WooCommerce Appointments

Feb 19, 2016

WooCommerce Appointments

Feb 19, 2016

Appointments are parts and parcels of all business ventures, from salons and clinics to hotels and consultancy services. If you’re looking for an easy way to allow your customers/clients to book appointments directly from your WordPress site, here’s the perfect plugin for you. Focused solely on appointments and not on other types of bookings, the WooCommerce Appointments plugin from BizzThemes claims to be the best software you can get your hands on right now for scheduling your appointments. Having been built on top of WooCommerce, the plugin lets you readily use all the features and extensions of WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Appointments

Plugin Features

Two-way Google Calendar Sync

The WooCommerce Appointments plugin offers two-way Google calendar synchronization. This means that whenever you add a new appointment or edit an existing one in Google calendar, the additions/changes you make will automatically be synced with your WordPress site, instantaneously. Likewise, whenever you add or edit an appointment in your website admin, it will automatically be synced with your calendar.

Calendar Administration

WooCommerce Appointments lets you view and edit your appointments in a flexible calendar, so that you have a better overview of your schedule. The flexible calendar can be viewed in daily or monthly view, and is synced with both staff and Google calendar, for increased efficiency.

Custom Availability and Capacity

The plugin lets you customize your availability for each calendar date, day or hour; it also lets you set breaks for hours and holidays. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to increase or decrease the number of available places for some appointment slots. This way, you can meet more customers whenever you have the time for it.

WooCommerce Apointments custom availability

Unique Time Slots

The plugin provides you with an option to link time slots to specific dates, letting you have unique time slots for each calendar date.

Staff Management and Availability

The plugin lets you assign staff to each of your appointments. It also lets you manage each staff member’s calendar. Additionally, it allows staff members to login and set their availability as they want.

Custom Schedules and Scheduling Window

With WooCommerce Appointments, you can schedule appointments for multiple days at once, totally skipping time slots. The plugin also lets you decide how much in advance you want your customers to be able to book their appointments. Moreover, if you feel the need to take some time for yourself to prepare for your next appointment, the plugin even lets you specify how much ‘padding’ time you require in between appointments.

Confirmation/Cancellation of Appointments

While the WooCommerce Appointments plugin allows your customers to cancel their appointments, it also lets them make appointment requests. You can accept or decline these requests based on how tight your schedule is at that time. This way, you have better control over your schedule.

WooCommerce Apointments scheduling window cancellation

WooCommerce Integration

Since the plugin in natively integrated with WooCommerce, it allows for the use of all of WooCommerce’s features and extensions. This confers on it a number of bonus features like WC memberships integration, WC follow up emails integration, WC gravity forms integration, WC deposits integration and WC extra product options.

What More with WooCommerce Appointments

Multilingual Compatibility

The WooCommerce Appointments plugin is compatible with popular multilingual plugins like WPML and qTranslate.

Charge for Service Delivery

If you’re required to execute a service at your client’s location, the plugin, thanks to its WooCommerce integration, lets you apply custom shipping/delivery costs in such cases. How much extra you charge will depend on your client’s location.

Country-based Pricing

WooCommerce Appointments lets you charge your customers in different currencies, based on their geological location.


With a clean and beautiful code, the WooCommerce Appointments plugin is easy to use and intuitive. Its configuration process is simple and hardly takes any time. This feature-rich appointment scheduling WordPress plugin is available for just $69. What’s more, it comes with a white label, so you can completely customize it to your brand, leaving no reference to the plugin.

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