5+ Fastest WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed

Jun 23, 2019

5+ Fastest WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed

Jun 23, 2019

One of the first few things you’ll need to do with a new WordPress website is choosing an appropriate WordPress theme. The theme you end up picking depends entirely on your requirements and what you want your website to display – social media sharing buttons, custom pages, header search, recent posts, trending posts, etc.

Now, it could happen that in the excitement to get your website up and running, you might simply check how a theme looks and the features it offers before finalizing it. However, your choice also has implications on how quickly your website loads!

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Why does this matter? Because a slow site speed impacts your website negatively. It leads to negative user experience. Even search engines like Google and Bing take the website loading speed into consideration and give you a score accordingly. If your score is less, it will affect your rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Long story short, whenever you want to choose a theme, don’t just focus on how great it looks. Choose one that helps your WordPress blog perform faster. But before you go about deciding the right theme, make sure you take a backup of your website first! Installing a new theme can never be risk-free – you could lose out on data if it isn’t secure. Having a backup saves you the trauma of building everything from scratch if something does go wrong – and BlogVault offers the perfect solution!

Now that your website is safe, let’s take a look at the topmost WordPress themes you can choose from.

Fast WordPress themes for your website


fastest themes - GeneratePress


1. GeneratePress

To ensure your website loads as fast as possible, GeneratePress has kept its theme extremely light. While standard themes take up between 1mb and 10mb, their theme is less than 30kb.

With speed being a top priority, GeneratePress ensures there are no dependencies. It uses plain simple javascript to prevent render blocking issues. GeneratePress gives you full control of your website allowing you to customize it the way you want. You can change the typography, colours and layout. It also offers hooks and filters if you want to customize your WordPress sites further.

And lastly, the theme is translated into 20+ languages and supports RTL languages. It follows the latest WordPress coding standards so the theme is compatible with all the WordPress plugins too! GeneratePress works in favour of your website performance, ultimately enhancing WordPress SEO and user experience.

wordpress themes - zakra


2. Zakra

Zakra is one of the lightweight WordPress themes just under 100kb and is Gutenberg-friendly. It optimizes the speed of your website, and uses clean and validated codes, making it SEO-friendly for humans and bots.

Similar to GeneratePress, it allows you to customize your website entirely. It has over 10+ free demo themes that you can try out. Once you import a demo theme, you’ll have a readymade website that you can customize to your liking. It’s an easy way to get a website that looks professional rather than trying to create one from scratch.

One of the best things about Zakra is that they have a support forum where you can get help for any queries you might have. This is available to all users, even if you’re using the free version. If you’re a WordPress beginner, Zakra is designed to make your website journey easier!

fastest wordpress themes - Astra


3. Astra

If website loading time and speed are your primary concerns, Astra is for you. Astra claims that their theme provides unparalleled performance when it comes to speed. In fact, it’s the only WordPress theme that backs their claim with numbers.

Astra has an impressive score of more than 90% speedgrade from Google Dev, Yslow, and Pingdom. To improve performance, Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of JQuery, which boosts loading times. It loads in just 0.5 seconds!

Astra is also a WooCommerce WordPress theme which means that you can have your online shop up and running from the theme itself. You get sale notifications, can customize the cart, layout, etc. Great, right?

As your website grows, it’s essential to ensure that it is live 24×7 because customers can access it from any time zone. And you should be ready to serve them. If at all anything goes wrong, it’s always good to have a backup of your website.

BlogVault offers special WooCommerce backups for your website, which are triggered every time a new order is placed. Since they are stored off-site on BlogVault’s servers, you can access them even if your site goes down. You won’t lose a single order henceforth!

fastest wordpress themes - OceanWP


4. OceanWP

Compared to the other website themes in the list, this theme is comparatively larger. Themes that come with great features can’t compromise on size. OceanWP may be larger than other themes on account of the features it has, but this doesn’t stop it from having one of the fastest page load times!

Additionally, it has a built-in SEO base, supports RTL languages, and has an extremely prompt support team.

OceanWP offers state-of-the-art features that help you build a crackling eCommerce website. With a floating ‘Add To Cart’ bar, you can ensure that the button is always visible to the users, therefore boosting your conversions.

Other features include the ‘Off Canvas Filtering Sidebar’ and ‘Quick View’ that help improve a user’s experience by giving them all the necessary information without taking them to a whole new page! Since these features are built-in, you don’t need multiple plugins, keeping your website light and quick. With multiple extensions and compatibility with the best page builders in the market, OceanWP is pretty much the theme you can depend on with your eyes closed!

fastest themes - Scalia


5. Scalia

Scalia is a premium WordPress theme, that comes equipped with hi-tech features like a video slider and visual composer. Even with these heavy and resource intensive features, it loads in only 1.5 seconds, which is fantastic!

All 200 of Scalia’s response codes has been optimized for speed. That’s how it gets that edge over other themes. Scalia gives you the option to customize any aspect of the theme.

Scalia provides you with around 100 ready-for-use templates. With so many options, we are sure you’ll find the template you are looking for to kickstart your spiffy new website soon! Scalia also provides you with Photoshop (.PSD) files (with all the layers!) so you can edit them according to your needs. Some of the other attractive features Scalia offers are listed below:

  • Unlimited sidebars and around 15 custom widgets in multiple styles.
  • Unlimited backgrounds, customizable titles and Google font icons.
  • CSS animations and slideshows.


fastest themes - Foto


6. Foto

Foto is for the photographers among you. It offers different layout options to present your photos in ways your customers will love! Foto is one of the fastest, if not the fastest WordPress theme in this list. Foto has more than ten album options and more than 30 gallery options! You can use it for photography assignments you plan to take up.

Like others on this list, Foto also provides a one-click demo import to start your website. With its responsive design and code optimized for speed, your website will load fast and look beautiful even on smartphones or tablets.

These are some of the highly customizable, light-weight, and fast loading WordPress themes for your website! But before you install a new theme, try and take a WordPress theme speed test. Once you know it works fine, you can merge it.

Use BlogVault’s Staging Plugin to test your theme before taking it live! This way you ensure your live site is never affected… ever!

Though there is an abyss of WordPress themes, you can easily find one that’s perfect for your site! Make sure your theme works in your advantage not just in terms of appeal, but in terms of optimising speed as well!

7. Total

Build a website that’s fast and beautiful with the Total WordPress theme. Designed to offer easy page building and theme customizations, Total is a great option for any type of website (from simple blogs to product filled commerce stores). There are more than 500+ live Customizer options, 80+ page builder modules, custom font options and a header and footer builder.
Even with all of these features, Total is super fast (scoring a 99% for GTmetrix PageSpeed). The theme was coded for speed and SEO using valid, semantic code and built-in schema.org support. There are also custom theme panel settings you can use to disable unused theme features to speed up your site even more. Plus Total offers compatibility for popular optimization plugins such as Yoast, W3 Total Cache and more.
fastest wordpress themes
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