Gaining mastery over the written word is a skill all writers hunger for. Yes, ”everyone” wants to be read!

From novice writers to accomplished and even celebrated ones, the urge to better one’s writing is often deep seated and heartfelt. Try a generic web search on the topic and at a bare minimum, 500,000,000 plus results spring up – affirmation that a large number of people who write content, often look to the web to provide a means to bring out the best in their writing skills. What everyone wants, in short, is a one-stop shop of resources which can go a long way in helping make their articles top notch, read and appreciated by all.

A newsroom, with its fast-paced tempo, salad-bowl of talent, deadline-backed energy, collective news expertise and an information hungry workforce is a great training ground for writers.  It is this very expertise that we bring you through a  well-paced, concise, high-value series of articles targeting web writers, bloggers, wannabe journalists, casual writers, career professionals, creatives and those writing for the web in general.

Our aim is to give you Newsroom insight, value-added content, practical approaches to writing and skill sets that will get your creative juices flowing.  So if you are looking to get tips on writing from how things work in a newsroom (spaces which have the highest density of writers) and what a basic newsroom writer looks at while bringing out an article, and how writers approach a particular piece of writing, we have what you are looking for.  Our writers bring to the table, years of newsroom experience through articles aimed at tackling every challenging aspect of writing, head on.

Most people who write for the web, want to be able to write as easily as professional writers do, and as quickly as they do. For those who have never been exposed to the formal practices of traditional or modern writing methods, our series gives not just writing tips, but valuable insights on how writing is done in the newsroom how information is processed, how topics are selected or dropped and how the length of any article is decided. Our Newsroom articles will run the gamut on the what, when, where, why, when and how  to write on everything from hard news, sports, medicine and business, to entertainment, technology and science, blogs etc.

WritingOur topics will range from basic to advanced – brainstorming for a piece, to how to gather and process information, ethics in writing, how to write a simple 500 word piece, writing in a news style, writing creatively, selecting what information to use in your piece, what are the basics of a journalistic approach to writing a feature piece right up to how to write for a medical journal, how to choose photos etc. The Newsroom perspective comes through examples, scenarios, the workings, the procedures and the flows followed in the newsroom by writers, editors, reporters, copy editors etc. Our aim is the give you the best in analysis, perspective, and expertise – and to go above and beyond the ordinary.

Akshat Choudhary, founder of blogVault, believes that the potential of a comprehensive resource pool for writers, is huge and the demand will grow in the years to come. His concept is simple – give writers the right platform, a go-to place on the web where they can search and find expertise, insight, analysis and overviews on how to create winning content and they will keep coming back for more. “Over the past few years’ content has become one of the most important mechanisms of connecting with your customers on the web. Every company small or large is investing heavily into different forms of content from blogging to video to even interactive forms,’’ he says.

Akshat has brought together a team of leading journalists who have helmed multi-team newsrooms, managed news teams and daily deadlines, ideated and defined varied content and steered the entire gamut of the creative writing processes, to pool their know-how on a common platform. He adds, ‘’we at blogVault have some great talent who together have 35+ years of experience in the newsroom. In this new section of our blog we want to talk about our experiences in the newsroom and hopefully will have something which can help people create great content.’’

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