desired style and taste.

Watch Demos

Contemporary layouts designed in high quality allow the maximum focus on the product and its description. The striking product image placement keeps the customer glued to the beautiful product.

Apart from Product categories section, product segmentation as per latest, special and bestseller are the highlights of the Demo.

Make your customers run after your sales with this stunning live time counter.

Add the Logos of the brand your store sells to add to the credibility of your store.

Cosmetics Demo

Breathtaking and high-quality images are ready to make your e-Commerce store a hit. A gorgeously laid out homepage is minimalistic yet very impactful.

The turnkey of this demo is the sale timer running out section with an image that makes it apparent that the sale is all about WOW.

The Bag, Shoe, Furniture and Jewelry demos are equally stunning and showcase the products in the easiest to browse manner.

How to use the demos?

When we said it is intuitive and easy to use, we really meant it. In your WordPress Login, once you download the Emporos theme, the demos of choice can be installed with a single click. All the demos are listed on a single page within your WordPress account and you can make the selection right from where you are.

Flexibility and customization

Are you feeling caught up with the pre-built demos? If none of them matches your store style it is time to check out the WPBakery Page Builder.

This Drag and Drop Page builder open floodgates of personalization options. Without any coding changes, you can select from 50+ Premium content elements, 100+ predefined layouts, 200+ third party layouts, 40+ unique designs and most importantly SEO friendly layouts.

It lets you build purely responsive layouts.

One can build new skins, add Parallax effect and video background with the WPBakery Build. All in all, it has everything this that is trending nowadays and let you set it all up quickly.

Existing Demo customization

Aside from building the entire page from scratch, if you wish to make modifications to the existing Live demos, you are free to do so. Must say the Live demos are extensively customizable and that too in a very easy way.

The entire set of customization tools is available on the WordPress Login itself.

It lets you customize the Site Identity to Menu layouts, Background images, header images, typography, widgets and almost everything.


Emporos Themes is loaded with feature yet the performance is never a tradeoff with it. The code is exceptionally optimized to lead to the development of one of the fastest e-Commerce store that leads to higher conversion rates.

AJAX loading leads to the super-fast loading time of the e-commerce store despite the high-quality images and feature packing.

Plugin Availability:

With 16 most powerful set of Plugins available, the versatility that can be added to the online store is phenomenal. WooCommerce being the plugin leader here is topped with MailChimp for newsletter subscriptions, Revolutionary Slider for building impressive header sliders, Yoast for SEO, Google Analytics to dive deep into the way the sales are happening and much more. These plugins are worth $167 and you save it all only with Emporos.
If your website is loading slowly, then optimizing it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Check out WP Rocket. It is a caching and optimization plugin that will do all of that for you, so that you can focus on the big picture items.

Social Media Integration

The Emporos Theme can take your customers to every online place you are available. With a single click integration of Social media integration, the stores can connect better with the customers without them even visiting the website for every update.

Image Format Support

Emporos not only supports global typographies but extended its support to various image formats like JPEG, PNG, PSD files etc.

Final Thought

The important features of the theme are phenomenal but its peripheral features also play a pivotal role in building alluring online stores. As a revolutionary theme, Emporos offers you demos, SEO support, premium plugins, AJAX loading, powerful admin tools, Coupon adding functionalities, variable filters as per size, color variants, quick product review, interactive pop-ups, product wish list creation and Zoom options.

The checkout fee can be made flexible and the customers can make a choice with the inbuilt features of the plugins. With multiple payment gateway integrations and cart integrations, the Emporos Theme leads to the development of a versatile store.

Emporos opens up your gates to stay unique by offering you flexibility and variants that help you build accurate stores at lightning fast speed.

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