In the wake of recent vulnerabilities and their exploits, all WordPress owners and administrators are on high alert with regard to security. The main challenge when it comes to securing our sites is to keep ourselves up to date with all the latest news – which plugin vulnerability has been discovered, what is the new WordPress release, which theme has been compromised, and so on. Until now, these critical bits of information was scattered across the Internet. The only way of tuning in with the latest was to rely on a couple of blogs that were known to you or look it up on Google. This was not only taking up a lot of our time but there was a strong chance that some valuable update goes unnoticed.

The teams at WP Activity Log and WP Mayor have come up with a brilliant idea to create one central source for all WordPress security news and updates. This site pulls WordPress security news and updates from leading security blogs and stores them in a centralized location. We no longer have to go from place to place looking for security-related news. There are different ways to subscribe –

This is indeed great news for all of us. We shouldn’t lose any time in subscribing to this storehouse of information and fight the attackers as one community.

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