Backing up my first WordPress site

Feb 4, 2015

Backing up my first WordPress site

Feb 4, 2015


As soon as I was done creating my WordPress site from scratch and migrating my first post from blogspot to WordPress, I wanted to backup my website using our premium backup service “blogVault”.Its simple yet effective for an amateur blogger like me. This is what I did!

Sign up for an account

I first signed up for a free trial with blogVault( When I clicked on “Sign up for free trial” I was taken to a page which mentions the various plans available and the respective pricing. I decided to go with the “Basic” plan and got started. I was presented with the following screen to sign up for an account with blogVault.

Install the blogVault plugin

After account registration I was presented with another screen to install the blogVault plugin to my WordPress site. I had to mention the site URL and the WordPress credentials for automatic installation. There is an option for manual installation too.

After a few seconds, the plugin installed successfully and I got a welcome mail from blogVault.


Thanks for signing up for blogVault, the wordpress backup service.

Your login email id is ******** You can access your account at:

blogVault Dashboard

I could now see my blogVault Dashboard which looked like this. I noticed that the first Auto Backup started running soon after successful installation!

I also logged on to my WordPress dashboard to check if the plugin has been installed.


Test Restore my website

After the quick setup process, I was really curious to check if my website has been backed up and the test restore feature turned out to be a quick way to do that. I clicked on Test Restore and the process started.

Well, the next logical thing to do would be to access the Test-Restore by clicking on the button and that is what I did! I was pleasantly surprised to see a replica of my website. Voila!


As you can see, it was pretty simple and quick to setup a backup for a WordPress site using blogVault for a novice like me !

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