How to Choose a WooCommerce Backup Plugin?

Jul 4, 2019

How to Choose a WooCommerce Backup Plugin?

Jul 4, 2019

When it comes to your WooCommerce store, one of the most important but often overlooked plans is backing up your site.

Why do you even have to bother about backups? Simple – because you need to provide uninterrupted service to your customers. Otherwise, you’d end up losing business! It’s pretty bad when a regular website goes down, but it’s even worse when an e-commerce site goes down.

However, if you have a backup plugin installed that can help you restore your site during unforeseen situations, you are in safe hands.

1. Why You Need a WooCommerce Backup?

A backup is essential for your website. If your website malfunctions, you can be assured that the first step to damage control is within reach. You can simply restore to a functional backup to keep your site up and running. Let’s look at some reasons why WooCommerce Backup is essential:

i. Malicious Activity 

There’s a lot of malicious stuff out there waiting to take down your website. An e-commerce site with loads of customer data makes it a juicy target. With hackers getting smarter by the day, even a small vulnerability in your site could pose a risk to your site and be exploited.

ii. Human Error

Accidentally deleting data, installing new plugins or updating WooCommerce extensions without backing up can potentially lead to changes in the functionality of your website. Although we expect every process to run smoothly, we cannot really predict the outcome.

Having a fresh backup of your site at hand means you can quickly roll back to a working version if required. You can test out changes and updates on a staging site and then move it to production.

In short, backups are meant for your peace of mind to save you from data loss and, most importantly, loss of sales due to downtime.

2. What do you need in a WooCommerce Backup Plan?

Before you set out to create a foolproof Backup plan for your WooCommerce store, you need to understand what your WooCommerce Backup requires.

Your backup plan should enable you to completely restore your website to the way it was before the occurrence of any failure or loss. This includes updates on the content made recently, be it adding products, editing descriptions, updating photos, creating new orders and more. Therefore, any WooCommerce Backup Plan should include four vital things:

  • Database and files
  • Real-time data saved
  • Backup and storage that’s off-site
  • Easy and Fast site restoration


WordPress WooCommerce Backup Plugin

What you need in a WooCommerce Backup Plugin


i. What you need in a WooCommerce Backup Plugin

a. Complete (Database + Files) Backup 

Just a WordPress database backup isn’t enough for your site, as it does not cover your media library, themes, plugins and other important files which are required to restore your website back to its original glory.

b. Real-Time Backup 

Apart from the complete backup, changes keep happening on your website frequently. Whenever a new customer registers or a new order is placed, the WooCommerce database gets an update. This ensures that a real-time backup, which records these changes as and when they happen, is safeguarding the data. Therefore, there’s an assurance that all the necessary data has been backed up and preventing any loss of data.

c. Off-Site Backup and Storage 

While performing regular processes, your site should not be burdened with the additional load. That is why it becomes essential to opt for backups to be stored on a separate server or host. This way, complete safety can be ensured since you would have backups saved in a different location.

d. Quick Restore  

Having a backup wouldn’t be of much consequence if you can’t restore it easily and quickly to keep the downtime to a minimum. The restore feature, therefore, is far more important than taking a backup.

3. How to Choose a WooCommerce Backup Plugin?

Now that you have a WooCommerce Backup plan, how do you pull it off? An automated plugin solution is recommended to handle the entire backup process in a timely and secure manner. For a WooCommerce store, it’s very important to take real-time backups, so that you don’t lose any critical data.


blogvault wordpress woocommerce

BlogVault offers real-time backups to WooCommerce sites


i. Real-Time Backups is the Way to Go

A backup plugin solution should offer a comprehensive package for WooCommerce so that it can track and save the changes to your site as and when they occur. Here are some plugins in the market which offer real-time backups:

a. BlogVault 

For WooCommerce shops, every customer and every order matters. Losing even a single piece of information could lead to a financial loss. BlogVault’s real-time backup follows the trigger-based pull model. Any changes made to the site trigger a backup – in other words, BlogVault ‘pulls’ the changed/new data and backs it up.

This model ensures that all your real-time changes are saved securely without making excessive demands on your own site’s server resources.

Also, you have the choice to restore content selectively. For instance, if something goes wrong with your files, but you need your current database, you can choose to restore the files from the backup, without causing any harm to the database. This is especially useful in the case of WooCommerce websites, where you can push only specific database tables and exclude WooCommerce tables to make sure that these transactions are not overwritten.

b. BackupBuddy 

Another real-time backup plugin solution for WordPress, BackupBuddy works with a Stash Live module that periodically takes a snapshot of your site, which is a recording of your site at that moment. It then immediately pushes them down for safe storage off-site. It comes with additional off-site storage options which vary according to the chosen pricing and plan.

BackupBuddy suits experienced WordPress users who have multiple websites and a compatible hosting plan. Unlike other plugins, it doesn’t come with a free trial.

c. VaultPress

With VaultPress, you can keep an updated backup of your site with real-time syncing. Along with this, it also conducts security scans and identifies any malicious activity. However, VaultPress does not include a facility to test out the restore function or a staging site to test changes, unlike BlogVault. Also, it is a part of Jetpack so you will need to install Jetpack on your site and then customize your plan accordingly.

4. The Best WooCommerce Backup Plugin for You

Most plugins have a free version, but a free backup will only provide you with so much. You need to ensure your site is correctly backed up and have peace of mind that it can be restored in seconds. For a WooCommerce store, a free WordPress backup plugin would not suffice.

As seen, BlogVault offers the most comprehensive backup solution for your WooCommerce site. BlogVault’s WooCommerce Backup Plugin is specifically tailored for WooCommerce sites with a smart trigger-based, a real-time backup model that can help you restore up to 365 days of backup archives anytime.

It also offers one-click testing on staging site for free, unlike other backup plugin solutions. All your backups can be managed from a completely independent dashboard without loading your own site and server resources.

What’s more, you can also avail a complete safety net for your WooCommerce store by opting for MalCare’s security plugin to detect malware and security threats in your site.

It’s a small price to pay for a reliable safety net along with protection.

To know more about BlogVault’s other offerings, head here!